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  1. Film Review: Robby Anderson's 2016 Season

    He is going to be a good one if he can stay healthy and gets a QB that can out throw him and build some chemistry with him. The WCO does not seem to suit him, but they build into it fly patterns anytime they are open and the receiver and QB see the same thing. It could open up the offense for the TEs, and RBs to do major damage. We just need the QB to step up, or get him next year.
  2. Yes, each passing generation is smarter, more well rounded, self reliant, and capable. I'm pretty sure that millennials will soon steal the title of "The greatest generation." I see the evidence everyday.
  3. West Coast Offense Principles/Info

    You mean like having routes cross each other during the drop back and not after the ball is being thrown. Create confusion with the DBs and then draw them away from each other instead of having having the underneath receiver draw his DB right into the passing lane. That's called the shotty coast offense. It would be nice to see a well designed offense around here. Here's to hoping.
  4. We do need a mascot. I don't care about Fire Marshal Bill per say but it was the persona. The idea was greater than the man which is why Sarry is so overly upset like the "Leave Brittney alone" chick. He did ruin the myth and the chant which was the one thing we had on other teams. No regular person can get Jet fans to pay attention and get up and chant unless it's "Fire (insert coach's name here)." We need someone cool, but commanding with timing and rhythm...You know like Bill's persona before he started talking. Any ideas send them to the Jets but I think the lighting has been let out of the bottle and is tough to put back in. Maybe Jim Carey could do it. I don't think he has anything else to do. In the old days some editor would have squashed this story for the public good like they did all public trust stories. Nowadays they look for dirt to make sure no one has faith in anything, and no one is happy ever. That's how they know they've done there job.
  5. We can't be worse than the Jags, can we?

    Dreamers. Making fun of the optimist dreamers every year and now we have the franchise QB of your dreams waiting for you and you think we will pull off the tank...Not gonna happen. We are not worse than the Jags, or the Browns, or the Bills, or the 9ers, or the Rams. We will win the tie breaker with the Fish and draft 7th missing out on all the goodies once again. Bowles will start Mcnoone who will start off 4-1 then get injured vs the Pats. He will return for the last 3 games and win 2 of them when the Pats sit their starters at half time. Bowles will then get a big contract extension for exceeding expectations....ohh and Mcnoone also gets an extension.
  6. Who will be a "surprise" cut?

    Yeah 98% of the time he's good...right up until the ball hits his hand. That last 2% of the play...catching the ball really screws him up.
  7. We'll have flying cars by then, and robot football players...who will be demanding rights, but probably not until 2030.
  8. Learn From History

    Thankfully business leaders can work effectively more than 10 years, and they don't give out draft picks to businesses in the order of failure. They also still get paid for being average You need to have balls of steel and play to win in the NFL because there are no trophies for 2nd place. There is however a reward for last place, and next year that is going to be quite a substantial one. We have coaches to train/instruct, and lead prospects. They don't need to be on the field. This is where I agree with you and if Bowles continues to be that sh*tty old timer that can barely keep his job we need to replace him with someone that can make the hard choices. I dream for the day we have a coach with the instincts, and guts to make the bold choices at the right times. Rex had the balls on defense but not the awareness to see what the offense was doing to counter. At least not on the fly. The proof of that is that he could not translate his defensive schemes over to the offensive side. If he truly was a mastermind he could reverse those same principals and use them to beat other's defenses. He stumbled into a defensive scheme that took quite a while to figure out but he didn't have a firm grasp of why it worked and how to adjust it when it was failing. He also needed the same colored wrist band he gave Sanchez so he could understand situational football. I'll give Bowles this one year to show he can be the man. He's only a 3rd year coach and can prove he can learn from mistakes this year, but I would not let him infect the next QB prospect if he continues to play scared.
  9. Preseason Power Rankings

    I would love it if there were any kind of accountability in reporting. I mean they do redrafts, and brutally attack any player, coach, or GM that says something that they don't backup, but I never see any stats on just how wrong these guys are every year. Maybe they would temper their prejudices if they had incentive based contracts based on successful prognosticating. Even a little public humiliation for outlandish guesses(wishful thinking) that turn out to be completely baseless. I would guess that this order turns out to be over 80% wrong with 50% being at least 10 spots off the final records.
  10. Really nice breakdown considering the lack of film angles. Can't wait to see progress. More success, and less failure next week. Also want Hack to get more first team reps. Really just trying to bump this thread up because I'm sick of seeing (Failure) at the top of my screen.
  11. Learn From History

    So it teaches us that people never change...Well that's something.
  12. Learn From History

    How do you know that history teaches us nothing?
  13. They're still the wrong color. Look at Chad, and Vinnie. That's the right color matching the helmet.
  14. I'm pretty sure someone has beaten him to it, and if he tries to muscle in their territory they will beat him again. You can't just go around selling drugs wherever you want...