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  1. The only way you could get arrested is through feasonable evidence. He guilty.... Take off the green googles
  2. Im no lawyer but hell yea that makes u look guilty. Hes guilty. 100%.no doubt pos
  3. Its no money grab. Thats dude is in a hospital bed with a fat ass lip and a shiner Pay up mauldin. Youre inability to act live a civilized human being is gonna cost you. I dont go around hitting folks, even though i wish i could
  4. U guys are pretty optimistic. Not sure if i agree and hope im wrong. Those guys with decker n marshall made for a solid wr corps. Now, its a big q mark. Quinton basically has to become at least an average no 1. Anderson an average no 2. Thats a lot.... Anderson drops balls and quincy is not tested yet at this level. On top of that we bave to hope at least 2 others step up. Its not impossible by any means, but its a lot to ask for. I hope jenkins becomes a force
  5. Exactly. Just shut up.
  6. Hahaha. I was slow n gentle when i was a youngster
  7. Hmmmm..... In the dark.... Thought i felt some extra musculature.....
  8. Donnie, youre a bit wound tight. Relax.
  9. Ill never forget it. It was the first time i ever had anal sex. Nicki let me in her back door.
  10. On a serious note: A fan can like or dislike whoever they choose. Nobody owes you an apology. I never cared for decker because he came to the NY jets partially because of his wifes career. So ive read..... He wasnt drafted by us nor does he have any love for ny. He was also a part of that fitz drama, which i didnt appreciate. Now his country singer wife will be near nashville. Good for her. I dont pray death to the guy, i just dont care for players with questioned motivation for signing. Plus its all so gay, so kardashianesque, this wife thing. Man the hell up....
  11. Sorry donnie. Wash your vagina youll feel better honey
  12. Whos the great pitt ripoff artist? Also whats the deal with the cap. Can u continue to spend less and send the balance to coming years or is it limited?
  13. Its always about the wife with this douche. Bye
  14. Youve never seen boomers bodyguards have you?