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  1. Learn From History

    He's already redshirted an entire year. I don't think asking him to complete a throw 10 yards in the air is asking too much. Christ on a cross, look around the league at what other young QBs are doing.
  2. I'd rather have the faces or former Jets players on the walls than the faces of grubby Jets fans any day.
  3. Because you think Hackenberg simply cannot play at this level and McCown, as bad as he is, is the only NFL caliber player on the roster. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  4. When did Woody say he won't be fired? He said there was no playoff mandate. I 100% think Mac feels his job is safe and Bowles doesn't (which resulted in the blowup between them when Mac cut Harris.) Obviously coaches want to win every game but they're much more willing to play the long game if they think they're in the long term plans. For Bowles, he probably knows if he wins 4 games he's out and if he "overachieves" and wins 8 he'd be hard to fire.
  5. Can you really blame Bowles? If he doesn't win he's going to get fired. Obviously he wants to play the guy who gives him the best chance to win games, and that's probably McCown. It really all leads back to Woody, the hires he made, the mandates, the moves, the organizational structure. Why should Bowles care about the future of the team is he isn't going to be part of it?
  6. Haha well at least we can disagree like adults. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  7. LOL did you really go through this thread and give me negative rep for every post I made? Get a life man.
  8. First of all I didn't insinuate that the HC was "invented" to do anything. No idea what you're going for there. Second of all you're 100% wrong -- you somehow claimed I said "everything he says about a player or his performance is a lie" which obviously anyone who knows how to read can recognize I didn't say at all. I simply pointed out the (incredibly obvious) point that head coaches (or any public figures really) say in the media what works to their advantage. If he and Morton wanted a safe, conservative gameplan because he didn't really trust Hack throwing downfield, didn't want the kid to throw a pick and thought a nice completion percentage would alleviate pressure and build the kids confidence why would he tell the media that? Why would he say "we're worried he'd struggle passing down the field so we wanted safe passes so you guys wouldn't crucify the kid." No, he's going to do the smart thing and praise the kid for throwing to the open man saying coverage was great downfield. Who knows, maybe after getting smoked on the first drive the Titans started playing lock down man defense... But yeah, the guy threw 25 passes and didn't complete one 10 yards in the air. There's a trend there. Some of the posters on this board are such insecure, paranoid homers. Impossible to even have a real conversation without being attacked.
  9. Yeah... didn't say that. Some people are really too biased to think critically or take a step back and objectively evaluate a situation. Not every question or criticism about the jets is a personal attack. Some of us want to have a real discussion here. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  10. You're right -- there's no way any coach would ever have incentive to say something that wasn't 100% true.
  11. I was cautiously optimistic after they drafted him but became less enthusiastic after lackluster training camp reports and zero appearances in the first two preseason games last year (pretty big red flag IMO.) Then he looked halfway decent against the Giants... But that Eagles game... Man, I've never seen an NFL QB perform worse in a game than that, at any level. I know he was playing with scrubs but still, he was so unfathomably bad it's hard for that not to make an impression. So yeah, I thought there were a lot of red flags that indicated the kid wasn't at the level we would all obviously hope he'd be at. My feeling was definitely that it was unlikely he'd ever be a starter in the NFL and would likely be out of the league in a few years. I would LOVE to be proven wrong. But I really think the rosy reports are largely based on extremely low expectations. He completely short safe passes and didn't lead a scoring drive. That's kind of a given for an NFL QB isn't it? Isn't that only "impressive" if you assumed he couldn't play? I'm rooting for the kid. I really hope he works out and becomes the guy people thought might go first overall after his freshman year at Penn State. But I'm pumping the brakes on the hype train until i see him make a few nice throws down the field and lead some TD drives.
  12. Obviously I'm just a fan and my opinion carries no more weight than anyone else's. But to me he didn't even hold the ball long enough to scan the field in many of these situations. It seemed like his checkdown was the first option. Just my observations from watching the game.
  13. I don't know. I agree it was a nice throw. I'm guessing because people want to give credit to our good young homegrown guy instead of the old crappy journeyman QB they know has no future here. It's a sexier narrative.
  14. They scored 0 points after the starter game out. Is that "working?" I'm encouraged by his progress but some of you are far too rosy here. They didn't score any points, how happy can you be?
  15. Well he was only in for one series but he completed a 50 yard bomb... Did you watch the game?