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  1. Mark Sanchez was the 5th overall pick in the 2009 draft. You're not grading him on a fair scale. He had so many bad games as a Jets QB. Yeah, the game might not have fell squarely on his shoulders, but he played poorly in so many games. When you draft a guy 5th overall, you expect him to elevate your team. There should have been games we had where he carried us to victory. He couldn't do that, Mark Sanchez is not a better QB than Phillip Rivers. I'm not going to get into numbers because it's ridiculous. He's clearly a better player than Mark Sanchez who is hanging on to a job in this league by a thread while only being 30 years old.
  2. Mark had a knack for coming up big in a big spot. He played very well in the playoffs. But he could also lose any week to any team as well. Fitz played very well in 2015, he stinks but he had a good season. There were games we won with him that we may not have won with Mark. Not because Mark isn't as good, but because they are both shaky players at the position and either one could fall apart against any team in any game. More is expected out of guys like Peyton and Rivers than it is out of Mark. Mark was asked not to lose games. Peyton and Rivers were high level players who were going to be the reason there team either won or lost. In Marks first playoff game Rex asked him to throw the ball only 16 times. He did a good job in that game, but the Jets were clearly afraid of him airing it out. Rivers has played 9 postseason games and was only asked to throw the ball under 25 times twice. More was expected out of Rivers and obviously Manning because they were/are better players.
  3. This is where you overrate Sanchez. You give him to much credit for the 09 and 10 success. Because Mark Sanchez, a very at best average QB on a really strong team made the playoffs in his first two seasons in the NFL does not mean that he would have got the job done with the 2015 Jets. You're looking at it along the lines of "well he's clutch and has had some big wins for us, so we wouldn't have blown that game in Buffalo with him" when in reality Mark Sanchez has also helped give away games during his career with the Jets, or has just played games poorly where the Jets have gone on to lose. Maybe Mark does beat the Bills the final week in 2015, but maybe he doesn't pick up that clutch first down against the Giants on QB keeper a few weeks before that to keep the Jets hopes alive in a game they would go on to win. To make a blanket statement like "If we had him in 2015 our playoff drought would be over" shows how you overrate him. He's not Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Rodgers, etc. He's Mark Sanchez, a very average QB at best, at best....
  4. Going after Bridgewater would be a very Jets thing to do. But seriously. In the scenario where we couldn't draft a top light QB prospect in the upcoming draft, and Hack shows he isn't the answer, I wouldn't be against that move. The Jets have to figure out something at the QB position...
  5. A top performer at his position consistently year in and year out.
  6. The idea that the Jets can't win anytime soon is dumb. They're going to have a top pick and tons of Cap Space. Any team can rebuild very quickly in the NFL. Argument sake. Let's say Darnold has a great year at USC and declares. The Jets get the number 1 pick and take him, and then they use their cap space to build around him. In that scenario, why couldn't the Jets be really competitive a year from now?
  7. Flacco/Eli was his ceiling if everything came together. I think the Jets fell into a trap of believing that Sanchez was better than he really was after 2010. Because of that they felt him and some of the younger players could carry them. And so went guys like Woody, Cotchery, Edwards, etc
  8. But again, look at the performance of the QB in that spot. We were driving to take the lead and he throws a crucial INT that basically ended the game when he had a guy wide open if he just would have scanned the field. I'm not in love with Bowles, but I have to put that game into perspective.
  9. How is it awful coaching? The team didn't play well. Fitz was brutal, the D got off to an awful start. You can't just blame the coach when he's on the sidelines and the players are in the game.
  10. A vet QB who stunk. So is Fitz a good player or a bad player? You can't say he's bad but then go "oh they had a vet QB who set a franchise record in TD passes" and act like he was good. He's either bad or good. I don't care about his numbers. Yes, and Miami laid an egg like the Jets did in 2015. But it wasn't this big great win for the Jets. Miami played awful in that game.
  11. That's fair. It wasn't just Fitz, the D played bad too. But the team also came back and Fitz missed a wide open Ivory (when the team was also in FG range and posied to take the lead) in order to force a ball to Decker who was never open and the ball was picked. He was brutal that day.
  12. The 2015 team didn't even have a QB. But yet they had this deep playoff talent? They were built better in 2009 and 2010 to because they had an O-Line that could protect the QB and better defenses. The 2015 team had a great D-Line, pretty good secondary, great skill players on offense but they had an average at best O-line, a QB while he was having a great season for his standards nobody really trusted. The 2015 team was a good team and with that schedule definitely should have made the playoffs, but deep playoff talent is a bit of a stretch when your QB is a journeyman who never made it to the postseason. The 2015 team blew it, but you're giving a coach credit for going 8-8 because you like him. They beat to bad teams in their building down the stretch of that season and won a game in Miami against a Dolphins team that was just like them. He had the team at 5-4 and they finished 8-8. That's not this amazing job you're making it out to be.
  13. Once again, the Jets blew it in week 17. I'm not arguing they didn't. Fitz put them in a whole early. He stinks. But the Bills didn't lay down for them like the Colts and Bengals did for Rex in 2009. Just be fair thats all. Bad losses happen. It happens lol, should they just shut down the franchise when they lose a big game? No, you move on from them and try and get better. The 2009 Jets were better than the 2015 team. I'm not bashing Rex for not getting us there 3 years in a row. But i'm not excusing his performance after his first 2 seasons because we won a couple of playoff games in them. Good job. But that doesn't give you a lifetime pass from criticism.
  14. But going by your criteria why give him credit for going 8-8 when it doesnt matter because he didnt make the playoffs? Who cares if the team should have been a 4 or 8 win team, again, going off your criteria? Bowles didn't have a roster to compete last year. It was atrocious, hence why most of them are gone...
  15. Best O-Line in the league, good defense (that got better with Rex coaching it) and the team was 8-3 before an utter collapse which got Mangini canned. the 2007 roster was not the same as the 2008 roster. But the 2008 roster WAS pretty similar to the 2009 and 2010 rosters.
  16. He was very good in 2009 and 2010. I've never taken that away from him. He inherited a loaded roster, he brought in some key pieces from Baltimore, and he did a nice job in years 1 and 2. But it was all downhill from there.
  17. If everything breaks right the team could make the playoffs. But in that scenario that means that Hackenberg is the real deal. If he's the real deal, and shows he's a franchise QB (which I don't think he is) we could be a top team. If you have a QB you can win any game
  18. Buster isn't very good. Even as a slot corner he struggles. I'm amazed the Jets have penciled him in as a starter again. He can't cover. I really want Burris to grab that spot opposite Claiborne. The secondary has potential if Claiborne can stay healthy and our 2 safeties are the real deal but we are still counting on young players drafted later on in the draft and a guy in Skrine who just isn't that good.
  19. But when you talk about Bowles you throw out the winning season because he lost the final week to Buffalo. Rex then only had 2 good seasons in 6 years because all the other years he failed to make the playoffs. You can't give Rex credit for going 8-8 in 2011 and 2013 but then bury Bowles for going 10-6 in 2015.
  20. Yes. We had a win and in game at the end of 2015 and we blew it. Buffalo outplayed us. It happens. Rex got a lucky break because the 2 teams he needed to beat at the end of 2009 were playing for nothing, they were resting players. The Bills weren't resting guys. That was a much harder game to win then the Bengals in our building in 2009 when they had already clinched the AFC North. Rex's team also collapsed down the stretch in 2011. 8-5 and we lost our final 3. We didn't even have the chance to play a win and in game the final week of the season.
  21. 2014 team had no talent. I agree. It was like last years team IMO. Mac and Bowles overrated their roster based on winning 10 games against a soft schedule in 2015. They were never that good. What is this talent you speak of regarding last year? You keep saying it but who was it? Where's the talent? No QB, no O-Line, no secondary, suspect LB's. What taelnt? Why do you think the roster has been gutted? They had quality receivers, a nice back in Powell, and a good D-line that underperformed. I think the Decker injury was a huge blow. Fitz really leaned on him. Rex's win and in game was against a team that had nothing to play for. The Colts forfeited a game to them the week prior as well. Rex did a nice job in his first 2 seasons. But be fair. If Peyton doesn't come out we aren't beating the Colts in Indy. He received a gift.
  22. Last years team had no talent lol. What were you watching? Rex's roster was loaded. The O-Line was the best in the league. He had arguably the greatest CB of all time, a quality defense. He said as much when he took over. He knew he had talent. Last year's team was no good. That's not debatable. No QB, no O-line, no secondary.... what did you watch last year that showed you that the team was good? The 2015 Jets had talent. Bowles won 10 games. Rex surpassed that 1 time in his tenure as Jets coach. They choked in a big spot in Buffalo. Most years 10 wins is good enough to get you in. That year, they needed to be better. They choked, led by the QB who had the best year of his career.
  23. Rex took over a loaded roster. Bowles took over nothing. I'm not a Bowles apologist but to compare the two situation is ridiculous. Look at the team Rex had in year 1. Rex led multiple embarrassing teams as well... And if your argument is going to be that in Rex's final season the GM didn't give him a good team, well look at the team Bowles had last year...
  24. So he's suppose to know a couple years later he would get into trouble?
  25. How is this Maccagnan's fault?