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  1. Can you Speak more about fantasy world and boobs please? ( I have a friend who's interested)
  2. Oops ... Got distracted ... Forgot what this thread was about
  3. I've always just assumed the "sd" stood for "sexual deviant " !
  4. I'd prefer to imagine Kate Upton licking my b*lls !!!
  5. Lol ... Toooo easyyyyy!
  6. Please God ... NO !!!!!!!
  7. SF ... Mason Rudolph at 2 ... WOW !?!?! ... I've seen him projected around the 5th best QB prospect next year. we would def go Josh Allen ... Or whatever other QB prospect ups his game next year
  8. Either the young players (especially QB) will show promise ... Or the team will be bad enough to be in the running for #1 pick ... Both of those won't happen together
  9. Wasn't licking Parcells taint ... Was simply saying his 2 trophies are legit ... Where as your hero's 5 trophies as well as his entire legacy are buffed to a fine shimmy with asterisks no BS there friend
  10. Lol ... I didn't "go to" the cheating stuff ... BB & Brady did ... I've simply been pointing it out all along. to me any player / coach / owner who cheats to get their victories are left with a permanent taint BB legacy is one of being a cheater in my book ... My view will not change if you choose to discount the evidence & penalties that the league has given him for these offenses ... And l*ck his n*tsack (and another kind of taint) , and browneye like the pats fans do ... Then that is your choice ... Enjoy
  11. I'm happy with the rebuild... Was hoping for more draft return from some of the get rid if f the vets moves ... But at least the dominoes are falling correctly. (Believe the math for losing SR until after the season "late 3rd round pick" vs what we can get in a trade for him "worse pick than that" ... Is why he's still here ... But if a cap expert has different #'s please correct me on that) Hack starting at QB week 1 is the final domino I want to see fall this season
  12. Lol ... That doesn't sound like you were looking at it without emotion when I look at career records BB has been busted & punished for cheating multiple times. You can't deny that.
  13. If you look at it w/o emotion you will see my 1st 2 points ring true BB has has arguably the greatest QB ever and has been a notorious cheater for any of the success he has been the HC and leader of. hysterical your using BP's 2 Super Bowl victories to try & push the argument in favor of the guy who reported to BP ... Lololol
  14. BB > BP in starting QB BB > BP in times caught/punished by the league for cheating everything else BP > BB
  15. Joe Schmidlap is a Canadian d**shbag , ehh ... F that hoser !!!!