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  1. That would suck
  2. if he survives past denver, if i were the browns, i would trade up with the lions to get Howard.
  3. I understand the desire, but they have blown a ton of money and now 2 picks to get a guy who I think is a reach. Maybe it works out for them, but they were desperate. Let's see how the Jets do this year and next in the draft. If it doesn't work out better, Mac will be gone - win/win?
  4. I hope you are right; still 20+ picks ahead of us, but there should be some 1st round talent available.
  5. agreed; houston had two QBs they liked on the board; once KC grabbed the QB, Houston 'needed' to move up. Neither was under pressure at 6; there was way too much talent on the board still for a team to give up a lot to move up.
  6. I'm not convinced on Watson; look at Houston, made bad move on over paying for Osweller, then had to pay a 2nd to trade him away, now they had to pay a 1st to move up and reach on a QB. This is what happens when you make a bad decision, and then are forced to over compensate to fix it. Now they don't have a 1st or 2nd next year. They are wasting their DL.
  7. I don't understand; you don't reach in the 1st (except maybe at QB); wasn't going to get a lot as there was a ton of talent available; got #2 or #3 player in the draft. BPA all the way. Better we reach like in the past? Next year, maybe the BPA will be offense.
  8. Let's see if our beloved Commissioner comes down on him. Or do the Giants and Eli get a pass?
  9. Yep, if they can get a 3rd or 4th, take it. He should be worth a 3rd as he is relatively inexpensive. We can give back a 4th/5th if he is suspended or doesn't extend for the team that trades for him. If not, we let him play out the year. If he walks and signs, he should be worth a 3rd or 4th as a compensatory pick (which is why we might be able to get a 3rd on a trade).
  10. Was it a Tiny award? In all seriousness, he switched to LB late, and learning to cover is one of the hardest skills to master. And, he already has more sacks than the GHOST. Let's give him a year, but overall not a bad rookie season.
  11. Of all the problems the Jets had, not sure stuffing the run make it into the top 5, bad OL, no QB, young receivers, retiring OC, no secondary, no pass rusher, no TE... I can go on and on.
  12. granted the defense looked tired and fell apart in the last quarter, but I would blame the O for the loss; had they not screwed up that last drive and scored at least 3, they most likely win. No points and a turn over is not great by an offense leading the game in the 4th.
  13. Wait? I thought that Defilippo used the Eagles to block the request because neither he nor any other qualified candidate would want to come coach for the Jets. Clearly all of the fans here who said that it was a cover and the Jets are a joke are smarter and better informed than some Philadelphia reporter.
  14. Oh, I don't care that he suspended Brady. It is his screw up with spygate, and then he completely botched deflate gate. He kept suspending guys for non-football crap and then looked stupid for a football suspension. He also set himself up by going to Kraft's parties, etc. At his salary, he should find other friends and not look like he is in Kraft's pocket. For example, had he not sat on spy gate, and had he suspended BB for a year on the spy gate thing (okay maybe overreaction) and not destroyed the evidence, and had he not let BB walk away saying that he did nothing wrong, maybe deflate-gate never happens. Either way, he handled both badly and he is going to look like a chump at the SB since he skipped the AFC championship game. Either way, go Falcons.
  15. Brady paid the price (at least a little) and the well tuned Pats machine marched through. I want Atlanta to win. But, when does Godell every pay the price for his incompetence and stupidity. I think the only good thing coming from a Pats win is for Godell to have to eat sh*