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  1. Should the Jets File a Protest?

    Except it was fumbled at the one inch line in bounds knee not out of bounds and recovered conclusively 1 inch after the goal line while his knee was out of bounds. All of this with no goal line camera but an angled view.
  2. Game off, done

    Looked like Gronk kept Adams from turning and intercepting that ball. I shut the game off after the TD. Worst case scenario should have been ball at the 1 inch line. No way they could tell conclusively that it was not a TD but at the very least they can not tell me they know he lost control before his knee went down before the goal then regained control with his knee still out of bounds but for sure after he crossed the goal. That's some detective work right there to leave no doubt on that one.
  3. In an ability competition Bradford wins against most starters in the league...except the most important ability. Seems as though the Vikings didn't consider that...with either QB
  4. Take him and a 1st round QB and I'd be happy. Let Morton make him look good and trade him when the kid is ready.
  5. If we did end up with the #1 pick

    Trade down to 6 then trade back up to 2. Just win win baby.
  6. Brady doesn’t practice

    He's been pawing men forever
  7. Brady doesn’t practice

    Bowles allowed Morton to drive for a field goal at the end of the half which completely shocked me. I think it changed the game. I suppose anything is possible. I wouldn't count on any passes over 10 yards until we're down 17. Maybe one shot down the sideline. If Bowles can learn from last week that you should take what the defense gives you then he wouldn't be a bad coach. Morton did run those few big plays where he broke tendencies. Now if we could start the game that way then open the middle, and the run, then mix those up throughout the game we may have something. I can dream right? Maybe Stewart can get a few routes as well. I know, I'm getting carried away. Expect 12 of 15 for 50 yards passing first half.
  8. Brady doesn’t practice

    Just hard enough that he's afraid to ever stand in the pocket ever again and he becomes Mark Sanchez like. I don't want him to retire until he embarrasses himself a year or so.
  9. Hacken-buried?

    Obviously it's worse when the pressure of preseason is too much for you. All I'm saying is that I see the same deer in the headlights look in his eyes. Yes Sanchez developed that over time but once you've got it I don't think it goes away.
  10. McCown a great addition

    I'll even give McCown the title of best backup QB in the league. Especially with his attitude. Great QB to have if your starter goes out for a few games. He is by no means a starter, and he does not drive play. He is a place holder that will not screw things up as long as you don't ask him to do too much. His stats reflect that teams are loading up the box and pressing the ends. There are open receivers downfield all game and McC never looks at them. 200 yards of offense is nothing to write home about.
  11. Hacken-buried?

    Hackenberg does have elite physical skills, and apparently he can diagnose plays with ease in the film room. When he uses proper mechanics his throws are a thing of beauty. Unfortunately you don't get extra credit for performing well in practice. When the lights come on and the bullets are flying Hack has the same mentality as Sanchez. I don't think you can learn to be cool under pressure. You either have it or you don't. This is why I don't get people giving up on Petty. It may take him a little longer to learn but once he does he doesn't seem to forget it all when the lights go on. He has all the physical skill you need. He's a gamer, and the only playing time he's gotten was with a team that had given up along with the OC who retired early last year. He needs reps. He gets better with more reps where as Hack like Sanchez gets worse, letting mistakes get into their heads. McCown is neither getting better or worse.
  12. Those safeties do not touch the ball. Bowles has no problems starting young players that do not touch the ball. Same way he will sell out on a blitz but will not throw on 4th and 1. They did try to get in field goal range at the end of the half which gives me hope. That's a start.
  13. The Browns sold out against the run and the short pass. McCown isn't taking any shots until they are behind. The 2nd half Morton started adjusting to beat their tendencies. Then surprisingly the run started to open up a little. I'd love to see Petty get thrown in there for a half just to see what he can do with a well designed offence. We do have some weapons on offense. ASJ looks great. We have Robbie, and Stewart. McGuire, and Kearse is a great possession receiver. They just need a QB to get them the ball downfield instead of consistently at the line of scrimmage.
  14. Hacken-buried?

    No I wouldn't be worried about Hack but I would worry that Cutler would get hurt and Petty would light us up. Everyone's backup QB seems to beat us no matter how good we are. I'm glad Moore didn't get in that game.