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  1. Again, for the Jets this is a great thing. For the country it isn't.
  2. So if you're dying for some football. I've always loved the CFL. Good players, different rules which makes it more interesting. The season started last night. Some games for US fans on ESPN. Right now I'm watching Esks vs BC on ESPN 2.😀
  3. There's also something about fans being loyal to all time great Jets players. And not wanting to cut them the minute they slow down or aren't as good as they used to be. There could have been a role for Harris with the Jets. I mean it looks like somebody competent thinks he can still play. That's how I feel about Harris. As for Revis he used to be my favorite Jets player but I'm happy he's gone. I didn't like what I saw on the field from him last season.
  4. Well, the unthinkable is happening. I know what you're going to say. This happens a lot in the NFL. But we could have retained him and probably for a similar price. Look, the Jets didn't do right by both Harris and Decker. They cut them in June months after free agency started. I'm sure players in the NFL have noted this and might not in the future want to sign with an org like us. As for the Patriots look BB doesn't hand out cash. He looked at the film and saw that Harris still can have a role and be productive. So for all of those fans who wanted to cut him. Because he has slowed down and part of his game isn't elite. As usual you don't know what you're talking about.
  5. I looked and didn't see any but it should come out soon. It's a one year deal probably with incentives. I'd guess the base is around 3 mil. If so a good deal for the Titans.
  6. I thought Flounder made that movie. RIP Stephen.
  7. Look, Woody can do whatever he wants to and I'll still be a Jets fan. And I want to go to games this year even if they are $17 each on Stubhub because nobody wants to go. We've been through this before with a number of New York teams. Look, the worst case scenario is the Jets crash and burn this year and Woody has an excuse to fire Bowles and Mac. And I'd go even further in terms of bad scenarios. Something that would make me want to quit as a Jets fan. What if he then re-hires Rex Ryan as Jets HC. Someone he has always personally liked and a guy out of coaching. I mean if he did that I would want to leave. But I can't. Jets fan for life.
  8. I liked him. We have a number of talented young receivers and maybe like Q did one of them will stand out and be a good player. But no way they should have gotten rid of our two best vet receivers and guys who in a good offense can be star players.
  9. He's a tight end and so far has not been a stand out. Like the other guys he has talent. We have Q who is proven but the other guys are higher draft picks or UFAs. I thought Robby and Peake were good last year but not in Decker's class. Sure we have depth but not unproven depth. All teams have that.
  10. There is no young receiver on this team that compares to Decker. So their excuse for giving the young receivers a chance is a crock.
  11. I did read a quote by Lorenzo's lawyer who said that while the guy was definitely hit by someone it wasn't Mauldin. Another he said he said. A whole lotta lying going on in this country, it's becoming the American way of life but who knows maybe Mauldin is NG.
  12. I doubt the Ravens would sign both of them unless they could get Decker cheap. If so why not us sign him. Just wonder if the Titans would be interested in Eric. His wife after all is a county music singer who probably wouldn't mind living in Nashville. Not sure if the Broncos would be interested in him if they could get him on a deal.
  13. There is not a strong market for him. Based on what we've heard Mac has been trying to trade him for months. The thing is can Bowles get him to play at his talent level and not be a distraction or a problem in the locker room. Maybe a one year inexpensive extension. If he doesn't cooperate get rid of him but I'd give him a chance for now.
  14. Just seems like too many negative incidents with Jets players. It's up to Bowles to reign these guys in. He didn't last year and the locker room was a sham. And it was reflected on the field. How many Dbs did we see out of position and badly beaten. And on offense you don't allow your starting Qb to throw 17 picks. If no discipline we need a new coach. And I haven't been one of these anti-Bowles advocates but he has to get it together. This team needs discipline on and off the field.
  15. I know Woody is behind this. He wants to save money and if he does go to England (hopefully not we need someone there who knows what they're doing) he will be out of harms way in terms of criticism. We need Decker and they should just redo his contract and keep him.