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  1. Someone mentioned "Brian Dawkins".
  2. i want Rosen anyway
  3. The Adams Family with a nod towards his father and SB winner, intimating question can the son deliver glory to NY
  4. good stuff brian dawkins is high praise
  5. that's not necessarily true. Teams may have targeted lower as the cost to get up was lower. Also, even if they were offered, Buffalo didn't have Adams on the board.
  6. who says the Jets were offered the same/similar deal? It's not apples to apples
  7. Leonard Williams and Adams have not allowed Mac to show off his drafting prowess. These no-brainers fell right to him. If he hadn't gone mainstream on these picks he'd be malfeasant.
  8. you have to give this an A, it's a squeaky clean pick. Requires no balls, unless you consider NOT taking a QB for a SS a risk
  9. So, Adams was lights out at Pro Day. Ran a consensus 4.38, and looks sick and smooth drilling. Worth a quick watch, start at 2:13.
  10. those are really bad comparisons. He's more of an enforcer, SS. The position/style Landon Collins plays. What Calvin Pryor is supposed to be.
  11. Really don't think Adams is going to solve pass coverage problems / turnover ratio... the player that can do that is Hooker
  12. I dunno. There is some serious top end talent at the top. I don't think it's at the usual positions but they are there.
  13. If fournette drops, there's no Howard. Tho I bet that's mac's idea of balls: draft Howard over fournette Bc u think he's an all pro in year 1
  14. If u draft hooker at 6 he better well damn be Ed reed II
  15. If they go defense they should all be fired. You just don't sink the amount of resources they are into defense in today's NFL.