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  1. You take the best value available. The Jets felt it was him. So they drafted two safeties who can hopefully step in and play right away. We could have a very nice tandem in the back of our secondary for a while. We'll see. I can't bash the pick.
  2. Yup. I feel the same way. Agree totally on King.
  3. I would have preferred a CB like Quincy Wilson but I dont have a problem with this pick. The Jets secondary was so bad last season. I'm fine with a complete overhaul at the safety postion.
  4. Yeah I get that. It woudnt be the end of the world if they brought him in. But the Jets do have reliable guys at the skill positions. Even if they don't have any elite players. Decker, Enunwa, Powell, and Forte can all help a young QB. Barnidge's best value could come from blocking, if that's a strength of his.
  5. In an obvious rebuilding season I would much rather look at ASJ and other young kids instead of a 31 year old player like Barnidge.
  6. Agreed. Don't get me wrong, i'm not giving up on him. The talent is there. Even though he is undersized, he's fast. And this game is about speed.
  7. Hopefully. I'm definitely not giving up on him.
  8. Jury is still out on if Darron Lee can do that...
  9. This. The Mike Glennon ship has sailed. If the Jets want to add one more QB to the mix before camp draft a guy like Davis Webb if he's there in round 3 and take a chance. It wouldn't knock them out of drafting a QB next year.
  10. Hooker or Mike Williams. I wanted one of them or Adams. I'm pleased with Adams.
  11. I edited my post quickly after realizing he was off the board already. You're from Alabama so i'm sure you've seen him play more than me. No good?
  12. I wouldnt mind Kevin King at all. I know people dont want us going secondary/defense again but the fact is that the secondary needs to be rebuilt. It's a problem. King is one of the best CB's still on the board in a deep CB draft class. Other guys I like are OL Forrest Lamp, and OL Cam Robinson. EDIT- I forgot Tre'Davius White was off the board. He was the guy I really was hoping would be there for the Jets in round 2.
  13. I'll be honest. I know very little about these guys outside of what I read in scouting reports from draft experts because i'm not a huge College Football fan. On paper, it looks like a great pick. Everyone loves this guy. We'll see how he plays. The only thing is that I really wanted a top flight cover safety. I liked Hookers scouting report a little more. It sounds like he has really good cover and ball skills. The Jets have gone with a guy who is more of a strong safety again but it does sound like his game is pretty complete and he's certainly not a liability in the passing game.
  14. On paper it's a great pick. Everybody seems to love this guy. We'll see how he plays when he starts taking his first NFL snaps. You never know until they play.
  15. It's not about sucking for Same or the other 2 guys people are talking about for next years draft as potential draft picks. The Jets need to find a franchise QB. Not try to win as many games as they can next year with Josh McCown. They just need to play the kids at the QB position next year, whether it is Hack, Petty, a draft pick, or some combination of them. Hopefully 1 of them shows he's the real deal. If they aren't, then the Jets are going to be bad and will probably be in a position to take of the 3 guys everyone is talking about. It's not about sucking for any one person in particular. It's about developing a franchise QB.