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  1. The last time the Dolphins won a playoff game Bill Clinton was POTUS. Take a hike.
  2. I don't begrudge Harris but man.... This sucks.
  3. I don't think you squander that money on high priced FAs who likely won't work out in the long run. Ideally you draft well and resign your own talent -- if we draft a QB high maybe spend some on the offensive line/ WRs to give him more to work with, but nothing crazy.
  4. Honestly I don't have much of a problem with Maccagnan's FA moves/trades. Most made sense at the time and partially worked, or are at least defensible. I'm far more concerned with his draft history, in particular his abysmal record in evaluating quarterbacks.
  5. What? I was just agreeing with a poster who claimed he was excited to see young motivated talent. I agreed, particularly within the context that the team likely won't be competing for the playoffs either way. Seems like a totally fair opinion with reasonable perspective.
  6. I'm not some woe-is-me masochist who hates every move the team makes and thrives on complaining. But just looking at the team and what they've done this year I think it's pretty clear the team will be bad. The defense has a legitimate chance to be good, but the offense? It just looks dreadful on paper. We have no QB and below average at every other offensive position. I just don't see the reason for short term optimism. I think we're playing the long game and I think that's a good idea.
  7. +1 We're gonna stink, might as well stink with young hungry players and position ourselves for a top QB next year. Watching Revis not even pretend to care last year was brutal.
  8. Right, I agree, that's why I wouldn't do it. But lets say that of the 8 regular season games four were (essentially worthless) upper deck seats, one was mezzanine end zone, one was mezzanine 50 yard line in the Lexus Club, one was lower level corner, and one was a Coaches Club ticket on the 50 yard line (for a freezing cold game against the Chargers on X-Mas eve)... That might be worth it to some people who just want to watch the Jets play from awesome seats. But I agree, since they aren't promising anything it feels like it's a a suckers "mystery box" offer to get people to pay legit money for $12 seats.
  9. If there was some kind of guarantee you'd get at least one game in really nice seats (say, 50 yard line club seats) it would be intriguing. But nobody wants to pay that to get moved around worthless upper deck seats.
  10. When I was younger I took pride in being a "real" fan. I was a "diehard" and somehow caring more than most people was a badge of honor. Now that I'm older it's a curse. I look at friends who only casually follow sports and don't really care about the results and they live happier, more well adjusted lives. I logically recognize that's the mature and intelligent way to operate. Yet here I am, posting in threads about the media bullying Christian Hacknenberg in June.
  11. Because he's representative of a "Jets blunder" and the media knows they can generate interest and eyeballs by sh*tting on the Jets. It's as simple as that. None of these people have anything against the kid personally, I'm sure. They just make their living stirring up garbage about the Jets and a 2nd round QB who looks like he might be awful is a great target for muckraking.
  12. So if fans criticize him enough he'll sell the team? He's trying to win he's just a buffoon. There's no cure for buffoonery. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  13. He's a class act, one of my all time favorite Jets. I hope he catches on somewhere.
  14. True. I've seen some really, really bad Jets teams and they always managed to win at least 4 games. I do think this team will be the worst Jets team we've seen though. Even if the defense is solid (I expect it will be) I really don't see how we score many points this year. Especially once we get to the midseason point and they throw Hackenberg out there.
  15. I don't know if people refuse to hold Woody accountable... But unless he has a secret mistress who will record him dropping N bombs we're probably stuck with him until he dies (at which point we can only hope his heirs sell the team.)