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  1. I gave it an A. Fills a need and was the BPA. Guy has all the tools and heart to become game changer / household name in our secondary. Lets hope he can reach his ceiling.
  2. Completely forgot about the drug issues, my bad
  3. As much as the talent of Cook is incredibly attractive I would be shocked to see Mac do a 180 and take a low character player with multiple shoulder injuries. I would also be surprised to see us take an OL as Mac seems to prefer to draft them in the later rounds. I wouldn't be shocked to see us grab Wilson or King and fix the secondary for the time being. Tim Williams is a possibility as a pure pass rushing presence. We don't have anyone who brings speed around the edge. Whoever it is the Jets have a lot of quality options to choose from, lets hope they pick another solid football player that fits into the type of culture they are trying to build here.
  4. Round 6 191st Selection -James Conner – Running Back – PittsburghJames Connor is the definition of a feel good story in football. After overcoming Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2015 he was able to return to the field in 2016 and continue to produce at a high level. I would not be upset moving up in the draft to grab him in the fourth round if we felt he was in danger of being drafted but if he is here in the sixth round the Jets would be fools to pass on him.He is a wrecking ball of a running back who powers through defenders to gain every possible yard available. He has a powerful stiff arm that forces defenders away and blows right through arm tackles often requiring the “village” to come and bring him down. His biggest weakness is he has a slow acceleration and does not have good lateral movement in order to move around defenders. He isn’t the most natural pass catcher but is good enough to make the defense respect him when he goes out into the flat or across the field.Overall his health is a concern but no one can question his heart. Connor is a natural leader on and off the field and would be a great addition to Forte and Powell bringing a different style of running and a nasty streak needed to get those crucial 3rd and 1 situations.Round 7 224th Selection -Brad Seaton – Offensive Tackle –VillanovaWith their last pick the draft Maccagnan doubles down on another offensive line prospect. Brad Seaton is a three year starter out of Villanova that has great agility and shows good mechanics on the line. The big red flag for Seaton is his height as he is too tall for a conventional tackle which is why he is available so late in the draft.On film Seaton shows strong hands and balances himself well against defenders bull rushing him and trying to rip inside. Watching him play he has to bend down to meet the defender at pad level putting him at a disadvantage against experienced pass rushers. At best he has the talent and ability to grow into a swing tackle which is a roster spot that needs to be filled.
  5. 107th Selection – Taylor Moton – Offensive Tackle/Guard – Western MichiganThe offensive line rebuild is finally underway after the retirement of Ferguson in 2016 and the release of fan favorite Mangold this offseason. The Jets went to work to fill the gaping hole at LT after the signing of Ryan Clady last season from the Broncos was unable to stay healthy and when on the field failed to produce at a high level. With the signing of free agent Beachum and resigning right guard Winters it gives the Jets the ability to look towards the future while the groom younger talent to fill the needs. Unfortunately in this draft there is no franchise quality left tackle available in the first so Maccagnan continues to draft offensive lineman in later rounds looking for diamonds in the rough.Moton is a massive prospect possessing the arm length, frame and size needed to play an interior offensive line position in the NFL. In the collegiate state Moton played specifically at right tackle and right guard and looks to project at a right guard in the NFL. He shows proper pad level and when set loose in the second level he will completely destroy linebackers and safeties as he leads the way for the rusher.Moton biggest weakness is the lack of speed with his initial punch at the line which can lead to him being drive back off his point. He also has a tendency to set his feet and not chop which will be needed to open holes for the running backs to run through. Moton comes with a mountain of potential and needs to be coached up on mechanics and quicker hands. Grooming him behind Carpenter and Winters can ensure the Jets have a young pipeline of powerful guards ready to take over when they are called on.Round 5 Johnathan ‘Rudy’ Ford – Safety – AuburnBy the fifth round the talent is beginning to dry up and the Jets need to start looking for players that have good production in college but have obvious flaws that need to be fixed. Rudy Ford is a safety that can sit behind Pryor for a year and give the Jets an option for an in the box safety over having to pay Pryor in the 2018 season all while having a gunner to use for special teams.Ford’s biggest strength is his tackling. The guy hits like a truck and does not lead with his head, avoiding targeting penalties and protecting himself from injury. Being a three year starter Ford has experience playing a nickel corner and safety in Auburns defensive scheme giving Bowles another option to develop for the backfield into a potential future starter.
  6. Round 2 39th Selection –Takkarist McKinley – Defensive End/OLB – UCLAA lack of a true outside pass rusher has been the bane of the Jets defense ever since Jonathan Vilma was traded away. With having Wilkerson and Williams eating up blockers and providing pressure from the inside the Jets desperately need a pass rushing specialist to give the opposing quarterback a timer he has to work on. Takkarist McKinley provides the shot in the arm the defense desperately needs, adding a natural pass rushing talent with a high energy motor on the field that has shown the speed and never ending motor necessary to get to the quarterback.McKinley has the build of a natural pass rusher with long arms and body weight. He lacks a full array of pass rushing skills such as the rip, swim and slap but has the natural talent to continue to grow and learn these moves as he becomes more seasoned. He uses his quickness and lateral movement effectively in order to evade blockers and get to the ball carrier.Pairing him with Jenkins and Mauldin will give the Jets three young outside linebackers with plenty of room to grow. So far Mauldin has failed to impress the coaching staff as Bowles opted to have Richardson play outside linebacker. McKinley fills an obvious need and fits perfectly in the 3-4 scheme the Jets should be running.Round 3 70th Selection –Jalen “Teez” Tabor – Defensive Back – FloridaWhile a pass rush is the best way to cover up weak secondary, adding talented players in the backfield is essential for a defense that plays in a league that is dependent on high passing numbers. It may be a stretch that Tabor falls this far but looking at the amount of defensive back talent in the draft it is not unreasonable to believe that a player with his talent will be available at the 70th pick. For this the Jets should be grateful as Tabor brings the size you look for in a quality corner but does not look like he possess the speed you look for as your number one guy.Tabor plays with light feet and closes in on his target extremely quick. He shows good awareness of what is going on in the backfield and seamlessly trades off assignments with other defensive backs while adjusting to their route. Where Tabor really shows his skill is his ability to track the ball once it is in the air and puts himself in good position to break up the pass or snag it for himself.The biggest weakness of Tabor is he is a more prototypical finesse defensive back and not a bruiser. He shows trouble in bringing down larger wide receivers and tight ends with weak tackling attempts. Regardless the Jets need to be adding talented defensive backs that have a nose for where the ball is going and excels in backfield communication. Tabor would be a great addition to pair with Claiborne, Skrine and Burris in a rebuilding secondary that needs all the talent they can get.
  7. With a little more than 24 hours till the first pick of the 2017 NFL draft is selected I felt like this would be the perfect time to give my personal opinion on who I believe Maccagnan will select through all seven rounds and a rational on why how they fit the team and their potential of success moving forward. With the recent news of Gareon Conley( DB, Ohio State) being accused of sexual assault and Maccagnan’s recent comments reflecting his views on avoiding players with a violent history it is safe to say that Joe Mixon (RB, Oklahoma) and Gareon Conley will not be on their draft board come Thursday at 8:00pm EST. This mock will not contain any trades as they are impossible to predict and will solely focus on the information we have available to us at this time. Let me know what you all think in the comments below and with the rules out of the way let’s take a look at the potential new players for the NY Jets Round 1 6th Selection – OJ Howard –Alabama – Tight End One of the most important aspects in evaluating a player moving from the collegiate ranks to the NFL is to find what skills and talents they have that translate over to the NFL program. Statistics and wins do not always show an accurate representation of how talented a player can be in the NFL, an example that has been proven time and time again. What I like to look for is if the player possesses the physical traits that are necessary to succeed in the NFL and have flashed their talents on the collegiate stage. This year’s perfect example of someone who has not put up gaudy numbers but has all the physical tools and has all the talent to be a perineal pro bowl player is OJ Howard. OJ Howard marks the end of an era for the Jets as they finally break away from selecting defense in the first round and look to add a dangerous weapon to a young offensive core. Possessing exceptionally long arms, huge hands, light feet and dangerous breakaway speed I can think of no better prospect that fits the Jets immediate need for a dynamic playmaker on offense. Howard consistently snatches the ball out of the air with his hands and does not shy away from contact, especially over the middle of the field. He shows the ability to be an in-line blocker but needs to add strength in order to sustain blocks from blitzing safeties and linebackers. While his natural talents are some of his best traits his flexibility to be lined up all over the field give offensive coordinators a dynamic tool to take advantage of over defensive coverages. With the Jets already possessing budding hybrid WR/TE Quincy Enunwa, adding Howard to the mix will give OC Morton the tools he needs to build a competitive offensive team. Two big bodied wide receivers that can excel in blocking and are dangerous pass catchers will open up the middle of the field giving our young quarterbacks dependable options that are easier to read and complete. The Jets desperately need help building an identity on offense, Howard is the first piece of that puzzle
  8. That gasmask video screwed us as it let the phins grab a franchise left tackle. Still salty about that to this day.
  9. This is the only pick in the first round I would truly be excited about. I would be fine with Adams, Williams and even Hooker to an extent at the sixth pick but Howard is the only one that would get me optimistic on a future offensive weapon. Howard just screams beast in the NFL and pairing him with Enunwa would be a dynamic matchup nightmare for slot corners and linebackers. Come on Mac make it happen
  10. Mark my words: The jets will draft Lattimore. Cyanide pills quickly follow for half the fanbase.
  11. You run and grab OJ Howard and give your young qb's a fighting chance to perform. A elite TE is the best security blanket for any young qb and would immediately help this offense tremendously. Add in we don't have diddly squat in TE position and it seems criminal if we pass on him.
  12. If they can run peterson into the ground for the first 8 games and keep brady's arm fresh I think they will do it.
  13. How would you rate the switch? My 10 year old wants one for his bday which is a few months away but the thing looks incredibly unimpressive. No optical drive, no netflix app, more motion control nonsense etc. Are the games fun enough to warrant buying it or does it look like something that is played with for a few weekends and then sits in a media center collecting dust.
  14. If Mac thinks he has the potential to be a franchise qb then why the hell not. Its not like we have anything to lose.
  15. Their actions in this FA tells the story. I have never seen them pay so much for players talent in one offseason. The pats know the future is now and the window with brady is closing, I would give Tom 3 more legitimate years of high production but eventually that arm is going to start to loose some of its mustard and he will start throwing ducks out their. Doesn't matter how healthy you are, farther time gets us all.