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  1. God I hope not
  2. I'd take him in the 2nd. When I first heard the elevator story even my wife yelled bullshyt. After meeting someone on a 15 second elevator ride he asked her to come to his room for a foresome? That just sounds like some trump up bullshyt by a vindictive woman.
  3. lol fair enough..see you then
  4. C'mon man...we both know college statistics have NOTHING to do with whether or not a player will flop at the pro level.....smh, you ought to be ashamed of that post.
  5. Absolutely ZERO proof that Geoff is better than anyone on our roster. In fact I firmly believe he will be a complete flop and it will have zero to do with Fisher being here or not.
  6. you said worst we ever had
  7. Wilson and The Ghost said HELLO!!
  8. You think Trubisky who started all of one season and couldnt beat out Marquise Williams for 2 years is a better QB and more NFL ready that the 2 guys we already have? Based on what? 1 good year in a shotgun pass happy offense? I dont know that much about him but I keep having flashbacks to the last qb we took in the first round who didnt have much experience and I hated the pick and he is now known for the butt fumble. I know its not fair because they are 2 different people but hey its the truth...and I dont think he has shown enough to say he is better what what we have. Hack had one good season too. I have to admit I like watson but his accuracy percentage is sketchy and inconsistent.
  9. Arians is right to some degree..we didnt have the same talent as the average NFL squad last year for starters or backups, plus we had an inordinate amount of injuries. I know many fans like to point out bowles playing certain guys but ignore that there wasnt a great alternative on the bench. You can scheme all you want, if the other team has better players more often than not they will whup dat ass. Fitz wasnt "hand picked", he was Geno punked. He was intended to never see the field his first year and in his second year I'd have liked to see the outrage Bowles would have gotten for benching him after a 10-6 record, after he broke all those QB records, after he and the offense looked like the best we have seen around these parts in years. Hindsight is 20/20 and I HATE Fitz but there was no way he could have started glass jaw, pecker flashing, interception throwing, airplane leaving, meeting missing, money owing Geno until it was absolutely no choice. We dont have the players....we all know it. We all talk about all the holes on the roster on the board everyday. I know the coach isnt popular these days but that doesnt change the fact that we have drafted poorly for what 7-9 years now? The overall talent on this team over achieved in 2015 and gave people false hope. If you switched around year 1 and year 2 of this regime people here would be talking super bowl right now but because the bad record came in year 2 the short term memory kicks in.
  10. if you are already saying the Hackenberg pick is a waste havent you already made up your mind?
  11. Bowles actually never said he wanted a game manager, that is the writers opinion. I heard he wants someone who wont turn the ball over, he expects the QB to be one of the kids and he doesnt want to put too much pressure on him right away so the rest of the team needs to step it up. This is EXACTLY what I wanted to of the kids are going to get a chance to be the long term answer. He is giving said kid every chance to show he can win the job legitimately. We purposely hired a back up QB who is old and not good enough to be a long term anything and who was flat out told that he better be balls out better to win the job and was given a 1 year deal. With all the btching about us needing to find our what we have with the young guns, the coach finally goes ahead and makes it clear that is EXACTLY what he is doing and people STILL find a way to gripe about it. How about we wait and actually see what the qb does before we make bold proclamations about whats going to happen.
  12. Only 1 of your points is factual, the rest are just well....nonsense.
  13. This is PERFECT.....a guy who won't win enough to knock us out of the range of a good pick next draft and also a guy good enough to start a few games but then step aside and see what we have with the young guys later this year. I think this is the perfect move for us. We need to see what we have and if what we have sucks then we will have our ducks aligned for a qb next draft plus he wont cost a lot. I keep seeing people gripe that we didnt get a great qb this year but really let's be realistic... 1. who was out there, pretty decent that would have come here this year? 2. If the team does good then we either have a good qb already on the roster if they suck we can grab one next year. 3. you cant have it both ways, if you want to tank this year then you cant cry about Bowles having a poor record.....what the hell do you think a tank job is?
  14. The jets have a fairly large section of the fan base who are impulsive, clueless and repetitive. They regurgitate things they have read on the internet instead of using common sense and throw out irrational almost whimsical ideas for quick fixes that long term fans have seen fail a dozen times. I have no problem with Mac......yet. Every gm is going to have some signings that hit and some that miss, some that work for a year and some that work long term, some picks that turn into all pros and some that are busts. Its a part of the business and the "long term" view is that you hit more than you miss. I read that marshall was a bad trade but I didnt see anyone saying that when he was racking up yards and scoring TD's, I HATED Fitz but when he was getting that bloody forehead and finding his receivers all I heard about was "Fitzmagic". Say what you want about the GM but we'll just have to agree to disagree as I'm not ready to say he is a failure yet. Skrine for as much as he is not an outside corner plays well in the slot, injuries forced us to play a lot of things different last year but no-one remembers that of course. Guacamole? ok that one sucked, Revis? Like someone said, who knew just his play would slip that badly? Hack? Jury is still out? Smith? I'm thinking bust but who knows until he can actually stay on the field. We can go down the list of good and what we "think" will be bad but the reality is some people are quick to prejudge players just like they are doing to the current GM. No biggie, that's how a lot of this fan base used to failure they expect it at every corner and believe in failing more than succeeding. So of course the GM is going to fail in this rebuild, of course the coach that all the professionals, coaches and everyone else apparently believe in SUCKS because we all know better. EVERY signing has and will continue to suck and EVERY draft pick is or will be a surefire, bonafide bust. I read that the soft schedule is the reason they looked better in 2015...and that might be true but you play the teams on the schedule regardless and even with a weak schedule they could still have gotten whupped and on 6 occasions they did. So schedule be damned they were pretty entertaining in 2015 and got exposed in 2016. I think sometimes a good a$$ whippin is just what you need to get it together. No-one likes to be embarrassed and especially the way they did on national TV. I honestly dont think this will be a good year in terms of wins/losses because we have some holes to fill and I think between getting in the right people (coaches and players), changing the culture (30+ years of pretty consistent losing) and developing the younger players in a few years we can/will be pretty good. If you are expecting a miracle this year then you might as well start griping right now cause it ain't happening unless the stars align. So flame on...I stand by the post and we can see at the end of the year.