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  1. It does nothing of the sort, Matlock.
  2. We need a slow, washed up safety even less than we need a slow, washed up corner.
  3. Not into other local teams, but I'm a huge Aussie Rules fan. Hawthorn supporter.
  4. Aren't both of those guys coming off of surgeries? I'd love either one, but their both very risky. I'd prefer Fournette just because the Jets really missed a thumper not having Ivory. That being said, as long as we don't take a DL, QB or WR, I'll be happy.
  5. In the AFL, the Western Bulldogs broke a 63 year championship drought by winning the Grand Final in 2016. So there's that too...
  6. I don't know if you use the talk-to-write feature on your phone or what, but you really should try a different method. It's very difficult to read what you write.
  7. What game?
  8. There's a Joe McKnight running gassers joke in here somewhere... God I'm an a$$hole...
  9. Seriously? Ok, here goes nothing... If someone "wouldn't mind" or "would love" to play for the Jets it makes them stupid; whereas, if he had said "I'd never play for the Jets," it would make him smart. ...therein lies the joke.
  10. Please, Jesus Christ, keep that knucklehead out of this forum.
  11. This is what I worry about with Glennon. After a turd like Osweiler gets a contract like that, his agent must be foaming at the mouth.
  12. No fault at seeing who/what's out there. Though I doubt we'll be getting our FQB through FA, it can't hurt. Sheesh, people As for the OP, it's an interesting proposal; however, Goff looks a little shell shocked to me. I dunno, just never looked composed. I'd pass, if I were the Jets, and roll with Petty, Hack and (insert competition).
  13. I remember discussions about Warmack being the next great NFL guard. A can't miss prospect. Pretty amazing how he's proved everyone wrong.
  14. I agree. Not all of his moves have been disasters. There have been some doozies in FA and a couple of headscratchers in the draft, but for the most part we seem to have some talented youth.