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  1. Film Review: Week 1 Jets @ Bills

    It's dumb 3-4 D-lines job is to take up blockers/2 gapping. It's the LBs job to get the tackles for the most part
  2. Film Review: Week 1 Jets @ Bills

    Wilkerson made some plays but was also loafing around on some plays. But for Bowles to call out strictly the D-line and not the ILB's is a joke. Another example of incompetence.
  3. Film Review: Week 1 Jets @ Bills

    I know which play... really any play there is a misdirection or designed to cutback we are screwed with Davis. The narrative was "Davis is solid in the run game but struggles in the pass game" just isn't true, he is horrific at both.
  4. Film Review: Week 1 Jets @ Bills

    They can try to play Stanford who replaced Lee at time last game, but don't think he will have much more success. Jenkins also isn't athletic enough to play ILB and it's a completely different position from OLB especially in a 3-4. So for now the Jets are going to be stuck with this duo. Bowles should be fired for a litany of reasons as well.
  5. Film Review: Week 1 Jets @ Bills

    And post I shall... every week
  6. Film Review: Week 1 Jets @ Bills

    I'll try to get it to him.. some of it is coaching and some of it, is just a lack of pure instincts and what's between the ears.
  7. Film Review: Week 1 Jets @ Bills

    Inexperience of safeties (mostly Maye) and terrible ILB play both in the run game/pass game lead to the terrible play of the defense. Including some big some big plays allowed by Skrine (as expected). Hope to see the ILB's improve but I doubt it.
  8. Film Review: Week 1 Jets @ Bills

    Appreciate that, it does definately take some times to get through all of the film and then post it. Every week trying to improve in terms of knowledge shared, terminology and technicalities of every play by reading various different books. As long as people enjoy and learn then I'll keep posting.
  9. 41 plays being brought to you guys and A TON of them are Lee and Davis just being bad football players. If the Jets replaced them in this game with two competent LBs the Jets could have easily won this game or at the minimum it would have been much closer.
  10. This one is a little bit shorter as a tried to keep it limited to guys who are still on the Jets roster or guys I'm hopping to make the practice squad.
  11. Thanks a lot for the compliment! 1. Yes both Hansen and Stewart have definitely been showing up more on film after they had a slow start to training camp. 2. Lee has ability and has been doing much better in the run game but he just has constant mental lapses where he gets too focused on the QB instead of focusing on the WR. 3. Adams has been extremely impressive in putting himself in position to make plays (sometimes is a little slow at reading plays but there was NEVER a rookie who reached full potential in 2 preseason games) but he just needs to work on being more aggressive/not wait for the RB to make their move first and not ankle tackle. Marcus Maye has been extremely impressive but I do want to see him in some cover 2/single high looks to see how he reacts to vertical routes and how he plays them but with that I think they will be the Jets safety duo for years to come. 4. The offensive line from every single play has been dissapointing, not on player has either impressed me or shown me what they showed last year (carp/winters) BUT with that I will say guys like winters struggled immensely last preseason and then went on to have solid years.
  12. Yea the ball placement was bad and he should have threw the ball much earlier. Hack can't get his receivers killed but at the end of the day Anderson should have caught it
  13. JetNation FanDuel League

    @Maxman yahoo is the best site for fantasy football and it's not close. If your talking about actually drafting teams etc