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  1. CB, and TE are deep in this draft. There are still a few value picks left there. As long as we get them I'll be okay with this draft. I think the WR is going to surprise people. May be the steal of the draft.
  2. If you look at this as a long term plan then it might make more sense. I make a conscious decision to believe that may be the case. We'd better hit on one of the remain TEs and I'll be sated here. I do not want to look back on this draft knowing we missed out on the best TE class of all time like Idzik did WRs. I really wish he had traded back in the first and taken next year's picks to do so. I would love to have Hooker, or Howard plus a 1st and a 4th next year. It doesn't seem to occur to many GMs to trade for next year's picks which is always the smartest move...unless you'll be fired by then. It's long been my philosophy that GMs should trade away as many picks as they can for futures one round higher as the value chart dictates. Bite the bullet for one year then have extra high round picks each year thereafter. That said almost no GMs think this way so as long as these players turn into play makers, we grab a good TE/CB in the next couple rounds, and we find a way to get our franchise QB and a LT next year I'll be satisfied.
  3. There were many people that loved the Gholston pick, and he was universally rated by the "experts" to be the pick there. If we had taken Jordy Nelson all the peasants would have thrown tantrums just the way they are today. The fact is in hindsight we should have traded back for an extra 2nd and taken Flacco, Nelson, and Martellus Bennett, instead of Gholston, and Keller but we would have been laughed out of the building, and the Lemmings would have put up billboards. Let's wait and see how this pans out. I'm happy that we got good value even if I'm not happy about the position, and would have preferred trading back. This is nowhere near the ineptitude of Idzik which was not as bad as the late 80s, early 90s. Rodger Vick, Lagerman, and Cadigan among others so I am not going to lose any sleep over a draft like this.
  4. Freaky. It's like Geyno's Bio
  5. I understand some of these players are better than others but there are like 15 players that have 1st round grades most years which is why we all wanted to trade down and collect more 2nd/3rd round picks. We'd better get a TE, a RB, and a CB tonight.
  6. The guy that lost his job to Mahomes. He could be ready in 3 or 4 years if he just changes everything he does.
  7. No reason to trade up. We have a lot of needs and there are a lot of good players left. At least 10 that I would give very similar grades to. I actually like Lamp better than Robinson, and think he could play any position on the line. He could be the Green Lamp.
  8. If we take a QB I'd like to take a look at that kid from Northern Colorado. Maybe as a priority FA
  9. Don't get upset about rumors. The Bears fans were all excited about there trade back in the first. How'd that go?
  10. Especially with all the TEs left that would have been 1st round picks in any other year.
  11. The draft is deep at TE, and RB and there were no day one starting linemen. There was only one Adams. That's where the value was. I put a huge amount of weight into a player's drive to succeed. Haven't we learned that lesson? No one in recent history has had this kid's drive to succeed to go with instincts, ability, and vocal leadership. I'm tired of guys that lead by example, which really means they are not leaders but self motivators. If we don't pick up a TE today, and a RB that can catch today or tomorrow then I won't be very happy.
  12. I think he'll lead more through vocals, hard work, and preparedness. I think he makes sure guys are keeping serious on the practice field, knowing their assignments, and shaming lack of effort. In game, and in practice. These guys are not going to want a rookie showing them up, and maybe they turn this thing around. We have all world talent throughout the D. This guy seems to be a natural leader of men, and universally respected. I especially hope he can get Pryor, and Lee on the right page. It doesn't hurt that he can play almost every position in the back 7. Probably not #1 CB, or Mike but anywhere else. I think the infighting will stop when everyone is doing their jobs, and having success.
  13. Absolutely right. I was not happy that we didn't trade down, and wasn't hoping for a safety, but this kid is not a SS, and his 40 time was not anywhere near his playing speed. That makes him a verygood player at a position of need. What makes this a great pick is the fact that we have all world talent all over this defense but we lack communication, focus, and urgency. This kid may very well improve every player on the field. Especially Pryor, Lee, and the corners. Think about what that is worth.
  14. He ran under 4.4 at his pro day. Watch his film. He is not slow, and not a just a"Box" player. He played FS most of the time. Played man in the slot, covered TEs, and blitzed. Gave up one catch over 20 yards on a miscommunication. He's also the QB of a defense. Comunication was the biggest problem we had last year. He may even get CP in the right coverage, get him focused, and watching film.
  15. I'm a Butt man myself. So many TEs in this draft. We need to get at least 2. At least 1 that can become a true Y. Saheen, or Butt will do. I'll take Sprinkle, or Kittle if they drop to late 5, or 6. Culkin, or jarwin in the 7th would be great value. We cannot waste this TE draft like we did the receivers from 2014. I'd like Engram as an F if he drops. Basically a giant WR who would be a mid 1st round pick most years.