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  1. There's a HUGE difference...

    I want the top pick in the draft... But if we're going to win doing it by completely outclassing, physically dominating, and generally embarrassing the Miami Dolphins is the way to do it.
  2. Jimmy Garoppollo

    Kind of an irrelevant comparison don't you think? A) Revis had played 6 years for the Jets and only one for the Pats. Revis is probably the most extreme example of a mercenary of all time. Guy held out like 5 times in his career. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  3. Jimmy Garoppollo

    I think this is Brady's last year, personally. Time will tell... And Garapallo not coming to the Jets isn't as much out of loyalty to BB as it is having BB in his ear for the last four years sh*tting on the organization. I think he'd want to go somewhere he had the best chance to succeed and probably buys into the idea that the Jets are a horrible organization. Doubt he wants to play the Pats twice a year, either. Money talks, but unless one offer is far better than another the Jets are a tough situation to walk into.
  4. Jimmy Garoppollo

    I don't think the Patriots are letting him get away, and if they did I think his indoctrination in the Church of Belichick would keep him far away from here.
  5. I mean, of course there are many great players of all positions who never won a ring. You can be a great individual player in a team sport and not win a ring. Jim Plunkett has multiple Super Bowl rings and isn't in the Hall of Fame.
  6. Crazy stat from Cimini

    LOL, I outlined how they have great skill talent but a horrible offensive line, terrible QB play and likley bad coaching. Therefore, they can't make the most of a player like OBJ who is often a non-factor despite being an elite talent. What are you unable to comprehend here?
  7. Crazy stat from Cimini

    Only if you don't understand the difference between "skill talent" and the offense in general.
  8. Crazy stat from Cimini

    I mean clearly they have more skill talent, and based on OBJ alone they probably have more "upside." Dude could probably take it to the house twice in a game with the other ten guys twiddling their thumbs. But it's not exactly a small sample size on the Giants here. Whether the offensive line is truly that bad (likely), Eli is badly declining (likely) or the scheme stinks and the coach is just doing a horrible job (possible) there's a pretty solid amount of evidence the Giants offense is among the worst in the league. I mean, really, it's not like the Cowboys and Lions have lockdown defenses. One week after holding the Gints to 3 points the 'Boys D made Trevor Siemian look like Johnny Unitas out there dropping 4 TD passes on them... That's the defense that held the Giants without a TD? In this lost tanking season for the Jets one of the small pleasures for me is the Giants completely sucking after being hyped up as Super Bowl contenders, and I have zero guilt enjoying the fact that the Jets "all time bad" offense might actually be better than theirs is.
  9. Wow. That's actually pretty big news. Kind of a huge wild card.
  10. Crazy stat from Cimini

    Actually the Giants haven't scored 30 points... Wait for it... Since 2015. So yeah, they seem extremely unlikely to drop a "40 burger" on anyone.
  11. A lot of people thought he was undraftable. That isn't revisionist history at all.
  12. 3 and 2

    I admire your optimism. It's remarkable, frankly.
  13. The only thing that could make me "give up" on the team would be landing the first overall pick and drafting a defensive player. That might literally make me lose my mind. If they win too many games and don't get the "top guy" that's disappointing but forgivable. I'm not all that worried though, TBH. I think the absolute ceiling for this team is 3 wins.
  14. Giants look like they're tanking lol

    I almost always disagree with nyjunc but he posted A LOT of facts regarding why Eli wasn't deserving -- and you're just responding with "most sports writers disagree with you."
  15. Honestly, his longevity is probably the most impressive thing about his career. Staying healthy and compiling. But he's never been a top tier QB. Never been on an All Pro team. Most of his Pro Bowls were because better players backed out or were injured. He's only won 11 or more games twice. Only won the NFC East three times, one of which was with a 9-7 record. His career passer rating is in the low 80s, far below tons of non-Hall of Famers of his generation -- hell he's only had a passer rating above 90 three times. He led the league in interceptions 3 times. Super Bowl MVPs? People keep referencing that like they're unaware he won by default. In 2007 the Giants front 4 dominated the best offense of all time and the Giants won the game 17-14... And Eli was the best player on the field? Get out of here. Justin Tuck should have been SB MVP. The guy is basically Joe Flacco in New York. He'll get in because of New York, his name, and the Super Bowls (specifically his role in SB 42) but I can't believe people are defending the idea that he actually belongs in the HoF. By that standard pretty much every QB to win a SB or go to a Pro Bowl in the last 20 years should be in.
  16. OLine > Franchise QB

    Protecting your franchise QB is extremely important. But the idea that the line itself is more important than the QB is ludicrous. We've literally seen the ceiling of an offense with an elite o-line and no QB in 2009-10.
  17. Obviously he shouldn't even be in the conversation. He's a painfully medicore QB who has had a few good runs but has never been one of the better QBs in the league. The New York factor, his last name, and the Super Bowls will be a huge boon for him but in terms of his actual talent/performance he's not even a realistic candidate.
  18. I don't want to say it but

    I doubt we beat Miami. They have substantially more talent. I do think we could beat the Jaguars the following week.
  19. Here's where we disagree

    I agree with the OP. The first overall pick in a QB rich draft and lots of cap room is enough incentive to get a good hire. Woody making said good hire and the Jets developing said young QB are totally different issues. We can only pray.
  20. Start Petty Next Week vs Dolphins

    I don't think Bowles will willingly start McCown if he isn't forced to. The flip side is that I think there's a 0 percent chance that McCown makes it through the season without getting injured, so eventually Petty will play.
  21. Elite QB's...who are they?

    I'm not really sure I get this. The fact that Hackenberg isn't an NFL player has nothing to do with Wentz being anointed the next great QB without having actually impressed all that much.
  22. Elite QB's...who are they?

    People keep acting like Carson Wentz is good but I've seen zero evidence that is the case. Nothing about him has been impressive to me.
  23. Elite QB's...who are they?

    To me "elite" really only means the best of the best. I voted Brady and Rodgers. You could argue Brees too, but I think he's a system guy and has gone three years without a winning record. Not necessarily his fault, but I don't think he's in the same class as Brady and Rogers.
  24. The Jets '09 defense is the best Jets defense I've ever seen by a mile. They were dominant all season.
  25. I just don't believe that's true, at all. At least, the Jets aspect of it. I mean, any team picking that high in the draft is going to be a "bad" team. I assure you these guys would rather be bad in NYC than in Cleveland or Buffalo.