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  1. this sounds waaay too much like mello's game....disappears a lot but when he is on its ON!!!
  2. yeah a thousand years of watching this team it seems.....but I dont think Beli had a choice. Brady was all he has at the time and it worked out really well. That team however functions no matter who plays the QB position so it remains to be seen how much of that early playing was brady or beli Rogers sat for at least a fact wasnt it 3 years he sat? Marino played in a different era when the rules were different and I dont agree that Pennington was stronger. He wasnt not someone to be described as stronger than anyone...not even the punter. I do agree there was a lot more positive pub about these guys that hack by far but Hack has made himself an easy target in a hard market. If he cant take the heat then he ain't the guy. I am in the same boat and wish/pray that we can get a couple of lucky bounces one year and get a ring. I'd love to replace some of my memorabilia with championship stuff. I know, I know...we will be the butt of all jokes still because they will call us a 1 year wonder and say its about time and we will never do it again but at this stage of my life IDGAF. hahahahaha
  3. for the most part it is a time killer for most I think...i know it is for me. I love to learn and read about my team from articles and reports that I haven seen yet. It is a little irritating seeing posts that seem to have very little thought behind them but that is the internet I guess. We all have a keyboard.
  4. lol I been around along time my man...since 1970...I went to my first game in the 6th grade.
  5. I actually agree with most of this post except the bold part. We have NO idea how things are playing out since we are not even in training camp yet. Pump yo brakes shorty. McCown has to say he has every intention of being the started, there is a 3 way competition. If he said anything less this fan base will pummel him and the CS/GM for putting on a charade of a competition because McCown already said he is planning on being a backup.
  6. This thinking doesnt work on too many levels..... 1. Of course he must get a chance. What sense does it make NOT to give a chance to a 2nd rd QB when we dont have an established starter? 2. I disagree, not all reports are saying "he is struggling with the pro game" in fact it is quite the opposite. Most reports this off season actually say he looks like he is not struggling with the pro game but still working on accuracy and doesnt know the system well enough to instinctively move to his 2nd read if the 1st one is covered. 3. He doesnt have a "full year in the system" since the new OC just got here he has a few months in it and frankly looks better than he did in the last one. He actually does look like he has improved from last ALL reports. 4. A player despite his talent cant force a coach to play them if they dont want to. Ready or not its not their this case Hack wasnt ready but there are other cases where the QB was "more" ready and still never saw the field. Aaron Rogers says hi. 5. Josh McCown is actually the best choice for this team whether people want to admit it or not. He is not a guy who will cause a rebellion if he is benched. He is a veteran who offers enough to jump in if your young guns cant cut it. One of these 2 young guys will be our back up next year and Josh will be gone. The only question is will the other be the starter or will we draft the starter. My only issue with his signing is the amount they paid him but other than that he is the perfect guy. 6. Kapernick honestly would only delay us finding a long term answer. He would provide a segment of the fan base enough to cheer about to keep him and another segment of the racist fan base a reason to make obnoxious comments and frankly cause too much of a distraction in the one season we need it the least. In closing, I am not saying that Hack is real, I'm just saying if he isnt, it isnt because of any of the points you deducted from watching football for 50 years.
  7. I have said a hundred times if Lynch turns into anything I will be shocked. I'll never forget when I saw that kid in a predraft interview....all I kept thinking is "this goofy bastard is who everyone is talking about as a franchise guy". I dont wish him bad but I'd personally be shocked if he isnt a total flop...his stock rose dramatically (artificially) right before the draft simply because he is a QB.
  8. since he's never had one how would you know?
  9. unfortunately you only have ONE angle
  10. I have been a jets fan longer than isnt a guess, I have seen your post and you have said it enough. That's not a knock, I am only referencing my experience here. I only referenced it because your post sounded like you thought you were talking to someone who is new to the forum or to this team. I usually don't bitch about any of the moves, except Fitz, I HATED that shyt. I thought Revis was overpaid this last contract and still have some road rash about all those times he held out for contracts over the years but I understood the moves from a financial perspective and for the optics. Bringing revis back was happening regardless and so it didnt make sense to bitch about it. I can see your point about powell and forte having similar styles and not being complimentary players. On the other hand Forte over the years has put in some work and has shown that he can run between the tackles as well so I can see where he should/could have been used there more and Powell used to give him a breather. Unfortunately our OC saw things differently than I do. The point to taking a chance on Clady wasnt intended to be a feather in his cap, it was used to illustrate how sometimes an injury risk pans out, sometimes not so much. The same deal can be said for our current LT. Yes there is a group of people on this board and others who are habitual complainers who bitch about EVERYTHING. They whine, piss and moan no matter who is in charge and no matter what move is made. This is a tactic that some people use so they can always point back and say "see I was right, look at how smart I am" This fanbase unfortunately is littered with too many people who have been fooled by this franchise into thinking we have finally put together a winner so they are jaded. They are habitually negative and at this point dont believe shyt stinks until you tape it to their freaking nose. I get me I get it. I am not a green colored goggles fan (**** that) but I'm not a "the jets will suck until I die" fan either. I am mostly middle of the road. I think the wilkerson deal is a bad one but we will see, I personally cant wait to cut bait with sheldon. (I think his attitude is poison for a young team talent aside) Pryor I could care less about he was trash and Decker I was surprised about but I am not on the field, in negotiations or in practice and so I am at an infomation disadvantage. Mac has more info than I do. Some people say "hey he shouldnt have put it out there that he was going to cut him if he was going to be traded" but I can see also that if i was trying to get a deal with a certain team I might let it out that i will cut him to see if said team buckles, if not he was gone anyway. No sweat off my nose. I understand keeping Harris and Decker until after june first because there is a more significant cap savings the only thing I am definitely unhappy with that is that they could have been let go sooner and designated a post june 1st cut. In general I don't complain until I see it with my own eyes....everyone is burning the jets because we did the same thing this year that many teams have done many times.....and we finally did it in a year where we have some QB possibles on board already and 3 or 4 in the upcoming draft....and we have a boatload of money. My honest opinion is that the hope is Hack is good...REAL GOOD...then we have a 1-3 pick we can auction off for a boatload of picks or draft another qb and then trade hack for a number of extra if I got the numbers right we will have about 80 mil in cap space. If hack sucks we still win and get a better QB in the draft. I think that is VERY sound planning despite what people say. So imo....I dont think we are in as bad a position as the media says and as people on this board seem to feel. But you know what? I could be entirely wrong, I dont know it all...
  11. lol I know you would have something to say. You see a low post count and you do the idiot analysis and think I just got here. I have been a Jets fan since before you were born and frequented this and all of the other message boards for years. Often I dont post because Jet fans can be over reactionary, short sighted and impatient and I often just ignore comments from people that clearly are wrong, impulsive or just stupid. I had only slight misgivings about the harris deal but again, no long term ramifications. I saw all the people bitch about the number but LOVED bringing "revis island" back...yeah I saw it, read it, didnt see a better option for that team, that year. He was brought back for more than just his play. Gilchrist and Skrine were both applauded signings and in fact were good at the time. Everyone knew what skrine is/was and that hasnt changed but his play is relative to his numbers. On a bad team his play looks even worse. Gilchrist is NOT a top safety but I dont think anyone here really thought he would be when we brought him in. He was a stop gap and he did just enough on a team that was raggedy in the first place. I am 100000% on board about the #FUKKFITZ signing,...I cant even begin to voice my displeasure about it and I'd rather not raise my blood pressure this morning. Clady was injury prone, we didnt have a better option and he is gone. Some players who have an injury history you take a chance on and see what happens. It's why we signed chris ivory. He was on the saints behind a few guys but he was also injury prone. Shyt happens. Forte I didnt like, I thought he was too old but he was still productive. In fact he may have looked better last year if the line was better. I guess we will see this year. You think Powel it was dumb to bring powell back but without powell we would have looked worse that we already did. I didnt tell you what to bitch about...all you do is bitch....carry on.
  12. I'd say this is the most understated and underrated thing mentioned about Mac...I personally love the way he structures a lot of the contracts. There is usually a way to get out of it early if it doesnt work out. This is the NFL and some of these guys will get hurt, get lazy or get old. It happens but so far unless I am forgetting some..there are very few contracts that he give out that are uncuttable within a few years.