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  1. ### Jets \ Dolphins Game Thread ###

    i thought the jets were owed from last week.
  2. ### Jets \ Dolphins Game Thread ###

    the telltale sign the refs know they screwed up is the holding call next play.
  3. ### Jets \ Dolphins Game Thread ###

    lee did nothing wrong except be on the jets.
  4. ### Jets \ Dolphins Game Thread ###

    2nd week in a row the jets get screwed and the refs throw a 'not close to evening it out' holding call.
  5. Jamal Adams has an interesting quote

    b/c being abused by gronk isn't exactly changing the safety position, is it?
  6. Jamal Adams has an interesting quote

    how about not falling down when covering a tight end or trying to make a tackle. i'll settle for this, o mighty one.
  7. jets viewership down the most

    it also feels like the good teams get help from the refs, so most fans go into big games vs. the perennial playoff teams believing they will somehow get screwed somewhere by the refs at the end of the game to determine the outcome.
  8. it's hard to believe the jets d graded worse than a team like indy, which gives up 32.5 ppg compared to 21.7 for the jets. also, NE leads the nfl giving up 440 yards per game, compared to 358 for the jets.
  9. jets viewership down the most

    it's the viewing habits of younger people. on sundays i plan on watching football, period. my son who also enjoys watching football, is just as happy watching netflix and following fantasy on his computer. he'll check in and watch some plays, then go back to what he's doing. there are way more options now than just watching nfl football, and there are so many games to watch you don't have to watch every game to get your football fix. it's on 3 days a week, redzone is on all day. sure, if the jets draft a hot young qb the ratings will increase next season, but the trend of millenials getting rid of cable and not watching 'regular tv' is also affecting the nfl.
  10. jets viewership down the most

    starting petty would only have made the real core of jet fans more enthusiastic, since petty isn't someone making people tune in and there aren't that many non-qbs who have that type of draw. regardless of how many draft picks start playing well, i believe mccagnan has one more draft to get a qb. if he goes 4 drafts and can't find one, he is out. and i wonder how many new gms who go to bad teams with no qb, do not not take a qb in the first round of the first 3 drafts he leads. mccagnan's approach to qbs is like banyon deferring the meal to another time and keeps ordering soup.
  11. jets viewership down the most

    for all the feel-good moves mccags has made, it's not going to save his ass beyond this season if he doesn't get a qb. i expect him to go balls out in the first round to get one next draft. it's one thing to be a scout and tout value, but it's an entirely another world to be a gm in a major market and try to sell safeties when other teams are finding starters, some in round 2-4. he's got one chance left, he's got extra draft collateral, and he can't let his scout tendencies tell him to save those 2nd rounders for developmental players.
  12. jets viewership down the most

    last year, fitz was coming off of a good year so there was hope. this season the spin was rebuild, but with a veteran qb. and they were supposed to not win a game.
  13. jets viewership down the most

    if you have no shot of winning, you must sell your fan base hope. and since hope pretty much has to come in the form of a young qb, there is thus no hope being sold to the nyj fanbase. it's not about how mccown does, or if the offense looks improved. this is where i give tannenbaum credit, he tried like heck to get a qb. he brought in farve, traded up for sanchez.
  14. jets viewership down the most

    if bowles reported to mccags, petty would be playing.
  15. jets viewership down the most

    just goes to show you perception is more important than reality. the fact they're 3-3 is less important than starting a 38 yr old qb. though, i wonder how much those ratings are affected b/c the jets and giants have often played at the same time, so people can't watch both anymore and the giants are definitely the bigger draw.