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  1. Jets fans....are the worst! Holy sh*t there are some jaded folks on this site. I pray Hack becomes a franchise QB, if only so 80% of Jets fans can eat a little crow!
  2. Jesus folks. We signed a tackle we have had in house for several years. He's good insurance at either tackle position. There's no report on his actual contract, guarantees, incentives, etc. Could be $11M total if he meets incentives, somehow becomes a starter, and lasts 2 years. Smart move. Now draft a LT early.
  3. I think our last big cut will be Marshall - no dead money, full cap savings. Richardson gets traded if we get at least a 3rd for him. Betting we don't cut him loose if compensation is anything less than that. Decker, McLendon stay. Gilchrist....only $2M cap savings and he's hurt. Suspect we don't release him until after the draft, it at all. Harris is the big unknown. Only way he's released is if a replacement is found in FA, which is entirely possible. Can't release everyone, too many holes to fill.
  4. Why is signing an OT stupid? We are about to cut bait on 2 - 3 OTs. We should sign several more.....let them battle it out. Maybe there's a diamond in the ruff. Maybe there's a backup out there we might keep. Only one way to find that out is to bring them in. If they suck, move on.
  5. My take. Glennon will not be a Jet, period. It is more likely we sign an older veteran that has higher upside than Fitz. I'm convinced, contrary to popular belief, the Jets actually expect Hack to develop into our eventual starter. If that's the case, why bring in Glennon. For that matter, why would Glennon want to insert himself onto a team that may be more interested in an in house candidate as the long term solution. Same goes for TT. Look out for Cutler!
  6. Your post would have been more readable if you used punctuation and complete words. Just saying....
  7. We finally agree on something. Spot on.
  8. Pretty much. Atlanta gave the gane away.
  9. Jets fans......wow, all I can say.
  10. Agreed....why is this so hard to comprehend?
  11. I have to laugh at all the comments on Godsey. No one on this board knows anything about him - yet he sucks. Has to since the Texans fired him. Do a little research and you'll find out he was strictly a scapegoat. Godsey has a done a good job with the Texans, the offense has been capable in spite of the complete uncertainty at QB for the past 3 years. Their situation might actually be worse than ours, hard to believe but true. Osweiler was responsible for Godsey getting relieved of his official playcalling duties - O'Brien was no better once he took over. Bottom line, this guy was not the problem in Houston..........a terrible cast of characters acting as QB's was. Whether he can be a good OC for the Jets or not, I don't really know. I get paid to sell enterprise cloud solutions, not provide a definitive commentary on the merits of a relatively unknown OC. But reading the comments here, it's clear that conclusions are being made with little to no supporting evidence either way. Not advocating for Godsey by the way. I just find it interesting how we, as Jets fans, assume the absolute worse in every case and automatically jump on the XYZ sucks bandwagon - regardless of who XYZ is or our lack of insight into them as a coach. As a side note, since the specualtion came from Cimini, I certainly would take it with a grain of salt. God knows who the Jets are actually targeting for the OC position. Godsey may not even be on the radar. That's my rant for the year.....peace.
  12. Hate spell checker. Good catch.
  13. I once heard money can cause irrational behavior. We have that going for us.