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  1. Jets draft philosophy is "First Draft Studs, then load up on Duds"
  2. So, moving forward, it was the 107th pick into 141,197,204. Dropping 34 spots in the higher round and adding two late picks. Welp. Maybe it works, maybe not.
  3. Well, so many 6th round players turn into studs, this is a viable strategy....
  4. Could someone inform Macc the talent of players tends to go down later in the draft?
  5. I get what you are driving at here, but most coaches want the maximum number of good, coachable guys. I don't know what the dbag tipping point a team or organization can tolerate in terms of percentages (no doubt there is a sociological or anthropological study - like how many sh*tbird hunters a Yanomami tribe could have and not starve to death) but you have to figure it's easier to take a flyer on only a couple of young, potential moldable jerks when the rest of the team has a good percentage of high character, good players (high character scrubs don't seem to matter in sports)
  6. NP. It was early and only 1 cup of coffee in, so my sarcasm delivery mechanism may have been off too! Even though we sort of addressed offense with the WR who seems to have the flexibility to be used in different looks, sort of hoping we see a RB or TE. You'd think a well rounded back who could catch some - sort of what the classic 3rd down back was, might be good as who knows if the wheels come off Forte. Even if he has a good year, you'd have to think there aren't too many left, regardless of whether he takes good care of himself or not
  7. What I like about the WR pick better than previous recent ones is that they drafted a guy who does a little big of everything well on offense, in addition to being a solid WR. Obviously Hill was a guy with all the "traits" but a project (obviously picked too high being he was a project). Devin Smith was sort a cadillac version of Hill (well, broad analogy) in that he did catch well (meaning legit WR skills) but maybe a bit of a one trick pony - burner type. Though the new WR projects more in the slot, he just seems more well rounded at football than D Smith. Who knows, maybe D. Smith will put it together, but it seems like the Jets have outside guys to replace him, even though they were low picks/UDFA.
  8. Don't get sarcasm much? I didn't mind the pick all that much, but of course it would have been nice to get a talented RB....or TE....or...or WR (unless you think the crew of UDFA's, low first round picks, Devin "I'm hurt" Smith, or Eric Decker (a #2 receiver) cuts it. Then again, the Jets addressed WR with their next pick, so probably an indication they know the WR corps needs upgrading, as maybe Peake, Anderson, J. Marshall, D Smith, J - at least 2 probably seen as not really cutting it. Probably Smith and Marshall (who maybe the they never really projected as a WR anyway)
  9. I wish a reporter who noticed this would ask him "So, at the end of the day, how do you feel about the draft", so he can reply with "At the end of day, at the end of day..."
  10. Wouldn't the awesome leadership skills of Adams send him on the straight and narrow path? I guess not
  11. Personally I'm glad the Jets drafted another receiver who blocks well. I hope they go FB with their next pick. I want to see the Jets run the Flying Wedge next year.
  12. All drafted by teams other than the Jets, who are averse to offense
  13. Because every time someone says "Pat Mahomes" I think of "Pat McGroin"
  14. Is there a points system for that like there is with the # of the draft pick? Like if it's high quality, high THC content from a dispensary, say a medical Vortex or Sour Diesel, the bag has more value to the new club than a good indoor grown White Widow that isn't tested etc? Does it matter if the new club is more a Sativa fan vs Indica, not unlike running a 4-3 or 3-4?