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  1. The worst part of our team last year was the secondary. They sucked.
  2. Love to see us trade up to get Howard. I know it's not going to happen. Maybe Sheldon and our 2nd round pick?
  3. Yes, I do. I see fewer broken coverages.
  4. It was a very smart pick. The guy is a leader and called D signals for LSU. After years of confusion in the secondary we needed someone who knows the game and can make plays. Mac who isn't good at making draft day trades didn't expect Adams to still be on the board. Even though yet another D player this is a big step in the right direction.😀😀
  5. If they can get max value out of Jimmy G BB might trade him. Why not unless he doesn't believe Brady will be around much longer. They could pull their version of a Brett Favre scenario (and trade him to the Jets?😀) Just kidding that will never happen. But who knows maybe the 49ers, Brady's family had 9er season tickets. I remember Kraft a few years ago even saying that if Brady hadn't have accepted a team friendly contract he could have been gone then. The Patriot way is no loyalty to anyone except Kraft.
  6. Maybe a trade down to 12 so they can take Howard. Would love to see an offense with a significant TE in the mix. Hopefully with a new OC it will happen. I want a good return guy on STs I think it's mandatory for a team that has problems putting up 7's. I overpay or draft for that. If we improve in field position it's a big deal. Hard to score when you are backed up inide your 10 yard line half of the time.
  7. Here's an article from Newday today that gives more info on Mac's personal feelings on domestic violence and his neighbor when he lived in Houston being killed by her husband.http://www.newsday.com/sports/football/jets/nfl-draft-jets-mike-maccagnan-mum-on-whether-joe-mixon-is-on-jets-board-1.13516528.
  8. Just speculating but if Seattle really has had enough of Sherman and we've had enough of Sheldon why not a straight swap of players. It would fit needs on both teams. Even though I can't stand the guy he'd sure love New York the extreme hot dog that he is. He's never going to just shut up and play but he still has the skills.
  9. We did have a Vols Qb Erik Ainge a few years ago until he self destructed. Actually for a period of time he didn't look bad and most people forget that in one training camp he outplayed Mark Sanchez.
  10. I'm not saying you don't draft a good corner in the first round. We'll see it's getting interesting. Love to see Mac make a few trade downs.
  11. Look drafting corners high is not full proof because of all of the injuries The last time we did it the guy was highly rated and he didn't play much. I'd love to add a good blocking and receiving tight end to our offense. We haven't really had a significant TE in years since Keller. The key is he can block and catch and that combination of talent is hard to find. I'd still like to keep ASJ because of the talent. Anyways considering how poorly Revis played last season Claiborne if on the field is an upgrade.
  12. I'm hoping the rumors that we trade back (like with Cleveland to get their overall #12) works out for us. And then we take the best available player hopefully the Alabama tight end. We got Claiborne to replace Revis and that should be an upgrade at corner. It probably all depends on whether or not Trubisky is drafted in the top fice. I saw him on the Gruden show last night and as Gruden pointed out he only had 13 starts in college. On the other hand he has NFL skills and seems to be a QB who can come in and win games. Last year no matter how many Qbs Cleveland had on their roster they couldn't keep any of them healthy. But their HC knows Qbs.
  13. Your expectations for a draft are unrealistic. Esp for 2014 when the Jets had a bunch of supplemental picks (which are untradeable). I agree that Idzik should have traded some of those regular picks and got future picks because no way that many guys were going to make the team. It did give flexibility to draft for needs like with Jalen Saunders who was a good return guy in college and we needed someone who could potentially break one badly. So I don't rip him for that esp when he got a good Wr later in the draft. If you draft 3 Wrs and one turns out like Quincy you haven't drafted poorly. But when you are evaluating success in a draft and talking mostly about 5th or 6rh round players it's true their average longevity is only about 3 years. After that many are out of the NFL and most did not play regularly with one team. They bounced around on practice squads and if on active rosters didn't play much.
  14. Basically the average NFL career for guys who make rosters is something like 3 plus years. So some of these players are almost ancient history because it's like 4 years since Idzik's first draft. Even guys like Sammy Watkins who were top picks are on the bubble at least with their original teams. The NFL landscape of players is changing drastically every 3 years.
  15. When I heard it I was shocked esp since he basically won the case last week. And his lawyer Jose Baez is a very successful trial lawyer and predicted that he could turn over the earlier conviction. You really don't know what was going on in Aaron's mind esp the past few years in prison. He apparently had a rough time there and had fights etc. Obviously he could hold his own. Hernandez was only 27. I don't know if he really killed anyone. People who knew him said he started going downhill after his dad died. He had no direction. I just feel sorry for the guy. I don't excuse murder. LIfe imprisonment to me is a fair sentence. I'm against the death penalty. I feel more sorry for his victims (if there are any) than I do for Aaron. But this news was not something I wanted to hear. It's a sad day. Esp for his kid. I saw Hernandez waiving to her in court.