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  1. Dude, c'mon.
  2. You honestly think every gal on every campus knows who every football player is? What planet are you from?
  3. If you listen to what Eugene says over the walkie talkie, he mentions searching the surrounding buildings for scrap. They were going to be discovered pretty quickly if they stayed put. That being said their hasty approach to this whole thing seems forced. I guess they need someone to get caught and punished next episode, so Sasha is as good as anyone. Agreed, though, it was a disappointing episode. Sasha and Rosita are two of my least favorite characters on the show, so to spend a whole episode on their emotions when we're so close to the season finale is frustrating.
  4. He will if he beats out the yoots; and honestly, if Petty or Hack can't beat out McCown then they're not long for this league. It's a win/lose/win situation.
  5. Good signing. Guy has a lot to prove. Hopefully this also helps to steer us away from picking a cb at 6.
  6. Agreed. I was impressed by the episode considering this season seemed to stagnate a bit. I was expecting at least two more episodes before Carol and Morgan came around so that was a welcomed surprise-- especially considering how Morgan was pushed into it. Like it or not, the show's writers have a formula and they're sticking to it. I don't mind the meandering episodes-- they don't make for riveting television, the arc of a season seems to mimic life in this kind of world. The King is still a bit much. That's asking a LOT of an audience.
  7. What's ironic about it?
  8. I would say that "normally" a 28" is not ideal for a RB, but for a 240lb power back, I would guess it holds less weight than if he were 210. Either way, a 4.5 40 is pretty good for his size.
  9. He reminds me of our OLB Jenkins in that he seems to be better in run D than pass rush; however, he can definitely get after a QB. My main issue with him is he seems to be plodding around sometimes, and lacks a spark coming out of his stance. He looks like he has a big wingspan, too.
  10. Hated to see him go. Glad to hear he's coaching.
  11. It does nothing of the sort, Matlock.