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  1. they needed someone who could come here and dominate
  2. it's bittersweet for a team has has drafted 10 straight defensive guys in the first round, even though this was the correct pick. the jets got better tonight. hopefully mccagnan will consider drafting offensive players tomorrow or saturday.
  3. why do we always go defense in round 1, offense in 2 and defense in 3?
  4. tomorrow, cb in 2nd, maybe wr in 3rd.
  5. bpa not bad. please draft offense tomorrow.
  6. now we'll see how much mccags really wants to get more picks.
  7. we're taking adams. 10 years without an offensive player in round 1
  8. new pick - trade back, pick Njoku.
  9. plus mccaffrey had a ton of touches in college and he isn't such a big guy.
  10. which means we ain't getting him
  11. i can see them going rb with one of their 3rd round picks.
  12. his bet was essentially that unless they take a qb high in this draft, hackenberg will probably play significantly next season, and has a legit start to win the job in training camp.
  13. garrett thomas adams watson trubisky howard
  14. exactly. and this is also a way to improve the OL and running game, without drafting an offensive lineman.
  15. they haven't have one, since dustin keller.