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  1. LOL - Colts suck for Luck and that's okay, but the Jets are terrible so let's have a lottery. Remember when the Colts sat Manning, and the Jets 'snuck' in? This happens all of the time, but when the Jets get the benefit, "well it is a problem". Just another anti-Jet bias. Doesn't matter. Even IF the NFL wants to put in a lottery it won't take place immediately. It would need to get voted on and these things are normally done a year ahead of time. Really there should be a rule that when a team is as bad as the Browns for an entire decade, the owner should be forced to sell. Them sucking for a decade hurts the NFL product; the Jets in the single largest market sucks for a year and walks away with a franchise QB will only be good for the league.
  2. was it an interception, or just one incompletion?
  3. We may not know if he is the guy, but we could know if he is def. not our guy. Either way, we are either going to be in a position to draft a top QB or get enough picks to compensate us for not taking one. The Browns are likely in the same scenario, but after sucking for all of these years, in the end they would be only ahead of us by an extra 1st round pick and a pass rusher. Better, sure. Worth the misery of the last 5 years, I doubt it. My point is that there is still a decent chance we can be much better in 3 years. The Browns can too, but for them it will be a 12 year turn around, and for us, not so much...
  4. I don't think loosing Harris (as much as I had liked him) was a step backwards. IMO, the Decker decision is a little more fuzzy. On one hand, he has been hurt a lot, and will likely be gone before the team is any good. On the other, he was very good at running routes and watching film (the rookies could use that influence) and if Petty or Hack is going to even have a shot to show anything a quality 1B/2 WR sure could have been helpful.
  5. I think we have some potential quality starters in this year's draft. But, we are a bad team, no question about that. At least now we are not an old bad team. Worst, I don't know about that. But, if we end up drafting 1st or 2nd we can do quite well in next year's draft. we also have a ton of cap room to pick up quality players (maybe not splashy) next year as well. And, if by miracle, Hack turns out to be the guy (not expecting that by the way), we can rebuild nicely with all of the picks we can get for one of the top QBs. Worst, maybe. Destined to suck for the next 5 years, hopefully not.
  6. If we pick 1st and we are not convinced about Hack, all of the draft picks in the world won't get them in front of us. If by some miracle, Hack is our guy, we are going to get a ton of picks for the #1. Are the Browns in a better draft situation, maybe. But, since they have finished below 500 for almost 10 years, I would expect so.
  7. I am not sure I would have traded/released Decker, but if they wanted to do it, they had to wait until he was healthy. That timing just makes sense. I think once Davis was on the team, they felt from a veteran presence, Harris was truly expendable.
  8. everyone said we 'overpaid' for a #2 (or 1a) when he was signed. i personally wouldn't have let him go, but we did. i am not defending the GM/FO, but , we are still not the browns. people begged for a tear-down; maybe we should wait a whole month before we label ourselves the browns. but, whatever, be unhappy.
  9. new flash.... media is jumping on the jets and are laughing at them....
  10. I think Forte's contract is guaranteed for this year and there is dead cap associated with it as well; he may still get cut or traded for a case of beer, but other than the roster spot, there is no advantage to cutting him....
  11. maybe so, but the browns have sucked for decades; and people are comparing us to browns after a bad year and a purge of old vets. I guarantee next year we will have a 'good' mix of rookies and vets when the GM (whomever it is) uses some of the salary cap we have. Also, we got the championship by rolling the dice on a QB we grabbed at #6 by trading our pick, our #2 and a bag of magic beans to who? the browns. We tried the slow rebuild; the problem is that we have had so many bad drafts back-to-back that we had very little young talent and no depth. The vets kept getting older and older. If you have an old team and you aren't winning, it is time for a reboot. A reboot every 10 years, does not a Browns team make.
  12. You have to go back until 2007 since they were better than 500, you have to go all of the way back to 1989 for them to have back-to-back better than 500 records. In fact in the last 19 years, they only had 3 seasons of better than 500 ball; in the last 9 seasons, except for 2014's 7 win season, they haven't won more than 5 games. We won more games last year than they won in the previous 2 years. Since 2007, we have gone to the AFC championship twice, been over 500 4 times and been at 500 2 more times. As far as the draft goes, they picked #1 and drafted defense in the first 2 rounds (even safety in round 2) just like us. And, I don't know if they have their franchise QB. If we have a crappy season of 1-15 and walk out of it with a franchise QB we are in much better shape then them. If, after 10 years of drafting in the top 1-3 9 out of 10 years and we still SUCK then you can say we are the Browns.
  13. sure, but it doesn't make the team the 'browns' for getting rid of him either. you can make the argument that he was worth his salary just to be a leader; i would accept that. but, i don't think getting rid of him as and of itself is a damming proposition.
  14. I think most of the people crying for a full rebuild or to blow the team up was thinking it was the right thing to do. Now, even if you wanted it many people are like - crap, now we have to deal with the 2+ crappy seasons. In the long run I think we are better off, but it doesn't make the next 10 months any better
  15. eh; david was getting slower by the year; maybe he had another year, most likely not. Decker has been hurt and is only around for 1 maybe 2 more years. In a rebuild you don't need 'overpriced' vets. you need to build a foundation. If they were trading away Leo or (crap there is nobody else - lol) or Quincy I can understand the uproar, but they are blowing the team up. This is what happens.