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  1. Jet fans are rational and intelligent
  2. Who are just a front for their reptilian overlords
  3. Being that even Hack is more accurate than people realize, I'd suggest he zip a rocket pass into the nutsack of a reporter he catches not paying attention on the sideline. Then he can just shrug and say "I'm inaccurate" afterwards
  4. That's true. Damn all her posturing and self promoting with the orphans.
  5. Good. No more articles in the NY tabloids about his narcissistic wife and her sh*tty music career.
  6. Woody Johnson to accountant: "Did all those PSL checks clear Jocko?" "Yes, master" "Release the!!!!!"
  7. Rob Ryan should be nicknamed "Super Sized Dude Abides"
  8. By the time the Jets figure out it's a passing league and solve that problem, the NFL will have switched back to a running attack in a big way
  9. They are taking turns carrying Darren Lee 20 yards
  10. They need to do a 5 cent beer night at Metlife stadium? What could go wrong?
  11. Country music singing sluts addicted to social media are already burning Chad Hansen's Instagram account up!
  12. It's a good thing those poisonous vets are gone who caused Mo Wilk to eat like a small nation and be late to meetings etc.
  13. I bet the charity event just broke even because that fat f*ck ate too much at the buffet table
  14. Todd is lighting the match while standing in the middle of the house. That's the image that jumped into my mind.
  15. Not "Likely" to make the team