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  1. Harris is the quiet type... respected, not leader of men
  2. Lets be honest, if this guy isn't Troy polamalu scrutiny will rain down
  3. This logo is good but the white lettering on green helmet is backwards. it should be updated with white helmets and green logo. There should also be an adjustment to the uniforms and helmet design if they did this.
  4. "If he takes the right angle"
  5. Teams barely play in their base D anymore. That means more DBs needed. And TBH, the secondary and LB umbrella they are constructing looks multiple and has some major potential...
  6. he's a ST. Which we need. Will have a chance to break lineup at some point if he flashes.
  7. torn ACL guy. Long and Tall 6'3". Press corner type, taking a flier on
  8. contrast that with Bellichicks #1 criteria: Does he LIKE you.
  9. cash and considerations
  10. what did we get for this trade down
  11. cleveland trade -- maybe brantley?
  12. decker ran 4.54, at 6'2" with plus size hands, and learn good routes, Hansen is fine at 4.5
  13. this would be like cutting obi wan kenobi from the jedi.