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  1. Can we get back to Suck 4 Sam please?

    No. Get over it
  2. Jets still in playoff hunt

    Schedule ahead I can def see a win against Miami, the falcons are wince again being exposed, them at home is winable, the bills on Thursday night could go either way, then Tampa? Not a believer in that Tampa team, so let’s see how thi plays out
  3. Jets still in playoff hunt

    I would bet money the jets do better then 5-11. Already made a nice sum on a wager jets were going 0-16
  4. Thoughts

    Browns are by far the worst team in the nfl but I see what you are getting at
  5. Jets still in playoff hunt

    Yes sir, playoffs!
  6. Yes this was the most not talked about error in the game
  7. I was sitting near some patriots fans during the game, they knew they were handed a gift. It gives me pleasure tho knowing there is no way in my mind this patriots team can win a Super Bowl
  8. Rooting for threads that stop talking about the may draft in the middle of oct footbAll
  9. Some good things happened around the league after the refereees handed the patriots their not deserved w. The broncos, ravens, jaguars and raiders all lost. Yes the Dolphins won and that one stings but a whole lot of teams sitting at 3-3 (and remember we have the tiebreaker with the jags) jets need to shake this off and respond big with the fins next week. I still smell playoffs the way this team played
  10. On to Miami

    Great game
  11. Crowd needs to Jetup tmrw

    So what’s your point? Pay for my plane tickets weekly and I will be there
  12. Crowd needs to Jetup tmrw

    Once again I live in Tennessee and visiting Family in ny and go to one road game a year as well. Ironic huh?
  13. Crowd needs to Jetup tmrw

    I can’t adress your points because they are so wildly absurd and rooted in plain dumb logic. I could go on a rant about the last top 6 qb we drafted or about a culture of losing being infectious or about developing a young team who can win with an average qb, not putting your eggs in one basket but you people are intent on being angry and mad. You keep telling me I will be crushed, Miami was a fluke, Jacksonville wasn’t supposed to happen, the browns stink, zero credit for this hard working bunch. You all should be ashamed of yourselves but it makes me happy knowing how little this tank Minority has become in the last few weeks. Be at the stadium tmrw, got no use for guys like you bubba