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  1. with or without harris.
  2. to answer the OP, no. the problem we have had is that this organization has put no emphasis on developing qbs since forever. if we had a good qb we wouldn't be debating this.
  3. the fact that negative beat writers with an established anti-hack agenda have already written that he's basically even with mccown says a lot.
  4. when woody hired mccags the directive seems to have been, be competitive right away. mccags did that. the next year, the directive was the same, try to build on the 10-6 season and make the playoffs. it predictably failed. this offseason, woody finally realized he needs to start from scratch. now mccags is doing what he always wanted to do. his strategy has always been dictated by woody, the difference is now the gm has much more control and we're seeing what a competent gm for other teams would do without meddling owners.
  5. reasons why national media wants hackenberg to suck: 1) picked by jets, which is generally viewed as an incompetent franchise despite success with rex (who had his own PR issues); 2) picked in 2nd round, rounds before his performance dictated he should have been picked; 3) putting one and two together, everyone is rooting for this 2nd round risk to suck so they can all say 'we told you so' and confirm the jets are still incompetent.
  6. yes, i do. i think woody finally realizes that he needs to focus on offense, he's signed off on gutting the team of overpaid and/or negative influences (except for sheldon) and he is definitely eyeing those qbs. he is tired of watching the jets win just enough games to miss out on guys like winston/mariotts/wentz. he wants one of these guys, and i think the offensive hires are all there b/c they know they may well be working with a top prospect next year without bowles to screw it up.
  7. this is also right around the time he would be complementing geno
  8. not disagreeing with the respect angle. but it could simply be that a few weeks after the draft, the browns felt davis was expendable, the jets obviously felt pryor was expendable, and all of a sudden the jets had a reasonable replacement for harris this season (not harris in his prime) for nothing. and who knows, maybe the jets have been asking harris to take a paycut for a while, and he's refused. so maybe harris overplayed his hand and lost, and this is how the jets played their hand. we may never know.
  9. or, maybe a month after the draft, two teams decided they could move on from players and that created an opportunity for the jets to save big cap money. cleveland took pryor, the jets got davis, and all of a sudden, after the draft and UDFAs, harris became expendable. for all we know, the jets have been asking harris to take a cut for a while and he's played hardball with them, figuring they'd have to keep him as the veteran presence of the defense. the harsh reality is that unless you are a good qb you are expendable, period.
  10. for all the media whining about how bad the jets are going to be b/c they got rid of all these players - look at how they've fared. revis, no team. mangold, no team. fitz took a while to land behind a firmly entrenched starter, and that only happened b/c the bears paid a buttload of $ to glennon. harris may retire. decker now has an injury-prone label. clady, free agent. brick retired last year. pryor was traded for endzone paint. the only impact player who was a vet was marshall and even he is declining.
  11. i don't think the offseason has been terrible. i would feel much worse right now if a lot of these guys were still there. that would signal that management is either too scared or clueless to truly try to fix things. at least this year, the jets will be younger, more athletic, with guys trying hard to win jobs rather than not get hurt. and hopefully new leaders will emerge and not be drowned out. if the worst thing that happens is the jets get the top pick and take a qb then we're much closer to turning the corner than being 4-12 and 5-11 every year with journeymen qbs.
  12. it's a year too late. but truth is the 2017 jets would not win any more games with revis/mangold/fitz/harris/decker/clady. these guys are over the hill and injury prone. the only guy they got rid of who could have really impacted a few games is marshall and even his skills are eroding, too many drops.
  13. so after mccown the oldest guy is leonard williams?
  14. they save the fully $1.6M remaining guaranteed on pryor's contract but davis' money is not guaranteed. it is my understanding that if they cut davis in camp they owe him nothing. if this is true, they can essentially dump pryor's cap hit and wind up with nada. i hope i'm right.
  15. seems like a salary cap move with the upside that they have an ILB if injuries hit in camp.