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    sent wife & kids to her mothers & wateched game in peace

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  1. it would make no difference which QB, if any become elite from this last draft, that would be the one we should have taken instead of Adams
  2. go to 1st page to see where you rated him A+
  3. happy birthday Phil. and many more. remember, birthdays are good for you. the more you have the longer you live
  4. remember when Rex said how great every practice was and they would come out and stink up the joint at game time. I would rather have spotty practices and good games.
  5. i think it is part of the deal namath made to wing sb3
  6. Reputation \ Reactions

    should this be pinned at the top so it would not get lost omoung the football threads?
  7. If he types any thing positive his key board blows up
  8. Jamal Adams has been signed!

    Who is going to deliver it? It will take more than a picture.
  9. Jamal Adams has been signed!

    Yet when they were here they were considered the worst coaches in football. Not saying Todd is better, but what would it take to make you happy?
  10. Jamal Adams has been signed!

    How did a thread about Adams signing his contract degenerate into a Bowles thread?
  11. Jamal Adams has been signed!

    Glad that is done. I thought he was already signed & I missed it
  12. would he be a can't miss H.C. without Brady? He was a losing coach before Brady.
  13. Keys to success in 2017

    the bigger key is to score more than they do
  14. let us see how long Mauldin Lasts now

    way to cherry pick