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  1. Jets waive Jalin Marshall

    Umm....he was an UDFA and made some limited contributions
  2. Extremely disappointing and waste of draft capital. Really was hoping that group would be the second coming of the sack exchange. Mix in injuries, lack of effort, offensive line's ability to hold at will and stupidity, this is what we are left with.
  3. 1 - I said retain, but it really depends on inside information that we are not privy to.....what were the directives from the top? The Lee pick, and this is a big one, whose pick was it really? Was Mac willing to make the trade of SRich earlier but blocked by Woody because the comp wasn't enough....If these were Mac's ideas and decisions with no meddling from Woody/Bowles then he should go as well....not killing him on Hack. He saw something he liked and took a swing. Perhaps it was too early, but if you see a QB you think has a chance to be special you have to take him. 2 - completely f'in clueless. 3 - Darnold/Rosen whomever is deemed the best QB when we pick. 4/5- spending some of the cap on low/mid tier FA that are young and still have upside....no more Forte's, Fitz's or McCown's. Want to push some cap space down the line for when we are competitive and need a couple more pieces. I'm spending big bucks only if there is a top WR or OL available. Regardless, upgrading these positions with some legitimate young vets is imperative. 6 - I am drafting offense....all of it. Any holes in the d should be filled with cheap FA. Ignoring the offense for the last 10 years is borderline criminal.
  4. I think its called evolution....find new and interesting ways to torture the fan base....point being still torturing the fan base
  5. Fitz's poor play contributed to the loss, but to say Fitz lost the game/cost the playoffs by himself is ridiculous. It is a TEAM game. You made the original comment that it wasn't the special teams that cost us the playoffs. So you'd be fine going into the season with the same level of inept special teams play we had last year. I agree that Fitz was a contributing factor to the loss in week 17. Can you admit that there were other factors that cost that game and others. And I bothered because seeing the same garbage at the start of training camp that was posted all summer about the 3int's finally annoyed me to the point of responding to the nonsense.
  6. I don't know why I am bothering to respond to you, because I have seen the crap you have posted all summer. But here it goes. We had one of the worst special teams units in the league which directly contributed to several of our losses. Remember the shank punt out of our own endzone giving Buffalo the ball at like the 20 leading to a TD in the last game. Or the fumbled kickoff out of the EZ in the first game also leading to a TD. Yeah...Fitz had a bad game we get it....but realistically it was one boneheaded throw, one throw where he was hit before he had a chance to set and another that he forced on the last drive because he really had no choice. But by all means, keep harping on the three INT's as the sole reason the Jets missed the playoffs in 2016.
  7. Would you trade up for Lynch?

    This 100%...It all comes down to whether McCags believes any of the QB's we can get in the first round is THE GUY. If they do, by all means do what is necessary. On the flip side, if they are not convinced, then don't bother wasting assets on them. If one falls and we want to take a chance fine....otherwise roll with the garbage we have until we find someone worth the necessary assets...in other words don't reach if not convinced and don't take the next best QB just to take a QB.
  8. La Canfora Tweets

    Don't think we should limit our options at WR based on the assumption that Fitz will be back this year. I know you don't like Fitz, but if he is here as a stop gap it is one/two years at most. If we pick a deep threat he will then have some experience to work with the future franchise QB whoever that may be.
  9. Tanking for a QB?

    Ironically, we are great at winning meaningless week 17 games to screw our draft position.
  10. Tanking for a QB?

    I said I would but only under specific circumstances. First, the QB you are targeting is a stone cold lock such as Luck or Manning. Secondly depends on the team. If you have a playoff capable team I wouldn't do it. Once you get in anything can happen. If you know you are not competitive anyway (i.e. a 6/7 win team) then sure go for it. I would not tank this year for anybody. I don't know enough about the QB's coming out TBH and I do think the Jets have a shot at the playoffs, despite the schedule. If it doesn't look like we are getting the QB we WANT this year in round 1, I would consider trading Mo for a 2017 first rounder. That way you have more ammo to move up next year if you chose to do so.
  11. I think it really depends on whether or not Mac really believes he could be "the guy". If you really believe he is a franchise QB, sure you try to negotiate and get that price down to a third rounder, absolutely play the game. But if you believe he is a franchise caliber QB and push comes to shove, I'd give up the 1. Isn't that really what you are doing in the first round of the draft anyway. OTOH, if he is viewed as an option who might be OK, you stick to your guns and if TB doesn't budge you move on to your next option.
  12. Understanding the current asking price for everybody is a 1st round pick, wondering if TB would prefer not to trade him to the Jets and perhaps trade him somewhere else, all things being equal, considering the perception is that we have fleeced them multiple times in the past (revis, Keyshawn).
  13. This waiting game is getting old.

    I think it is really up to Fitz. I have seen claims that everything will decided by what happens with Kap. Also have seen claims that all will be decided by what happens with Fitz. I think it all comes down to does Fitz want to play here or not. If he does, he needs to lower his asking price. Who knows...maybe Fitz said to himself, I am getting this payday of $15M or I am retiring. He is a smart guy...I am sure he has invested his money...so he could say pay me what I want or I'll just wait it out...Don't think the jets are budging. Mac will move to plan B, C or D if he has to.
  14. Ryan Fitzpatrick: MERGED

    This is what really concerns me with Fitz and why I think there is a perception he has an injury risk. Perhaps no lingering soft tissue injuries, but taking the hits he takes he is bound to get hurt. Imagine paying $15M for one stop gap year and then losing him in week 1 (Very Jet Like I might add)
  15. No particular order Gastineau roughing the passer Cleveland playoff game Denver AFC KO that hung up in the wind forever, hit a Jet in the back and recovered by Denver (This one is the worst...still haunts me...I can literally visualize the ball hanging in the air. Decision to settle for a 40 yard FG against Pit when there was time to move closer and your kicker just missed one that was practically the same distance. Blair Thomas implosion against Chicago in OT. Sure I can think of more if I wanted to, but you have already depressed me enough for the day.