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  1. For a brief moment, I really got excited about the Jets, thinking about all the possibilities they could add to the roster to make this team interesting again. I'm sorry but a couple safeties do nothing to bring that excitement... that is a couple safeties and some mid-round wr's and a TE that really feel like Jalen Saunders - Shaq Evans - Quincy Enunwa. Honestly feels a lot like Idzik's 2014 draft (with admittedly better players, could anyone do worse?). My interest level is just bleh. If we had Deshaun Watson or Mahomes or Trubisky or Dalvin Cook or McCaffrey or Mike Williams, then ya, I would be interested to follow this team. Something exciting to give hope. Jets right now are a cardinal sin of awful and completely uninteresting. Call me a fairweather fan. I probably deserve it. But I'm checking out until next April. Team is unwatchable, and no I don't believe a couple safeties are the foundation to better days. I give you guys a lot of credit for being a better/stronger man than I. All the best, my Jet brethren.
  2. Let's see... Career completion % under 60% Whopping 11-8 career record as starter Only a 2:1 td vs int career ratio in QB friendly league I'm pretty sure these metrics are the very definition of overrated, considering where he's projected in the draft. And these numbers aren't exactly coming from playing in the AFC North; the PAC 12 is an extremely QB friendly environment. Just look at the #'s from Luke Faulk of Wash St, or Darnold, or Davis Webb from Cal, or Jake Browning from UW. Every other QB is putting up video game #'s. Until his production comes anywhere close to his potential, Rosen is the definition of overrated, and should be thought of in the EJ Manuel/Christian Hackenberg category.
  3. While I agree that Darnold is the real deal, the 2018 class as a whole is extremely overrated. I heard good posters stating that Watson and Trubisky were no better than 4th round draft picks in the '18 class. Lol Trubisky and Watson are both better than anyone in the '18 class not named Darnold. Rosen is so overrated right now it's not funny. I am intrigued with the kid from Wyoming so we'll see there. Still, all you guys pinning your hopes on '18 better pray we start Hack all season and go 1-15. Because if not, and we don't get Darnold, we will be adding another landmark moment in Jets history when we passed on a franchise QB, for a strong safety. And one more tidbit for the masses, while I love Jamal Adams, those calling him a generational talent at safety should learn the name Derwin James. Yes, as good as Adams is, there's a better one coming out just next year.
  4. Can anyone rationally defend trading out of rd 3 for a mid 4th and a 6th? I'm still trying to wrap my head around that one. That probably cost us an excellent TE prospect in Jake Butt.
  5. I just can't imagine what will be there in rd 6 that will justify letting 18 players at the top of rd 4 go off the board. This just seems moronic. It's almost as if the criticism of not being able to make a deal got to him, so he was determined to show everyone he could, even if that meant making a bad deal.
  6. I can tell you that when FSU played UF no one was talking about Marcus Maye. Dalvin Cook was the story. Dalvin Cook was the best player on the field. FSU won because they had Dalvin Cook, and UF didn't. That simple. Sometimes you just need to keep yourself from out-thinking the room.
  7. Fwiw, he was first team all sec. I'd still be willing to bet anything that Switzer goes on to have a better career.
  8. Lol, I thought my post was comic gold. Maybe it wasn't as clever as I thought.
  9. Lol, sarcasm not your forte? (Pun intended)
  10. Because you don't pass on a 2nd safety when that opportunity comes knocking. Maye just too good to leave on the board.
  11. The definition of "meh". He wasn't even one of the 2 best wr's on his own team. Calvin Ridley and OJ Howard were both better players. Macc is on a roll.
  12. Good point, gotta keep those safeties fresh. Can never have enough. Especially when the defense is on the field all game bc our offense is incapable of stringing together two 1st downs.
  13. 2 players that can help our offense immediately. Just saying, Macc...
  14. And why the F did we draft two box safeties. These guys don't even really complement each other.