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  1. Berns is great, see if they'll take you on a tour of the wine cellar. Its impressive
  2. Simms in particular, and anyone on any sports network. They're all awful. Pretending sports is important. What a load of crap
  3. I love that series of films. That sound track is pretty memorable. Definitely gotta watch it on a big tv with a good sound system.
  4. I thought that it was a pretty decent finale, though it was riddled with things that just drove me nuts. Everyone in the damn town could use the Sasha attack as the distraction it was meant to be-- hell, Carl took down three turncoats-- but Rick couldn't disarm that Trash-Vulcan in the crow's nest when all she had was a pistol?! C'mon.
  5. The Kinks Leon Washington before the break Aussie Rules Football Black Tea Tremors Chet Atkins Chicago style hot dogs
  6. Funniest thing I've read in years
  7. The horse dies of sadness in the Neverending story.
  8. Jimi Hendrix Cam Newton Revis Brooks Bollinger
  9. Dude, c'mon.
  10. You honestly think every gal on every campus knows who every football player is? What planet are you from?
  11. Seriously? The Feds were on the case? What a bunch of crap
  12. If you listen to what Eugene says over the walkie talkie, he mentions searching the surrounding buildings for scrap. They were going to be discovered pretty quickly if they stayed put. That being said their hasty approach to this whole thing seems forced. I guess they need someone to get caught and punished next episode, so Sasha is as good as anyone. Agreed, though, it was a disappointing episode. Sasha and Rosita are two of my least favorite characters on the show, so to spend a whole episode on their emotions when we're so close to the season finale is frustrating.
  13. He will if he beats out the yoots; and honestly, if Petty or Hack can't beat out McCown then they're not long for this league. It's a win/lose/win situation.