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  1. The Board Just Got Very Funny

    When he can stay on the field. IND's cupboard was nearly as bare as ours when they moved on from Peyton Manning. Yes; they got Luck and yes; he immediately improved their record his rookie year... but the fact that they never improved the defense, never got a running game and had an o-line that made him a target is the reason he has spent more time injured than not last couple of years and when his shoulder heals enough for him to play...none of those things are fixed. Having an elite QB doesn't help you if the rest of the team only hastens his demise because the D cant stop anyone and the o-line cant block worth a damn. GB has been playing russian roulette with Rodgers' health since they won the SB he has receivers but o-line is garbage and no running game means he is all they have... a team so one dimensional they can't even have their play fakes respected by opposing defenses. We dont want to get an elite QB and then get him killed or concussed out of the league in 4 years or less which is what will happen if we cant build or buy an o-line that can both run and pass block. No matter how elite the quarter back we get might be.
  2. Some said the same thing about Johnny Manziel...how'd that work out? Not saying Rosen is Manziel...but his arrogance does raise that spectre...
  3. I'm sure he will not sleep well tonight because you feel this way...
  4. You keep making the claim that he sucks... prove it. Show us the numbers.
  5. As if you have the sack to stand for anything as he stood for this...but *he* is the gutless one...
  6. It is amazing how you cannot make a single quantitative argument based on his play for not hiring him. You keep going to political nonsense. There is no football argument for not signing him to be a backup QB; people make claims that he is mediocre...while less than mediocre QBs like Fitz and McCown and Blaine Gabbert and others are who not as good...by any and all measures... have jobs. There are not 64 QBs better than Kaepernick. There aren't even 32 QBs better than Kaepernick. When this is pointed out, the "he's not signed because he's not a good enough QB" argument immediately goes to T-shirts and socks and other subjective political nonsense that we've all agreed to keep out of this forum. If there is a FOOTBALL argument to be made against him, can someone...ANYONE...make it?
  7. Prove he is not focused on football. People keep saying this with no evidence to support it.
  8. He has been saying since before the end of last season that he would stand for the National Anthem this year.....so what circus are you referring to?
  9. And you came to this conclusion how, exactly? Tell us how you quantified this.
  10. Nothing you are prepared to recognize or acknowledge...and I'm fine with that. I'm bowing out.
  11. I am saying being rich and famous does not mean you cant end up on the wrong end of a chokehold. You don't even have to be involved like Thabo Sefalosha who went out after the Hawks played the Knicks at the Garden; something jumped off in the club, police were called and some overzealous NYPD cracked him on the knee with a nightstick and broke his leg. He missed the rest of the season and the NBA playoffs. He wasn't involved, didn't know the people involved. He and his teammates were waiting for the valet to bring the car around.
  12. You do realize you are showing his protest to be right...those BOS/PHI/NYC fans...a lot of them tend to be police...so they crack heads in the 'hood to keep those people in their place... and they'll crack Kaep's head in the parking lot...to keep him in his place which, to them is taking his money and keeping his mouth shut about what they do in the 'hood...
  13. Affluence doesn't exempt one from police brutality...ask Jonny Gammage...
  14. I stand corrected; I had only heard of a complaint of his wearing a Che Guevara shirt...but again... NFL Coaches, GMs and talking heads insist that either he is not good enough to be an NFL backup...which is laughable when you look at his performance vs. Blaine Gabbert's last year with the 49ers and he far out performed Gabbert with the same sorry team yet Gabbert has a job and Kaep does not...or they say they don't know if he is committed to playing ball with no evidence supporting it or they say he's a locker room risk even though every coach he's played for and every player he's played with says the opposite. He said at the end of last season that he was done protesting; he felt he made his point and he would continue his supporting social justice quietly and without involving the NFL. And despite all of that, he still can't get a job.
  15. It was a Che Guevara T-shirt... and he wasn't Cubano...