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  1. All the top QBs go to the worst teams. That is how it works. They will not stay another year in college when they can get $$$. What if they stay and get seriously injured? That would be the worst business move.
  2. Ok, but can he still punch Woody in the Nuts whenever he feels like it? I think that is pretty critical to accepting the job.
  3. I just don't get it

    Unfortunately, Bowles needs to go. You don't punt down by two scoring drives with 4 minutes left under any circumstances. The fact that he doesn't get that is reason enough to fire him. I hold Macc responsible for drafting two safeties in rounds 1 and 2. That is an unacceptable waste of high draft picks. I would fire both at the end of the season and bring in proven winners. Offer Harbaugh whatever he wants. He should pick our franchise QB.
  4. The Jets can get a great head coach but they will need to make him the highest paid coach in the history of football and they will need to give him complete control. He'll need to be able to punch Woody in the nuts and Woody will have to thank him and ask for another.
  5. I actually got to meet Ed Hochuli a couple of years ago. These guys don't give a sh*t about any teams. They don't play favorites. I asked him who his favorite team was and he said back when he was a kid it was Green bay, but as a ref, he doesn't have a favorite team. Makes sense. They move them around every week so they don't ref the same team twice. When a ref makes a bad call, it is just that a bad call. As if the Jets need help sucking.
  6. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    I just watched Sam Darnold's highlights from yesterday and I have to admit I am not that impressed. I think Petty is better at this point. Maybe the highlights didn't do justice and I haven't seen a full game, but from what I did see, Sam didn't look all that good. I don't watch college football, so maybe he is legit. Don't know.
  7. Geno Smith made the Giants roster

    True. I used the term Front office as a general term...not specifically calling out the present short-term renters.
  8. Geno Smith made the Giants roster

    Best of luck to Geno! I'm happy he was able to land in a great spot. Low pressure, high reward. Could even get a ring!
  9. How do you NOT root for us to lose?

    Agreed, I just hope the better players come with a winning coaching staff put in place post Bowles.
  10. I don't think playing a veteran QB is a bad idea given the other choices. If we had an elite team around McCown, I think we could do pretty well. The problem is, our supporting cast for McCown is the worst in the league, so no matter who we put behind center (Brady included) they are going to look bad. If I was coaching for my job, which Bowles most certainly is, I would play McCown. Simple. He is the only QB on our team that even resembles a starting QB. My guess is we go 3-13 or something, fire bowles, draft a top QB prospect and dump both Petty and Hack and get another veteran QB backup.
  11. How do you NOT root for us to lose?

    I think a top QB prospect coming to the jets is inevitable anyway based on our current team' talent both player and coaching/GM staff. I just hope fans realize that Sam (or whoever else we draft) is going to struggle on this team. Until we get the right system in place with the right coaching staff, I don't see anyone succeeding outside of FA seasoned veterans that already learned what right looks like from their former teams. We also run the risk of ruining this top prospect with poor coaching if we don't clean house and get a coach who has won a superbowl or two or three.
  12. How do you NOT root for us to lose?

    This topic has been discussed a lot but it is a valid discussion that evokes quite a bit of emotion. I just look at the greatest football franchises in history and they don't tank. It's not in their DNA. When Brady retires, Garoppolo will take over and the Patriots will continue to be dominant. Look at other sports. The Yankees for instance. 27 championships were not won by tanking in between years. The key is to have a great system in place. Starts with the owner. I believe great teams have great owners (not 100% always, but for the most part). Great owners are involved, smart, and hire great GMs and coaches. Look at the Knicks. Total dumpster fire. Why? Look at the owner. I could go on. But tanking does not make great teams. from 96-98, we went from 1-15 to 12-4 without drafting a quarterback. Why? Hess finally realized you have to hire winners with experience if you want to win. I might like Macc and Bowles as human beings, but what have they ever won? So no, I don't hope we tank, Sam Darnold will not succeed on this team any more than Luck is succeeding with the Colts. Hell our owner isn't even in the country nor does he care to be. He worked his butt off to get that ambassador gig. Why would he do so if he truly loved the Jets? I consider the Jets and their fans to be the neglected children of Woody. Why do we accept such neglect and abuse? How can anyone be surprised that the Jets are losers? Where is Kraft on game day?
  13. Is Robbie Anderson Underrated

    I think he is underrated in that he went undrafted. He is talented no doubt. I'm just concerned that his small frame won't make him an every down #1 or #2 receiver. There is a reason WRs like Brandon Marshall have massive muscular bodies. They have the mass and strength to go against top DBs. I just don't think Robbie has the frame to be an every down receiver. He is more of a guy you bring in for a go route to take advantage of his elite speed. I hope I am wrong. I want Robbie to kill it this year!
  14. Grade Hackenberg after Preseason Week 1

    I gave him an A. Lots of catchable passes that were dropped by receivers. He was very accurate the whole night and made good decisions.
  15. I don't know how Hackenberg can be successful with the lack of talent on offense. Many here complained about Geno's lack of weapons and I think Hack is in the same situation. Without a proven #1 receiver and a proven #2, to follow after, I don't see Enunwa being successful. All opposing teams have to do is double team him. Robby Anderson is way too skinny. 185 and that is after he put on weight. Last year DBs pushed him around like a rag doll. No way he is a #2 on any team. Our RBs are pretty good. OL TBD. TE still a ? So again, how can Hack be successful? I say start McCown, lets see what kind of team we have (let the OL gel and the skill positions figure out how to work together) and then when McCown inevitably gets injured (take your pick which week), you can bring in Hack. Rushing Hack out there week 1 could get him killed both mentally and physically.