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  1. Trends To Watch

    he would have had 2 snaps if forte didn't get hurt. it can't be production, powell looked great on the huge run called back. at least i can see why they are playing mccown, he's playing pretty well. there is no performance-based reason to play forte so much more than powell, particularly since forte averaged 3.7 ypc last year while powell was 5.5.
  2. I think interest is fine, you have the nfl draft in prime time and it does well. The issue is that the demographics are changing, and younger people have different viewing habits. As people watch more and more stuff on mobile devices they're not going to want to watch as much live sports, it's not fun watching on small screens. More than anything it's a testament to how technology continues to change media consuming habits.
  3. jackson is a better version of tyrod taylor, i see him as a top 15 qb who can buy time with his legs to make throws downfield. i wouldn't mind him on the jets if they don't get rosen or darnold.
  4. thus far i can't even fault them for playing mccown, he's looked ok, which is good for the jets. but it's not just him. the line has looked decent, and kearse and the no-name TEs have also contributed. overall, i think what we're seeing is, to a large extent, the positive effect the new offensive coaching staff is having on the team. i think petty would do well in this system, and he'll get his chance, but even without him, look at this. the jets are moving the ball, getting first downs, kearse looks like a keeper. and they get ASJ back. whereas on the offensive side of the ball they invest no high draft picks or free agent money but bring in a few competent coaches and it looks passable, on the defense you have a ton of cap space and draft collateral but terrible coaches who misscheme and misuse players, and you have chaos. coaching matters, it matters, and we're seeing it on the jets right now. if the jets beat the dolphins, it will be b/c the offense scores 24+ points, not b/c the defense all of a sudden figures out how to stop the run, get a pass rush, contain gaps and tackle efficiently.
  5. let's say petty starts 8 games this year and looks pretty good. great. then let's say the jets draft josh rosen. that's 2 qbs. hack could start out as the #3 in TC next year but if he shows no improvement in year 3, even if mccags is the gm, mccags would easily survive criticism from cutting hack if he's got two other qbs he drafted who look good.
  6. i still don't understand why lamar jackson isn't included. he can throw accurately from the pocket. and if you put any of these other qbs with louisville's team vs. clemson, they also get creamed. jackson is a better version of tyrod taylor, and that's good enough to win, way more.
  7. at the beginning of training camp i agreed with this. however, a lot can happen in a season. petty should have his shot before hack, if hack even gets his. if petty looks good, and the jets draft another qb, there's no guarantee hack remains on the roster.
  8. i guess everybody doesn't love raymond.
  9. Here's the Jets Defense

    this is why i'm not down on darron lee or other defensive guys they've drafted. let the next coach use them properly.
  10. these guys wouldn't be good on the jets with bowles as coach. the steelers have a system and draft players who fit the system. the jets don't, on either side of the ball.
  11. Start Petty Next Week vs Dolphins

    more like the final straws, since they already got rid of more or less every other vet. i know bowles hasn't been good, but mccags really hasn't made a strong case to be retained either. but if woody is going to keep one of them it will be mccags.
  12. Start Petty Next Week vs Dolphins

    he is coaching like someone who knows this.
  13. Start Petty Next Week vs Dolphins

    bowles' unwillingness to play the young guys so far would appear consistent that he is not part of the longer-term plan. the irony here, IMO, is that if bowles played petty and they won a few games, that would help bowles way more than playing mccown and looking scared with this pathetic defense.
  14. coaching matters more than we realize. if you put darron lee on, say, the steelers, he's good. put him in bowles' defense and bowles thinks he can replace david harris.
  15. Start Petty Next Week vs Dolphins

    this is amazing, especially considering that woody allegedly told bowles/mccags that they will be evaluated on how the young players develop. so bowles not playing these guys is basically saying f-you to management, while also reducing his chances of staying next season. this is a completely irrational, emotional response to being given a young team that isn't competitive. instead of embracing the rebuild and even pretending to want to be a part of it, bowles patently rejects it while playing forte the majority of the time. i don't want this baby coaching my team anymore.
  16. this reminds me of when i was a kid and my dad took me to a game at Shea. jets were losing late in the 4th quarter, game was decided. gastineau gets a meaningless sack, starts dancing. a random jet fan yells 'win the game, then you can dance.'
  17. biggest problem was lack of one vision. he came here and threw money around and the team was good in the short term but some bad draft picks and FA decisions resulted in a locker room implosion and bad contracts. in the end, he didn't do anything much different than tanny, except tanny traded more draft picks.
  18. In Loss to Raiders, Some Positives Emerge

    same here. i'm watching the games as if the guys running around in the jet jerseys will not be here next season and i can go back to having a smidgen of hope again.
  19. In Loss to Raiders, Some Positives Emerge

    i don't think it has anything to do with the line. you also see forte getting too many reps.
  20. In Loss to Raiders, Some Positives Emerge

    i think if mccags had a wink wink with woody, it was with the understanding that this year would be about 'developing' the offensive skill players, beginning with the qbs. but he has the wrong coach to accomplish this, and i'm wondering if only this year, mccags is finally realizing that bowles isn't going to play the young guys just b/c mccags drafts them. whether or not anyone admits it within the organization, there is an increasing rift between the objectives of the hc and gm. perhaps more than anything, the people auditioning the most are the coaches on the offense, as i could see them taking bowles' place with mccags staying put, and then you'd have (presumably) competent offensive coaches with a new qb next year, continuity of one offensive system, but without a head coach who coaches scared.
  21. In Loss to Raiders, Some Positives Emerge

    since mccags and bowles both directly report to woody in theory, bowles does not have to answer to mccags regarding who he plays. at the same time, mccags didn't have to sign kerley either. at least with bowles, i understand he's coaching to save his job, he'll play anyone with any experience over anyone with no experience. he doesn't care about talent, developing players, or who will or won't be here next season. he doesn't care about next year's qb, he doesn't care about where mccown/forte/kerley will be. so at least from bowles' perspective, he's an easy read. with mccags, i don't get it. he made a nice trade getting kearse and a 2nd for trich, then brings in kerley when he knows full well kerley will take valuable reps from the two wrs he drafted. he clearly has no say in getting petty to start since he couldn't even get him to be the #2 qb week 1. and he didn't have to sign mccown in the first place if he even half assed believed in either hack or petty. bottom line, this product is once again unwatchable, for the 3rd year in a row we are watching an offense with zero guys drafted by this organization. at this point, i say the odds are both bowles and mccags get fired after the season, if only b/c woody and his brother cave (again) to the swell of negative public opinion.
  22. I imagine bowles is also looking out for the backup qb who submarined him in the locker room last season
  23. That 2nd rounder will come in handy when they take a 2nd rate qb prospect.
  24. Don't worry, hackenberg is developing well "behind the scenes"