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  1. You Take a Knee and go to OT

    Normally with a minute left and 3 time outs it's not crazy to try to get first downs and kick a field goal. But the Jets offense wasn't working at that point in the game. And who knew McCown would make that throw. If Bowles really wanted to be aggressive what about his defense in the 4th quarter. It allowed them to get back in the game.
  2. I give Petty the month of December. It's his opportunity to win the job for next season. But if we lose the next 2 games maybe earlier. It's then up to him to play well. No excuses from his fans. Because this team isn't terrible. We played a good game one of our best until either because of Miami playing great or the Jets losing it in the 4th quarter we lost the game. Same for McCown who basically lost the game for the Jets. Look either we ran out of gas in the 4th quarter (it was 100 degrees on the field) or the team forgot they were supposed to be mad about the previous week. I'm going to the game next week and I'd love to go home happy. As for Miami it will be interesting to see if they can keep doing this. They did it last week vs the team we play next week. They had a good year last year under Gase and played over their heads.
  3. Basically I think we're out of it at 3-4. I don't expect us to beat Atlanta next week. If we can't stop Matt Moore we won't stop Matt Ryan. I give McCown at least 2 more starts. If we keep losing then go to Petty.
  4. My week of misery started about 15 minutes ago. Not sure they were in a prevent but the Dbs sure backed off like they were. And for the most part a weak pass rush late in the game. They allowed Matt Moore to get them back in the game. That's what happens when you trade yards for minutes. Everything that worked for 3 quarters goes down the tubes. Bowles coaches by formula. The Dolphins are glad about that.
  5. He seems to often have his back to the play.
  6. Even if you disagree with the play call with under a minute left in regulation it was a terrible pass. And McCown shouldn't have thrown it. It basically lost the game for us. There were many reasons but that was the final nail. He seems to have good games but makes crucial mistakes.
  7. Jets D backs playing too soft. Looks like Fins could have 2nd big comeback in a row. Unless Jets wake up before it's too late. Not surprised about Matt Moore, I've seen him do this before.
  8. Great play by McCown!😀
  9. That's why you don't tank.
  10. Mo playing pretty well for a guy they were talking about shutting dow. PS Mets to name Indians pitching coach as new manager.
  11. Good get the 7 and run out the clock. Hopefully.
  12. Lee makes 2 good plays and gets called for unnecessary penalties both times.
  13. When you watch a game with Chris Spielman as the color guy you can learn something.
  14. Actually Eric Tomlinson is pretty good. A good blocker and he's shown he can catch the ball and get yardage.
  15. The Jets don't do well on call reversals but this time they got it right. Our secondary looked like it did last year.