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  1. I think I still agree with you. I think. But I am not sure. Why? Because the Detroit game. Hack looked like something other than a professional football player.
  2. We DOWNGRADED from the duo of Fitz and Geno. How is that possible? Hackenberg may be the worst Jets QB since Rick Mirer. He's high-school level. Just awful. DC
  3. Hackenberg is uniquely terrible. Just truly awful.
  4. Not even close, we are the absolute rock bottom in the league, for 3 reasons. 1. We do not have an NFL QB 2. We do not have an O-line 3. We do not have a running game Should be very easy to win no more than 1-3 games
  5. We can't be worse than the Jags, can we?

    I 100% said 100% too many times.
  6. We can't be worse than the Jags, can we?

    Preseason is 100% meaningless. No real plays, lots of starters sitting. Yes, 100% yes we are worse than the Jags. Fournette, Robinson, Hurns, Thomas. Decent D. We are worse than the Jags.
  7. Oh my God. Please, stop. It's practice.
  8. How the hell is "vanilla offense" a knock on Hack? If he goes out there and makes the easiest reads on plays they gave him, and he took what the defense gave him, then that was a win. It was a win. Agree with Max - a B. Tight but not uptight. No major mistakes. Some things to build on. Happy DC
  9. CBD is the proper term. CBD is the part of the plant that is completely non pscyho-active. It is legal everywhere in the USA. I have given CBD dog treats to my dog. I have used it for aches and pains, to mixed results. There is absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever with giving any human CBD. The bias against all things marijuana is mostly unfounded and goes back to William Randolph Hearst. DC
  10. Quincy enunwa out for season with neck injury

    Mark my words we will have the absolute last-place offense in the league. There is no way we will be above #32. 0-16 a real possibility
  11. This will just be a brutal, awful season. The QB situation - somehow - is WORSE than we all expected. Truly shameful.
  12. Well, since the original poster, and everyone participating in the thread lives on planet earth, the assumption was that we are not looking at a team ready to unseat the '72 Dolphins, you insufferable, condescending man you! Not a stupid thread at all.
  13. Those are my exact picks, yes, for a total of 4 wins. New Orleans isn't "unwinnable," but come on, we're not beating them.
  14. Who knows? No one does. Looking at the schedule though, you just see all teams who we know for a fact will have a better roster than the NY Jets. I see 4 winnable games, period. If things "break" right that to me implies a couple of iffy games go our way. So 4-6 seems like our ceiling. Again, this is a good thing to root for if Hack looks like an NFL starter. DC
  15. You guys are hilarious. All fiscal conservatives here. But you'll scream bloody murder if the Jets sit on the sidelines in free agency next year! Ha. No, but I think the people responding here who said get out the checkbook for young O liners who break free offer some sound advice. Solidify the trenches. And why not go after one or two stars like a Leveon Bell, Devonta Freeman, or Allen Robinson. Also like Carlos Hyde (not a star.) DC