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  1. I've been loud since April that we missed a golden opportunity by passing on something special with a Deshaun Watson - Dalvin Cook duo in place for the 2 safeties. If we could re-do things, how many ppl would take a Watson/Mahomes and Cook combo over our two safeties? 2nd question: should Macc be shown the door for passing on the above duo for two safeties and a piss poor "qb of the future" prospect that most avg fans posting here knew would never amount to crap as an NFL passer?
  2. It always amazes me with the ability of some to turn the thread into something it's not based on the straw man argument principle. Bottom line is if Hack can't show us equivalent "flashes" or "glimpses" or "potential" or whatever term you want to use to denote promise, in his second year, as these other qbs in their first, that is a problem. No amount of burying your head in the sand or fanboy excuses changes that. This is not about one preseason game, Hack was awful for his last 2 years of college, awful last preseason, and from almost all reports awful on the practice field last season. Practice reports this season aren't much better. So yes, at some point we need to see something from him and cannot keep writing things off as "one preseason game" or "one disgruntled coach" or "one hatin' reporter", etc etc etc etc
  3. Not this sojf. I just want to see some encouraging signs out of Hack: pocket presence, consistent accuracy, going through progressions, etc. No one, and certainly not me, is anointing these rookies of anything. They did however show promise, things to point to and get their fan bases excited. Just would like to see the same from Hack coming off the red shirt season.
  4. And, additionally, no one here will be "pissed off". Macc will feel his seat get considerably warmer, however.
  5. No one needs him to look "awesome". Just show a comparable amount of encouraging promise as the QBs who are a full year behind him.
  6. Btw, Mahomes had a very impressive debut last night too. So add him to the list. It's crazy early, I get that, but all 4 top QBs from the '17 class looking like keepers. As many as 3 of them may be their team's starter this year. On a strange unrelated note, I haven't heard any of their coaches or GMs talking about the ever-popular and savy "redshirt" strategy. ....The fools.
  7. Lol at #2. What the hell does it matter what the fans want. It's Macc's job, not the fans, to get it right. Macc doesn't get a pass bc the majority of fans may have agreed with him. Of course if you want to pick a nit, most fans were well on-board with Kizer in the 2nd, where he went, just not in the 1st. Regarding your first point, you know we are allowed to trade up for a QB, just as the team who ultimately drafted Trubisky did, right?
  8. The young kids are balling out and showing franchise potential. Hack has a full year of nfl experience and coaching over these kids. Theoretically he should be ahead. Macc better hope Hack at least matches the level of the rooks performances, tonight against Tenn. It's bad enough to draft a bust. It's a whole other level of bad if you let multiple franchise qbs get away bc of your mistake to draft said bust. A lot on the line for Macc's future, in my opinion. Btw, it's early yet but we were told over and over the '17 qb class was hot garbage. Sure not looking like it so far.
  9. Lol, Watson is better than any QB in the 17 class and may be better than anyone in the 18 class. And it was painfully obvious to anyone that was paying attention. The narrative got set, mostly by the pro-hackers and fans who don't watch cfb, that Watson was just another Vince Young and not worth taking. Too many of the, admittedly, college fb ignorant fans bought this narrative, and thus we let yet another franchise QB pass on by us. But don't fret Jets fans, all it takes in the modern nfl is a dynamic safety duel to lead our franchise to a super bowl. (Yes, rolling my eyes) God, we are lost under Macc Bowles. Our only hope is to secure the top pick and Darnold balls out this yr. So help me God if draft Hack part 2 (Josh Rosen) I will personally go up to 1 Jets Place and kick Macc in the nuts.
  10. Pre-preseason predictions

    Haha, good call. Precipice is the spelling I was looking for.
  11. Pre-preseason predictions

    Yes, hard to find tons of positives on the precipous of a 3-13 season. I hate it but I call it the way it is. I guess I will have egg all over my face when we win 10 games and Hack lights it up.
  12. 1) The top 2 vote getters for offensive rookie of the year will be Deshaun Watson and Dalvin Cook. We could have had both on our roster. 2) Jamal Adams will be the QB of our defense from the jump and a nice consolation from missing on Watson. And yes I realize this is far from a thin limb I'm walking on. 3) Regardless of my above praise of Adams, the safety-safety draft strategy will be mocked all year and go down as one of the bigger Jets blunders. Yes, I'm not very high on MM. Moreover, two safeties don't move the needle in turning around a franchise. 4) Our defense is good enough to win 4-6 games with McCown starting. However we go winless in games Hackenberg starts and plays the majority of the snaps. The team can't win if we're turning it over and Hack is just too inaccurate to avoid INTs from nfl-level corners. 5) It will become obvious Forte is officially done. Powell is our best hope toting the rock and we need to find him help. This last draft was loaded with rbs and we missed an opportunity to get some serious value there. 6) The OL will be better than expected. And so will the LBs. 7) Wrs are an interesting group with a lot of jags. No true go-to guy. Chad Hansen will be one of the better players by the end of the season. 8) Bryce Petty will move ahead of Hack by year's end and will be brought back next year as a backup. 9) Wilkerson will be much improved this season. Sheldon will have his moments but he will not come anywhere close to returning to all-pro level. He's gone after this year and no one will be disappointed with that.
  13. For a brief moment, I really got excited about the Jets, thinking about all the possibilities they could add to the roster to make this team interesting again. I'm sorry but a couple safeties do nothing to bring that excitement... that is a couple safeties and some mid-round wr's and a TE that really feel like Jalen Saunders - Shaq Evans - Quincy Enunwa. Honestly feels a lot like Idzik's 2014 draft (with admittedly better players, could anyone do worse?). My interest level is just bleh. If we had Deshaun Watson or Mahomes or Trubisky or Dalvin Cook or McCaffrey or Mike Williams, then ya, I would be interested to follow this team. Something exciting to give hope. Jets right now are a cardinal sin of awful and completely uninteresting. Call me a fairweather fan. I probably deserve it. But I'm checking out until next April. Team is unwatchable, and no I don't believe a couple safeties are the foundation to better days. I give you guys a lot of credit for being a better/stronger man than I. All the best, my Jet brethren.
  14. Suck for Sam in 17

    Let's see... Career completion % under 60% Whopping 11-8 career record as starter Only a 2:1 td vs int career ratio in QB friendly league I'm pretty sure these metrics are the very definition of overrated, considering where he's projected in the draft. And these numbers aren't exactly coming from playing in the AFC North; the PAC 12 is an extremely QB friendly environment. Just look at the #'s from Luke Faulk of Wash St, or Darnold, or Davis Webb from Cal, or Jake Browning from UW. Every other QB is putting up video game #'s. Until his production comes anywhere close to his potential, Rosen is the definition of overrated, and should be thought of in the EJ Manuel/Christian Hackenberg category.
  15. Suck for Sam in 17

    While I agree that Darnold is the real deal, the 2018 class as a whole is extremely overrated. I heard good posters stating that Watson and Trubisky were no better than 4th round draft picks in the '18 class. Lol Trubisky and Watson are both better than anyone in the '18 class not named Darnold. Rosen is so overrated right now it's not funny. I am intrigued with the kid from Wyoming so we'll see there. Still, all you guys pinning your hopes on '18 better pray we start Hack all season and go 1-15. Because if not, and we don't get Darnold, we will be adding another landmark moment in Jets history when we passed on a franchise QB, for a strong safety. And one more tidbit for the masses, while I love Jamal Adams, those calling him a generational talent at safety should learn the name Derwin James. Yes, as good as Adams is, there's a better one coming out just next year.