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  1. Yeah, its the third time it happened in the last four seasons.
  2. This is what I love to hear about! Hopefully he keeps this up, it will be great for all the players, and the locker room.
  3. Yes, I support Hackenberg, and I'd love for him to be our franchise QB, but obviously it's too early to say since we haven't seen him play.
  4. I gave it an A. Great player, and pick. Very excited to watch him play this year!
  5. I'm hoping either Dalvin Cook or Cam Robinson.
  6. The Falcons and Patriots wont play until week 7 according to CBSSports.com
  7. I didn't like him holding onto Breno either, but I'm going to give Mac some more time before I judge him since he's still pretty new at being a gm. As for Gilchrist I don't think he will be on the team much longer just because of how much cap space he can save by cutting him.
  8. Definitely a possibility, and not a bad idea either.
  9. Yeah, I don't know what they see in him because he's really not that good. I mean he has made some plays but doesn't do enough and is way too inconsistent to be getting paid what his salary is right now. So, hopefully he gets cut soon. Yeah, theres a lot of safeties in this draft which is another reason I feel they should cut him, which would be smart to get someone whose better, cheaper, and younger.
  10. Cutting Forte wouldn't save the Jets anything it would actually cost them. Skrine could be cut, but it would cost them 5 million against the deadcap so I dont think hes going anywhere till after the 2017 season. However I do agree the Jets should cut Gilchrist since he won't cost much to cut and it would save them almost 7 million dollars.
  11. Couldn't agree more! I was also extremely disappointed when they decided to bring him back for the 2016 season because I knew he was a waste of 12 million dollars. (Which I think most of us thought)
  12. Please make this happen! If they do I think it would be a good spot to pick either OJ Howard or Mike Williams at number 12.