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  1. With the 6th pick the ny jets select fabian moreau, cb ucla "he was our #1guy all along"-Mac "a little bit of a stretch early in the first round but the jets got themselves a good player"-commentator "wtf? ::insert sou d of ipods and tvs screens breaking all over the tri state area::"- fans
  2. Maybe you should watch it too honey. It was a highlight reel of his runs
  3. Wow. He was harassed all night constantly on the run making guys miss and throwing for long gains in every direction imaginable..... unreal thanks for sharing kinda looks farvesque
  4. Pretty good. But not nearly as impressive as mahomes. Seriously! no doubt he could scramble and avoid tackles for long foot yardage but mahomes has 75% of that down plus the rocket arm that puts the ball only where his receiver can snag it even if they are being covered. thanks though. Anyone else?
  5. I'm in. Qb all the way at all costs
  6. Im not a scout. Neither are you. Find me a better highlight reel
  7. Another thing he does well: he doesnt just focus on one guy, he scans the field and finds whos open. who knows if he will be able to read defenses well, thats a fair point. But if he can, wow. But even if not, he'll put the ball where it needs to be for his guys to make a play. and it will be a bullet. Hard to defend that kind of ability. Not sure where the "inaccuracy" comments are coming from
  8. Ok a challenge: somebody post me a highlight reel of any qb that is as exciting as mahomes. Any qb that ever played the game. just for sh*tz n giggles
  9. "mechanics" the other buzz term that gets parrotted constantly. The guy runs away from trouble coming at him from every direction, gets his big toe an inch from the line of scrimmage, unloads a rocket and scores a touchdown by placing it only where his receiver can snag it. This is uncoachable talent. Not sure why there is this odd need to have every qb be a carbon copy of each other via mechanics
  10. Who is the third best qb next year so i can compare to mahones. Thanks
  11. No no no I never said he's a sure thing. I was just being silly. But semi serious... they are all crap shoots might as well bet on the one that would give the biggest return, and it's not a cb or safety
  12. Ok but that's Manziel. He's also a druggie. again, just because manziel didn't make it doesn't mean a similar guy couldnt
  13. Look I fully understand that all highlight reels make anyone look great. the thing is if you compare highlight reels, the best of everyone, you can see mahomes is a freak. Way way better than the others. Better than older highlight reels from the past too. also, this pro style offense criteria....not too many colleges do that so how wise is it to limit your pickings to just them? Seems silly. just because he didn't run a pro style doesn't mean he couldn't do it. you can take a corner, and maybe he'll bust. Or, he might be a solid starter. Or he might be a star. If you take a qb, same possibilities. But if the qb turns out solid or a star guess what go back and decide what makes your team better.....the corner or qb.
  14. Do you watch full games though? Mogglez will be happy if you do
  15. Do you feel good? Is it fun for you to be a rude prick on the internet? Tell me about your childhood