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  1. Quitter
  2. From the offseason moves to the play on the field last year to payer discipline I don't think I ever witnessed such a dumpster fire
  3. Bowles and Mac are back next year. That was the deal made by gutting the team. Nice fantasy though...
  4. No such things exists except in Jet fans minds to make themselves feel better, as if they "know more" or are "more patient". 16 game seasons you don't rebuild. The entire theory is insane.
  5. BINGO, tanking does not work. Winning franchises learn how to WIN. You don't see teams like the Pats, Steelers, Broncos, or Packers (named some of the consistent teams out there) "tanking" you see them build a blend of good coaching, good locker room chemistry, having strong leaders in players and making smart picks with what they have and smart FA moves. It's a tough blend to have but that's why there are very few good consistent franchises.
  6. You know how we got to the AFC championship twice? Not with a bunch of rookies that's for sure. With a good balance of development and Free agency/trades like it should be done.
  7. I have been hearing optimism about the Browns for the last 5-6 years and still not a winning season. The year the Browns can win 10 games I will shut up, you eventually gotta win, you can't just love personnel and draft moves every year.
  8. You must have missed that 10-6 season Marshall got us for a ummm a 5th round pick? Yes, I take that trade any day.
  9. right because they had an awesome year, the Browns are the definition of why loading up on picks isn't always the key to winning seasons.
  10. Sometimes keeping a guy who has been around the league for 10 years for the lockeroom is more valuable then on field play.
  11. The Patriots never did this. Get your facts straight. This is dumb.
  12. This is all stupid. You can't throw away everyone and the baby with the bathwater because you "want to start over" this is win now and reload league, rebuilds are done in the MLB with 162 game seasons not 16 game seasons. All we have done is put a lot of inmature guys on the field with no experience or leadership. Who says anyone will develop? Who says even If we get the top few QB's they will stay healthy or have a team around them to be successful with?? Way to many risks associated here, I was fine with shaking off some dead weight but after tossing Harris and Decker im off this "rebuild" nonsense plan.
  13. Righttttttt, expect with low expectations and nothing to prove watch them go out there and win 8 games. I think this hungry, young and motivated team is actually better then last years team who won 5 games, plus the schedule is easier. We will end up picking 8-15 next year. But our guys will develop, they need to taste and learn how to win to set up success the next few years, going 0-16 is not the answer.
  14. We will not pick 1 guaranteed so get it out of your head
  15. Why would we draft a center when Wesley Johnson is totaly capable of starting?