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  1. It's a good/great show. Don't let our jaded pov deter you from watching it. We're Jet fans, after all. Jaded is in our dna. That being said, VF is a truly life alteringly beautiful and well laid out publication. You're only half a human if you don't utilize its wisdom.
  2. Great line. One of the high points of the episode. Hopefully things come into focus a little more next episode. The directors are just scattergunning right now. Getting as much as they can get tied up. That being said there's a lot of superfluous stuff in there right now. The Greyworm love scene was endearing at first, then seemed cheapened by it's gratuitousness and length. With the way this show depicts sex and love, it seemed an odd choice for two characters who truly love eachother. Can't knock nice boobs, but it seemed out of place and about two minutes too long. The lords of the north must be sick of Jon Snow calling all those damn meetings. Just for him to tell them he's taking a trip. I'm also worried about Euron. This sort of maniacal can be easily overdone, and I think it's going to be overdone. Ramsey was the perfect uber-villain because he fit in with this world. Euron doesn't seem to fit. He's come completely out of nowhere. A guy who fights like this, we should have heard tales of him. A couple of episodes last season sure didn't make him out to be some whirlwind of doom. The show doesn't need him as the new Neagan or Ramsey. I just want to know what happens in the plots they've laid out. I hope they back off the psycho stick a bit. Still plenty to like, just a lot to sift through.
  3. I play Aussie Rules. Been my game for a long time and I've gotten a couple of opportunities to play for the US representative team. I hurt my back weight lifting in training for the International Cup in '09. Hasn't been the same since. I still play at a high level, but it's always in the back of my mind.
  4. I play contact sports and have disc issues. He really needs to rest his body for a while. It's no joke and he could re-injure it at anytime if he doesn't follow a strict regimen.
  5. Goddamn. 3 weeks. Awful
  6. Ugh, why does the world need a movie about this trash?
  7. Wish this was a Jets-only tv or streaming subscription.
  8. As an agoraphobic I am insulted by this.
  9. Where do you come up with this stuff?
  10. That's all valid, I never said he wasn't a celebrity, I just value Tiger's grace higher than Oj's.
  11. Born in 79, but I've had the conversation about OJ's celebrity with numerous people and every one of them has said that mostly sports fans could pick him out of a line up before the trial. Most only knew him as a nickname, "juice." Any house wife in Oklahoma can point out Tiger Woods. Meh, doesn't really matter.
  12. The way I interpret the question, I gotta go with Tiger Woods. Paterno and Hernandez couldn't touch Wood's celebrity and national recognition as well as saintly image. OJ came closest but only because of his trial- he was a recognizable guy, but not a household name.
  13. This really isn't the place to try and sell your snake.
  14. Thank you for clarifying those percentages, so your 1.5% are players that go pro from NCAA. It's still neither here nor there when it comes to scholarships, though. The majority of student athletes don't get full rides, so they're on the hook for a good amount of tuition. In 2013 the average div 1 athletic scholarship was only around 14k. Many of those athletes don't give a damn about the diploma or the amount of work it takes to get one. They want to play football. Why would they pay money to an institution they don't care about, get harassed about grades and other things they don't care about, just to get a piece of paper that is just as effective if you get it ten years down the road on your own terms when you can get paid to play football now? And there's still potential to get on an NFL roster if you play well. Hell you could play for that minor league team as long as you still can perform even if you don't go to the nfl. Sure, maybe in your eyes I have it backwards (it's true that I don't particularly value a college education as much as most-- the American Dream is a bunch of bs), but I'm sure in the eyes of MANY of these players, it would make a lot of sense to get paid a decent wage to do what they're good at. Short sighted, perhaps in your eyes, but I think you need to get what you can when you can. A degree from the university of Phoenix doesn't put you at much of a disadvantage compared to a degree from Michigan State. 3-4 years of earning beats 3-4 years of accumulating debt.
  15. Don't know where you're getting these percentages from, so I'm just going to chalk those numbers up to... well, nothing. And... how many full ride scholarships do you think are out there? Especially at Stanford or ND? You don't honestly think that the whole Stanford football team are on full scholarships... right? Because plenty of times I hear guys saying that preseason players are just inches away from "flipping burgers." Pray tell how a graduate from Notre Dame would be flipping burgers as plan B. So to answer your question, if I was Andrew Luck, I probably would go for the scholarship, but if I was the third string CB/gunner, then I'd be inclined to go get paid to play football. There's plenty of time to go get a degree if you really want one, but not much time to make money playing football.