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  1. Predict our next coach

    Payton or McCarthy would be nice, but it will probably be another first time coach. Or O'Brien. Gawd I hope it's not O'Brien.
  2. Then you will HATE working for the Jets
  3. We should have the fittest defense in the league by mid season
  4. Hurricane Irma - Part Two

    The wife and I are thinking of making the move from Chicago to st Petersburg. We're carefully watching the path this storm takes. I really hope everyone will be ok. Could be a serious mess if this storm hits land as hard as they're predicting. Good luck to all our forum members in FL.
  5. Holy crap Raymond is tiny. Good on him, but that is crazy.
  6. You're definitely not wrong. RA is not a go-to #1. He's a skinny guy who's speed is his major asset. He gets separation and has the potential to make big plays when the stars align and defenses key in on other threats. His ability to come down with a contested ball is suspect and catching in traffic is a definitive weakness. That being said, like it or not, he's the Jets #1 receiver. You want to hate on Mac or Bowles, fine. They have this team in a precarious situation. It's not Robbie's fault he's the #1. Lay off the kid.
  7. Sheldon Traded

  8. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    I hope Petty starts, followed by Hack, then McCown. Give him a shot with the 1s.

    Really not much to complain about this episode. Littlefinger was setting Arya up for a fight with Brienne. If Arya tried to kill Sansa, Brienne would intervene, and most likely get killed. Sansa loses from that fight either way so she sends Brienne as a liason. At least that's how I took it. Sansa is in deep sh*te. She needs to kill Littlefinger to prove herself to Arya. And she may use that dagger. I'm sweating for Tyrion. Nothing is going right for that guy. He's effed up so many times this season I'm worrying for his safety. He's gotta watch Varys too. I have a whacky theory where Varys ends up on the Iron Throne. The second half of the episode was pretty wild. Too many saved-in-the-nick-of-times, but I didn't want any of those guys to bite it. The conversation between Tormund and the Hound was awesome. I rolled my eyes at the polar bear. Lame. Gendry is a phenomenal athlete. Sign that beast! Losing a dragon is a bummer. Especially since he's fighting for the other side now. They better be as fast at making Scorpions as Euron is at making boats. Dragonglass spears anyone? Well, at least they captured that stupid wight. What a dumb plan. Still don't buy the romance between Dany and John. I hope they don't end up as a couple. It would water down the story for me. All in all, though, this was a solid episode. Next week should be interesting.
  10. Yeah, I dunno about this. He was never exactly mister dependable. Maybe the drops will improve knowing this guy could make the team. Kenbrell v Jalin -loser goes home?
  11. I'm definitely looking for Hack to have improved in every facet. If he doesn't look farther along than last year, then I dunno. Fingers crossed. A big one for me is to see how this secondary holds up. Claiborne and Burris have a lot to prove. Skrine just needs to stop getting so many damn flags. Two new rookie safeties, one of whom recently sprained an ankle. How will they look when they play a real offense? Finally, can the offensive line protect the QB? That would be nice to see. Personally I think McCown and co. are going to be running for their lives most of the season. I hope I'm wrong.

    A much better episode by far. Well paced and written. I loved Arya's return to Winterfell and her training session. It was good to see how she faired against Brienn. She's such a little badass. Can't she just put Needle through Littlefinger's heart and be done with it? I'm tired of that dude standing on balconies, scheming. Everyone seemed a little bit more like their old selves. Jon didn't seem quite so aggro towards Dany, and seemed more fair. Loved the Rickon/Dickon joke again. Doesn't get old. Bron is a champ. I'm glad he didn't get torched. That final battle scene was great. It'll be interesting to see what becomes of Jaime. Seems an odd choice if that's it, as I pictured him playing a larger role in the coming episodes. Need more Hound. He's been mia for far too long. That character is too good to keep him gone for this long.