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  1. Fitz already did that last year.
  2. No biggie...I just have a bit more insight to ex-wife's sister was a CO at Nassau County too...until she cracked up: The niece she took at gunpoint was my youngest daughter who is still dealing with the aftermath of this...she was arrested when she returned to the house to kill everyone there and herself. I'm just saying there are a lot of people working corrections who are no different than the people they guard...and were like that before they were on the job.
  3. Visit was already tainted when Brady bailed at the last minute...
  4. Also, Hernandez dad died while his older brother was playing at UCONN; Aaron H was in HS though. It was the father's death and the brother's absence from the home that created the opening for Aaron H to start moving towards the criminal element he frequented. His dad and big bro kept him away from that until his dad died.
  5. I don't watch much beyond sports...but I have an aunt who retired from being a Riker's island CO, 2 cousins who are still working there as CO's and another cousin who is a CO working at the Nassau County jail in East Meadow. They are about disproportionate punishment because they are so outnumbered; when they take down a prisoner they make sure the other prisoners watching know that if they want to ride that train, the tickets will be really expensive...most find them more expensive than they are willing to pay...
  6. The CO's *are* a prison gang...the baddest one in there...and they don't have to manufacture small hand weapons and hide them...not to mention when they go to put the beatdown on someone, there is no one who can be called to stop them. Just because you dont want to believe that CO's are a threat to inmates doesn't mean it isn't true.
  7. Their 'protection' does not put them out of reach from Corrections oldest daughter had an ex-boyfriend who found that out the hard way; he got himself incarcerated in Akron, OH and did something to piss guards off...the official story is that he had conflict with some guards returning to his cell from the prison infirmary; the following morning, he was found in his cell, not breathing and unresponsive but no one knows what happened. The cameras that should have captured who went in and out of his cell had no data from the overnight period and the "investigation" found no evidence of any foul play. In prison, other prisoners are the least of your worries...
  8. this mindset is gonna come back and haunt ways you can't even fathom right now when you think you know everything. If you have children and they hear you say stuff like better not ever disappoint them. Worse, I hope they never think they've disappointed you. I know someone whose son committed suicide because he messed up and from the things his father would say he thought he would never be forgiven.
  9. That ship sailed looooooooooooooong ago in this thread...I suppose it's useful for black stereotype bingo if nothing else.
  10. My wife's ex-husband has a brother whose wife's name is Lavoris...for real...those people are country as hell...
  11. He probably got cut due to that ridiculous contract he got to come to PHI from KC 3 yrs/21 mill and didn't play a down. If he refused a pay cut he just got cut...
  12. Who couldn't beat out Alex Smith for the starting job in KC or a Div II rookie for the starting job in PHI despite Daniels' already knowing Pederson's offense...
  13. 10 of those might even go to players on his own team.
  14. Only until he plays.Then he looks like hell.
  15. Idzik figured saddling Rex with Geno as a starter...a rookie coming from a spread offense not ready to face NFL defenses... would be enough to get Rex fired. When they went 8-8 and Rex got extended, Idzik decided to not have any NFL caliber defensive backs the following year; they went 4-12 with 8 of those losses by one score. That got Rex fired; what Idzik didn't see coming was it's getting him fired as well.