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  1. Rex took over a loaded roster. Bowles took over nothing. I'm not a Bowles apologist but to compare the two situation is ridiculous. Look at the team Rex had in year 1. Rex led multiple embarrassing teams as well... And if your argument is going to be that in Rex's final season the GM didn't give him a good team, well look at the team Bowles had last year...
  2. So he's suppose to know a couple years later he would get into trouble?
  3. How is this Maccagnan's fault?
  4. He's an easy guy to root for because he's been basically written off as a bust without ever taking an NFL regular season snap. I don't think he's going to be very good, but I'm excited to see him play still.
  5. Great post. Totally agree. Judging your fandom by how many games you go to is so stupid. It means nothing. Some people spend their entire time at games on their smart phone. I've been blessed to be able to afford season tickets until I gave them up and still go to many games because I occasionally miss the atmosphere of the game at the stadium. But plenty of people are huge fans who simply don't enjoy going to games like they once did. I fall into this category. I love this team and franchise so much. But going to games after a while stopped becoming as fun as it once was. The game day experience watching at home I found much more enjoyable. That's just my opinion. But because I don't go to more than 2 games a year, it doesn't make me any less of a fan than the guy who goes to all the home games and travels to the away games. That's just what that person likes to do, good for them, but that doesn't make them a bigger fan.
  6. If Hack only plays the final quarter of the games then we basically know he stinks before he even gets on the field. If they go to Petty over him that's a terrible sign.
  7. The fans want the opposite of whatever the team is doing.
  8. I'm assuming you're just having fun with this. You can't possibly be trying to compare those circumstances to going to a New York Jets football game. If fans ran the risk of dying at a Jets game you would be right.
  9. It is the same thing as far as fandom goes. I can't believe we have to have this conversation LOL Judging somebodies fandom by how many games they go to a year is dumb. I'm sorry but it just is. You're wearing this like a badge of honor. Let's be real like you said. You're driving to Met Life stadium to watch a game. You aren't storming the beaches of Normandy on D-Day.
  10. That's not how I judge somebodies fandom. That makes no sense. But ok. To each their own.
  11. He had a real nice heads up play last year against Seattle when he picked up a fumble and ran it into the endzone. But other than that he didn't do a whole lot last year. He certainly has potential and his size is hard to overlook. But I think he's going to need a big training camp to have a meaningful offensive role on the team. They have Enunwa and Anderson who at this point seem cemented in their roles and the team just drafted Hansen and Stewart.
  12. I disagree but to each their own I guess. I gave up my tix as I was coming out of college and try to go to 1 to 2 games a year just because I miss it from time to time. But people have tons of reasons for not going. What about the guy who simply can not afford it? Is he less of a fan than someone who can? I don't understand how someone can think they are more of a fan because they like to sit in the stadium and watch the games.
  13. It's completely the same thing. You're watching and supporting your team. That's all that matters. Being in the stadium is irrelevant. Majority of teams fan bases doesn't go to the games. Some people like the stadium atmosphere, some don't. There's so many examples of why people can't go to the stadium, and none of them revolve around not being a "real fan".
  14. Oh that's ridiculous. Some people don't enjoy the stadium atmosphere. For me personally, I gave up my tickets with my father and it had nothing to do with the Jets being good or bad, or the money. I was coming out of college, was getting a real job, it became hard to go to the games, and I found it to be a better experience watching from home. I still go to a game or two a year but going every week stopped being as enjoyable for me as it use to be. Like I said in a previous post. I want to watch the earlier game or the 4pm game depending on what time the Jets play. For some people it's because they have kids and can't get to the stadium on Sundays. There's many reasons for why people don't go. Fact- The amount of people in a stadium supporting a sports team are a small minority of that teams actual fan base. I know plenty of people who still have their season tix and some of them couldn't name 3 players on the Jets starting offensive line. But I'm suppose to believe that they are "real fans" because they sit in a stadium when the teams playing?