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  1. I've tried to give him the benefit of the doubt ... Tonight was not one of his better nights though
  2. Don't have details as to why ... And could be simply fandom bias ... but a good friend is an Alabama fan and said Stewart is a great pick !
  3. I am hoping to trade down from 6 more than anything, but ...the projected compensations I'm seeing tossed around don't make any sense?!? The most likely opportunity being discussed is swapping the 6th pick with Cleveland for their 12th pick + more all the draft value charts I see have that difference to be equivalent to around 400 points ... Which would be the 50th pick In addition to picks 1&12, Cleveland has: the 33rd pick ... Which is round 2 pick 1 (580 points) 52nd pick ... Which is round 2 pick 20 (380 points) 65th pick ... Which is round 3 pick 1 (265 points) sooo ... Almosr fair compensation is basically the 52nd pick - I take that trade in a second! word being everyone wants to move down & there is little interest to move up might make the 65th pick the more likely offer ... I make that trade as well. if Cleveland is hoping for one of the QB's there is 0 reason for them to work with us instead of Jacksonville at 4 (close to fair value on both sides) ... Or even Tennessee at 5. what say you all ?
  4. +1 watched the 1st half or so of that video. liked what I saw & the quick release ... There were 2 or 3 passes that were great where it looked like he was about to be blasted & 2 or 3 into tight Windows ... But ... Most of the video he had a wide open pocket with all day to throw ... And WR's very wide open as well. aGree with Lupz ... Grab him in the 7th or as a FA ... Give him a couple years to take in what the NFL is all about and see if he can turn into anything
  5. Do all I can to trade down ... If I'm forced to stay Mike Williams
  6. +1
  7. Myself, i'd even take serious under-value for the 6 to drop example trade 6 (1600 pts ) with Houston for 25 (720 pts), 57 ( 330 pts ) , & 89 (145 pts) Or trade 6 (1600 pts) with NO for the 11 (1250 pts) and the 76 (210 pts) if I couldn't even get a deal in that range I still prob go Howard ... ( I am not upset with Adams ... He won't be there though)
  8. See Tom Petty's ugly cousin ... Collinsworth, Chris
  9. Wonder if he brown-eyed her ?
  10. I'd change that to 19 years ... '98 was the Vinny T season that would skew us up a couple spots
  11. Odds are better than Geno beats out Eli (not injury related) in TC & starts for G-Men
  12. I'll roll with Jacquelline Bisset if we're going old timers !