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  1. WFAN/Francesa at Jets Camp today

    the team's poor drafting was covered up by bringing in veterans, that's why fitz did well his first year here, and why sanchez did ok his first two years. as soon as the vets leave, the lack of younger talent, especially on offense, was exposed.
  2. WFAN/Francesa at Jets Camp today

    i think a big part of the problem which often gets glossed over is that this team has not emphasized coaching up/developing offensive players in a long time. when defenders here get drafted there is usually a plan for how they're going to be used. the guys they draft for offense, like amaro, devin smith, stephen hill, ducasse, geno, sanchez, etc., they're thrown into a hodgepodge of schemes where the players don't fit together, and the OC is left to come up with something that can avoid making the precious defense look bad. so you wind up with no first round offensive players, guys like devin smith paired with a qb like fitz who can't throw the long ball, and a team that has to go outside the organization to bring in offensive skill players b/c the organization can't draft or develop them. that's why the gms have brought in farve/fitz/mccown, b/c the offensive coaching staffs had no shot of developing sanchez or geno. that's why the gms brought in curtis martin/thomas jones/tomlinson/ivory/forte, b/c the last rb they drafted in the 1st or 2nd round was lamont jordan. that's why they keep bringing in veteran wrs from other teams like holmes/edwards/decker/marshall, b/c they draft complete stiffs like stephen hill and smith. even beyond hack and petty, it would be nice to see a competent offensive coaching staff make it a priority to develop stewart/hansen/leggett/mcguire, so the new qb starts out with, at the very least, some secondary competent weapons even before free agency.
  3. i thought powell is the 3rd down back in large part b/c he can handle blocking assignments.
  4. WFAN/Francesa at Jets Camp today

    so if leonard williams was held out of the game with a sore calf, the media couldn't speak to him today?
  5. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    looks like woody is still pulling some strings from across the pond.
  6. WFAN/Francesa at Jets Camp today

    well, this is the same teams that wouldn't let mccown talk after the preseason game, so....
  7. at least on offense i don't know if most of these players have a real shot since the offensive coaching for the past oh, 15 years has been way below league average. the pats show that player development in a system is critical, and on the other side of the spectrum you have the jets who have no clue what it means to develop wrs/tes/qbs and wind up taking them from other teams b/c it's easier.
  8. it's not any one player. the problem is, this team hasn't taken an offensive player in round 1 of the draft since sanchez (next year will 'mark' 10 years), and all the 2nd round desperation offensive picks have sucked. so the jets have not had a meaningful contribution to offense from the first two rounds of the nfl draft in over a decade. that's why this team is where it is.
  9. agreed. and part of the 'invisible' blame should go to the wrs who weren't getting separation, and i'd like to see hansen and stewart play, not marshall and peake. play the guys who can run routes and catch, talent over experience.
  10. Game Observations (DET)

    part of this is that in terms of talent, the rookie wrs are better than peake/marshall but are only playing in the 2nd half with petty. i'd rather see hansen/stewart/anderson with hack, marshall is useless and peake is a jag who would not play if enunwa were healthy.
  11. petty would have looked like crap if he had started the game too, the line did hack no favors. the entire offense looked terrible in the first half.
  12. Game Observations (DET)

    true, the line sucked, but o-lines look better when the qb gets the ball out quick, chicken/egg. that said, hack got nailed a few times where he just had no chance.
  13. Game Observations (DET)

    the team's starting defense has 5 1st round picks (mo/sheldon/williams/lee/adams). for the 2017 salary cap, forte counts $5 million, powell is $4.6 million. the next highest skill level player on offense is hack, at $1 million. the team does not invest money or premium draft picks on offense. wilkerson makes more than all the wrs/tes combined.
  14. i only saw the end of the game play, didn't know he dropped another one. not good.
  15. why is leggett a loser, he had 3 defenders on him, the pass was up for grabs. how about criticizing clayborne who gave up the only td basically by himself with his lax coverage.