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  1. Gailey's offense is based on the Erhart Perkins system, as is the Patriots offense. It works great if the other team doesn't know what your keys are. Like the Pats, you need to constantly adjust to what the other team is keying. Maybe use their own knowledge to set them up. What you cannot do, Once they figure you out is get stuck on you first read based off pre snap. The West coast is more precise timing but also needs to be changed up to keep the defense guessing. Your coach really needs to be able to figure out what you are keying on and use that information to burn you. Then it forces the other team to stop guessing and play safe. This is what Belichick does. Teams basically out think themselves playing against the Pats. Teams do not out think themselves playing us. Hell we don't even out think ourselves.
  2. Alright so Henderson's option wasn't picked up. I was watching the cap numbers at over the cap and he's still listed there. My point is that if we aren't going to win this year then let anyone else have a shot at that staring job. We could use that money to buy a nice piece to complement whoever we draft to play QB next year.
  3. We can cut either or both of them right now with no dead money. I'd say let them compete with Henderson for the one job. I don't think Harris is in our long term plans right now, and 6.4 mil is a bit of coin to play with next year. 10 mil if we cut them both.
  4. "It's optional" end quote
  5. OTAs with a brand new offense and the 35 year veteran/player coach looks better than the two kids. I'm not reading anymore into it but it's not shocking. He's there to help the kids learn. I'm glad McCown gets the offense and hopefully he does his job and gets those children ready for the season.
  6. Exactly why you cannot bring your new swing to the course until it has become your swing instead of your "New" swing. Once you get on the course with your old swing you will have to begin all over again. Patience, effort, singularity, and consistency are the keys. I still close my club face instead of keeping my core straight because I don't play enough to change. By the time I get my swing down it will be winter again, and I don't want to look special all summer. It's not nearly as radical a change, but I changed my pool bridge from bare knuckles to a loop and it took me 3 weeks many hours a day until it started to pay off, and over a year before it was second nature. My consistency improved by about 50% in the end though.
  7. You can't teach them to change their muscle memory while also teaching them to react to anything else. It must be done in a vacuum, and it needs to be consistent or it's just not going to work...which is why it usually doesn't work.
  8. If you had a full time coach and a wave pool you could probably improve quite a bit. It's about putting in thousands of hours to retrain your muscles, not tens of hours. Think of it as learning a new language. If you didn't have any native speakers to talk to you will never be very fluent, but if you have only native speakers to talk to you would, very quickly. It all depends on how determined Hack is to change, and how focused his coaches are. He's not going to get anywhere unless he's relentless.
  9. Yes he will learn how to rehab from whatever season ending injury he suffers.
  10. Nice move like putting Winston on the cover of Madden. You mean when Winston gets hurt, and for a game or 15. Fitz has been signed as a backup around 8 times and 8 times he's started 10 games or more for that team because of injury. Just with the Jets he was replaced twice and never sat more than a couple games before returning due to injury.
  11. Of course Bowles wasn't confident in the younger players. He is not confident enough in anything to change the status Quo even when it's obviously not working. They tell rookies to make mistakes at 100 mph rather than be indecisive. Well Bowels is like one of those rookies that stumble and fall over because they cannot decide which way to run.
  12. Pete Carroll and Little Bill are polar opposites of Bowles. They were both bold and arrogant. Neither of them followed established methodologies. Of course that's where the similarities between these two men end. Anyway as first time coaches that did not succeed immediately this nontraditional style got these coaches fired, along with Carroll's choke, and Bellyacher's cutting the most popular player in Brown's history. Now turning to Bowles we see a guy that reads the instruction manual, twice before assembling his IKEA furniture, and measures out his ingredients while cooking...maybe even beforehand. Nothing worse than an indecisive apprehensive coach. I'm starting to feel like I did with Herm that a little success would only prolong the futility. I hope I'm wrong and the real Todd Bowles is a shark that just needs to be let loose, but it really seems more like he is what he is, and that's a sheep.
  13. Okay, "High field awareness" = "Crafty" = "White" "Lack of deep speed" and "Stiff in and out of his breaks" = "Nonathletic" = "White" Both of these guys are fast and athletic for their size in any flavor.
  14. Yes. It would be really nice to have a good QB, but it would be even better to have a good QB that's a great personality. You know, maybe someone that could pull off doing a pantyhose commercial. Petty could do that. He's got great charisma and an easy confidence about him. If he can only fix his accuracy...and stay healthy. That said I'd be ecstatic to have any good QB.