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  1. I think you guys have it all wrong; the whole purpose of this is to cover up for the fact that the players association is planning on a short season in 2021 because Brady will be 44 and they want to give him a chance to win another SB. You know, at 44, he likely can't play a full season...
  2. That was a well-coached team last night.

    Mariotta should have burned a TO, but he just sat there and watched the clock tick down. Maybe they should release him and we can pick him up. If the worse thing you can say about Hack in the first preseason game of the year is that he burned 2 TOs - that is a better start than our wondrous media led us to expect.
  3. Or, maybe he is happy his team looked enthusiastic, prepared, and well coached....
  4. agreed; if it was helmet it was not obvious; the hit on Petty was bad.
  5. not sure how that let that head-to-head hit not get flagged; not sure how these guys are going to learn if they don't get flagged.
  6. That was a perfect throw by Petty; if White wants to make this team he has to catch that; that would have been a 1st, big play, and even bigger.
  7. Not really blaming Hack (although we don't know who got the snap count wrong); he was marching and there was a fumble; even if another guy fumbled - I would call it a bad note - thought he should go in again.. .
  8. why put in Petty now? so Hack gets to end on a bad note?
  9. or the FU part of the deal Belicheat made to win the others - lol
  10. is there some reason the jets can't get a punter that doesn't shank at least one punt a game?
  11. gave up a big play, but held them to 3; not so bad.
  12. my feed died; anyone tell me what i missed in the first 2 minutes of 3rd Q?
  13. Hack threw well; made good decisions, showed poise; didn't get killed; even scrambled well. I just don't see the point in running stupid plays with 1:00 to go; either practice 2 minute offense; or kneel down IMO.
  14. I wouldn't call them wind sprints exactly, but I like the energy and leadership; much different feel than last year.