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  1. Repped for use of the word "shuttlecocks"
  2. Geno and Anthrax conjures up this image in my head...
  3. So, basically a younger version of Fitz? Pass...
  4. It's most commonly used to treat ADD/ADHD and as others have mentioned, it's a stimulant. It's not like HGH or Steroids, more like "speed"...
  5. "Ah, but the servant waits, while the master Bates"
  6. To not see this coming from a mile away is just being naive... That was scripted from the opening drive, I mean come on, that was complete bullsh*t
  7. He could have been a bit more specific, like "their tight ends kill people, our's just likes to drink & drive"
  8. This is brilliant, thank you for posting this!! 😄
  9. Amen to the bolded. Its his first start, what did people expect? As I mentioned previously, as exciting as it would have been to have Petty come in and play like Farve in his prime is not logical or realistic. He showed some good and some bad in his first start. The CS employed a very conservative game plan and you have to wonder if he was nervous and thinking he was in a short leash, since Fitz was dressed. He's said it himself, he plays better when he doesn't think, just reacts. Let's hope he starts in two weeks after getting the first team reps and we can see if he progresses. I'd give him all the starts from here on out and evaluate after the season.
  10. We don't know how much of that article is true, but if they did miss or we're late to meetings consistently, why didn't Bowles sit them earlier? That's my issue with this. First offense, sure they get a pass with a warning. Second time, sit for the first quarter, third time, sit for the first half, and so on... Bowles has to set the tone that this behavior is not acceptable.
  11. I think a guy who checks in on the Jets on his vacation, is much more than a fair weather fan. What is likeable or interesting about this team? The poster used the term disinterested, I personally use the term detached. How can you logically watch/follow this team, and be excited about what you see?
  12. Pickzpatrick? George Blanda?
  13. I know, it's always: Smart=Harvard Gunslinger=Farve They probably looked at the graphic and said "we need one more!", someone saw the overthrow and said put "strong arm" 😄