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  1. Giving up a 2019 1st round pick for Payton would be an awful move.
  2. This team must be sold

    Which is why when we make our inevitable next hire at HC and possibly at GM as well we should be finally looking to go the experienced route. The Jets are always a training ground for people getting their first shot.
  3. Jimmy Garoppollo

    I still think we have a great shot at getting the number 1 pick. We should just be smart about things and play Petty/Hack so that we can put ourselves in the best position to evaluate younger players. We get nothing out of McCown winning us a game or two against equally bad teams.
  4. The people arguing against Eli being in the HOF are absolutely correct. He's really not deserving. He isn't a HOF QB. But he's going in. He just is.
  5. This team must be sold

    Woody hasn't always made the best decisions, but he hasn't been afraid to try and spend big money to win. I really have no problem with him. Mainly because complaining about an owner is pointless. It's his team, he can't be fired. We support his team. It's best to just make peace with it.
  6. Crazy stat from Cimini

    The Giants are a completely overrated offense.
  7. OLine > Franchise QB

    We've been putting off rebuilding the line for many years. James Carpenter is really the only player we have on the line who I wouldnt be looking to replace. Shell has potential and hopefully can grow into a quality right tackle. But we need to add it least 3 lineman to this team for next year.
  8. He hasn't had a HOF career in my opinion. But I do think he'll be voted in.
  9. In Loss to Raiders, Some Positives Emerge

    It looks like we have a right tackle. This team has so many holes to fill going forward. A young franchise QB will solve the problem but this off season is going to be critical. We have a lot of cap space and will have a top pick. The Jets are actually an appealing team to would be Head Coaches. We can spend a lot of money and hopefully will have our choice of which college QB we want. I've given Bowles every chance. I refused to bash him last season, i'm not putting expectations on wins this season, but Bowles game management is awful. Our D-Line has regressed. The Jets need a new Head Coach.
  10. Giants look like they're tanking lol

    The Giants stink. They have a regressing QB and they have a worse O-Line than ours. They can't protect their over the hill QB. I didn't like the Giants at all coming into this season. They were being completely overrated by people who think Eli is Peyton when he isn't.
  11. The defense can't stop anyone. They look so slow out there and completely unenergized. I expected a fast, attacking defense that would make mistakes and get burned from time to time but would also make big plays but would wear down late in games due to the offense being awful and them being on the field all day. I'm seeing nothing I like at all from this defense. The safeties look pretty good but when the unit as a whole is awful you don't get to see them really shine. What has happened to Wilkerson and Williams? They don't make plays anymore. I refuse to believe that they aren't trying. This is coaching.
  12. This is going to be such a long season. It's one thing to talk about it, it's another to watch it play out.
  13. I knew that was going to be a problem.
  14. The Jets should be going for it here. Take a chance on the road against a far superior team.
  15. Nice catch by Kearse. He might be a nice piece for us going forward.
  16. It least McGuire is out there. That's good to see.
  17. He doesn't know his team. He needs to be aggressive on Offense because his D, like you said, just isn't that good. He's not going to be winning low scoring games. Stop trying to play the field position game and attack.
  18. Not at all. Our D-Line has completely regressed since 2015.
  19. Its a combination of old age and more importantly our O-Line being awful.
  20. Thank you. Can we please do a little more of that on 1st down instead of running it into the line twice and setting up 3rd and long?
  21. Honestly this sounds like a guy sucking up to the Boston market by trashing the Jets. If Darnold and Rosen are top prospects in the upcoming draft I highly doubt they stay in school. I also highly doubt that they are afraid to come to the Jets. We've had our struggles in recent years but we've had success as well over the last 15 or so years. We've had some good teams. We aren't the Browns
  22. Fair point. I definitely don't hate Kearse. I always thought he was underutilized in Seattle because they have so much talent. It's more so that I just want to see guys that we drafted like Stewart, Hanson, McGuire, Petty etc get a chance. It's only been 1 week though and Stewart saw a good amount of snaps.
  23. I know Leggett is is hurt but I have a feeling he'll see a small role upon return. That's the problem with this coach. Same thing with Stewart, once Kerley is ready for game action he's going to cut into Stewarts snaps. I have no problem sacrificing a season to gut the roster and rebuild the team the right way. But I don't want to watch this team lose with Josh McCown handing the ball off to Matt Forte and throwing it to Jermaine Kearse, Jeremy Kerley, and Will Tye. That's my fear.
  24. I know Leggett was hurt, i'm just talking about going forward. It's frustrating knowing a guy like Kerley, who while I don't hate, I don't see a need for, is going to cut into the time for a guy like Stewart.