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  1. The Suck for Sam is a delusional bunch I cant stand. 1) We don't know hes a GOD, lets see another season 2) He could get hurt easily, SO yea throw away a season for that 3) WE ARENT GONA PICK 1 next year GURANTEED! Root for your team and stop being little whiny B's
  2. The jets aren't going to be the worse team this year, a worse jets team last year won 5 games. Get it out of your head that Sam darnold will walk on water and somehow appear in a jets locker room. Acceptance of this will help you find peace and ummm actually do what a fan does, root for their team to win
  3. I expect a 9-10 win season at least. We will have a much better roster with no expectations. Cant wait to prove everyone wrong.
  4. I totally see a 4-1 start. We play garbage teams to start and with no pressure to win, well watch them go win. Just watch....
  5. Schedule fell out nicely for us. Buffalo Win Oakland Loss Miami Win jags Win Browns Win 4-1 start
  6. Home vs the Chargers is my pick. Schedule release tonight!! Now your picks
  7. Betting on the second coming of Jesus and for all the starts to align right to draft Darnold who may have a terrible year/get hurt etc is a straight up DANGEROUS gamble.
  8. Or we end up with a decade of losing like the Browns. For all the complaining jet fans do we went to the playoffs more then most teams since 2000. Depending on a bunch of young kids is a dumb strategy
  9. Wana bet, he will Play 10 times better then Macs 2 bust QBs so far in camp and the NY media fans will have Hoyer starting in SEP, watch
  10. This team will never be anywhere without a QB, rebuild or not, and if you are betting on a 1-15 season and the second coming of Jesus with Sam Darnold, then I say you belong in Vegas with a lot of other unhappy gamblers.
  11. we all know this will end with a Giants Week 17 win and which they will lose. Brandon the Jinx
  12. Now that we have bet our entire frnachise future on the Picks of Mac, we have been left with Brian Hoyer, GREAT! Why, because why would a Glennon, Romo or Cutler want to come to team releasing talent left and right for "young guys who play hard". The rebuild is already failing....
  13. How hasn't Mac been good with drafts? Devin smith? Bust. Petty bust, hack bust. Lee way not a 1st rounder, some picks aren't even here anymore
  14. Rebuilding is a dumb phrase, ask the Browns
  15. We wont even get close to Darnold, we will win at least 6 games this year against our schedule