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  1. Ok. Well I think he's doing a good job. Fair enough.
  2. What do people want Bowles to do? He needs these guys to play well and lead the defense. Williams hasn't been as bad as people think he has. Wilk has been awful but he's one of the longest tenured players on this team, if not the longest, and I bet he's one of the leaders in the locker room.
  3. Agreed. If the team is 4-6/4-7 I'm all for seeing Bryce Petty. But it doesn't make sense to make a change right now IMO.
  4. Explain to me what Petty deserves and why? Josh McCown threw 12 passes in the preseason. You're acting like Bryce Petty is getting a raw deal here.
  5. Fitz played well in 2015 and got a 2 year deal because everyone expected the Jets to be contenders last year. McCown is a completely different situation. This team was suppose to be terrible, everyone knows we need a long term answer at QB and it's not McCown. But it's not Petty or Hack most likely. Petty is another backup QB in a long line of backup QB's who the fan base is just dying to see because he's a young backup whose played well against vanilla and second team preseason defenses. Let's put some perspective on this, he started 4 games last year and threw 3 TD's to 7 picks, couldn't even complete 60% of his passes in a passing league and had a QBR of 19.4. Does that mean he's destined to be a terrible QB, of course not, he's still young and learning. But he's not entitled to anything and never grabbed hold of the job. I never said McCown is so valuable. I'm saying he's played well. I would have started Petty at the beginning of the season but they didn't. They went with McCown and the team is 3-3 and he hasn't played bad. He doesn't deserve to be benched right now. What kind of message is it sending to the rest of the locker room who feels like they are in it and have a chance to make the playoffs?
  6. How is 3-3 not good enough when we were projected to win 1 game the entire year? You're talking like 3-3 is this awful record. You're also acting like the Jets offense is suppose to be this juggernaut that's being held back by a bad QB. The offense doesn't have a ton of talent on it in general, not just the QB. The receivers aren't terrible but there isn't a game breaker among them, the O-Line is poor, the backs have their moments at times, you're acting like the offense had all these expectations when it was predicted to be historically bad. He's not missing a lot of open receivers when he's completing over 70% of his passes. I just think McCown has earned the right to continue being the QB while we are still 3-3.
  7. That makes absolutely no sense. The teams played well with McCown at QB. What message does it send to your players to pull him for some unproven 4th round preseason hero whose never had any NFL success? The players in the locker room want to win. They don't care about evaluating young QB's who probably aren't any good so they can get Sam Darnold. The team has played well. When they fall out of it like most people think they will you'll get to see the great Bryce Petty play QB. Have no fear.
  8. He beat their defenses. And it doesn't matter who he's beat. He's played well and doesn't deserve to lose his job right now.
  9. He's 3-3 and has played well. You aren't giving him enough credit.
  10. Against second team and vanilla defenses though. Completing 70% of your passes 6 games deep into an NFL season isn't an easy thing to do. Alex Smith and McCown are the only 2 QB's to be doing that right now. I'd be willing to be that Petty can't do that. That's not the only thing you judge a QB on of course but it's just a plus for McCown. I don't understand why we can't give Petty those games towards the end of the season when the Jets fall out of it like most people think they will. McCown has played well so far and has the team at 3-3. Far better than anyone thought they would be. The team deserves a chance with McCown as QB to continue to try and win games and fight for the playoffs. You and I might think they have no chance but I think it sends a poor message to the locker room if you pull McCown right now for an unproven 4th round draft pick with zero NFL success to his name yet. I'm not trying to bash Petty. But they went with McCown to start the season and the team is 3-3. He deserves a chance to keep playing right now. JMO
  11. Time to bench Mo for the season

    I agree. But these two players have played like stars in the past. They have track records. Something is wrong.
  12. Petty hasn't shown he can get those points though. Assuming he can isn't fair. McCown has completed over 70% of his passes this season. I doubt Petty can do that. I'm not saying Petty can't be good. But I don't think it's fair to assume he could come in and play better than McCown right away.
  13. Time to bench Mo for the season

    I agree with this because the alternative is that Mo simply doesn't care and I would hate to believe that's true. Something is wrong here. Williams isn't playing up to his talent either. But he's still been far better than Mo.
  14. Should the Jets File a Protest?

    It was a brutal brutal call by the officials and it's unacceptable. They took the game away from the players who were playing it. Embarrassing calls like that should warrant a fine from the league when they review it. They have to do something to stop officials from completely overanalyzing plays like that. It might help make them less flag happy as well.
  15. The excuse is the team is 3-3 and almost beat the defending SB champs today. They are going to put the best players out there to try and win games until they are out of it. Then you'll see Petty.