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  1. I think it's as simple as not wanting McCown to get injured in an exhibition game. But we're all probably too influenced by what we're seeing on the front page every day. Our owner (unfortunately) is also a part of that team.
  2. Game Observations (DET)

    You're making excellent points. But there can also be a timeframe. I don't remember how Brady and Rodgers played in those early exhibition games. But I bet they looked better than this and were able to lead an offense.
  3. Game Observations (DET)

    These games don't count but it's a platform for many players and you expect good performances. The bottom line for any Qb is to take advantage of any opportunity because you don't get very many. Ask many players over the years with the Jets who never got a sniff. What we want to see from him right now is an ability to lead the team and move the ball with not too many turnovers. I expect Hack to if he plays poorly not tell us it was a good learning experience.
  4. Game Observations (DET)

    Hack said after the game that numbers and stats aren't that important and that the game was a good learning experience. Dude, the season isn't about being a learning experience for you the games count and most Jets fans want to win as many as we can. This is your opportunity so make something out of it. If you are lights out you win the starting job. If not you're not playing.
  5. I'm still in shock

    If a guy like Josh Johnson were available after preseason the Jets might be interested. Because if McCown who I think can do an adequate to ok job for us as starter is injured we need someone who can play the position and is NFL ready right now. If we cut Hack could we PS him or would another team pick him up. I'd personally take Petty over Geno but if Geno gets beat out he's probably better than anyone available. But if you think he knows the offense he doesn't with a new OC.
  6. I'm still in shock

    You'd think Hack in his second year would be more advanced and he's clearly not ready for the regular season. And nowadays in the NFL teams cut high draft picks early even in their second year. So right now you don't go into the regular season with Hack as the backup. It has to be Petty. Who at least at times can move the ball and could get better. I don't cut Hack but he's no. 3. Teams were actually interested in Petty last season including Minnesota after Teddy went down.
  7. Well most if not a lot of it relates to the NBA and the huge salaries the players are making. NBA scrubs make more than star players in the NFL. In their deal the players get a bigger piece of the pie. Of course there's fewer players and less overhead to run a team. But I agree with Smith because NFL owners aren't willing to share their pot of gold more than they do right now. With this and concussion lawsuits I don't see NFL team ownership being the great investment it's made out to be. Plus people might just start getting tired of the product. Tickets to games you couldn't get in the past are readily available and you can often get for below face value. Tickets for the first Jets exhibition game we're going on Stubhub for $2.
  8. No McCown?

    It makes no sense to play McCown. Start Hack and hope he can move the offense during preseason. But McCown starts regular season. This team might have to sign another vet Qb. .
  9. We have a pretty good running game with Forte and Bilal if healthy and they are both good receivers. No ground and pound but that could be the job of the third Rb. Hack didn't have them last night and it will be interesting to see if he can use it. As for the original poster earlier saying that Hack was a lot better than McCown last night I don't know what game he was watching. That's what he wanted to believe but McCown looked sharp and averaged 18.1 per reception and Hack averaged 5.1. And McCown threw a bomb. Which says a lot. He can throw long. There is no comparison. But we'll see over the next month what he can do.
  10. You give him most of the snaps this pre-season and the starts. He needs the work and at the same time you don't want to overexpose McCown and get him injured. If Hack does play this season it will be with a reduced playbook which isn't a knock on him but usually the case with a young starter. They did it with Mark Sanchez. And it worked. Just because he ran the offense satisfactorily last night without making too many mistakes isn't enough. You have to do more than that. So you hope in the next three games we see him showing the ability to move the offense. He's been here long enough to expect that kind of progress. I give him an Incomplete for last night.
  11. I don't agree with you about 2017. I think we can be competitive. After a bad year in 2014 we rebounded and won ten games in 2015. Things during a season can click and teams can win games and we have talent esp on defense. So I'm not writing out 2017 and tossing it away. I have seen too many teams with low expectations like the 2015 Panthers have good years. And then a year later have bad years, As for Fitz he deserved to get cut. But he was a good Qb for us in 2015.
  12. I'm rooting for him. But he does not look ready to be a starter in 3 weeks. And he might have to play a lot sooner than later. I think all three Qbs will play this year. It doesn't help the team at all to start a Qb who cannot execute a fuller game plan. If D players give 100% and then they're on the field all day and the team doesn't score hey these guys are trying to win games. And that's what you want from all of your players.They don't look at the regular season as a try out for a young Qb they want someone who can play now. That guy is McCown but I can't see him lasting 16 games. If he does we have a chance to win now. I'm not interested in 2018 and getting the first overall pick and either are the Jets players. If they think the org is trying to do that they are going to lose some of them. It's about 52 not 1.
  13. Ok then. What I'm saying is that you have to be able to move the ball, score points right now in 2017. That is if you want to win games.
  14. He's going to have to play this season. Because McCown who did look like an NFL Qb tonight is injury prone and he's 38. So the learning curve is right now.
  15. Hack has 3 weeks to learn how to successfully run an offense. I hope he accomplishes it but it doesn't look like he's ready. Putting zero points on the board isn't a good performance. Just because a Qb has a big arm doesn't mean he's going to be a big player. As a Jets fan I hope he makes it.