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  1. You guys are hilarious. All fiscal conservatives here. But you'll scream bloody murder if the Jets sit on the sidelines in free agency next year! Ha. No, but I think the people responding here who said get out the checkbook for young O liners who break free offer some sound advice. Solidify the trenches. And why not go after one or two stars like a Leveon Bell, Devonta Freeman, or Allen Robinson. Also like Carlos Hyde (not a star.) DC
  2. If that indeed holds up. Will it be more or less? Who knows who else we'll sign before then, or who else we'll shed. Anyway, who are say, 5 good players off the list of free agents that you think the Jets might have a shot at? http://www.espn.com/nfl/insider/story/_/id/19029990/best-potential-2018-nfl-free-agents-position-john-clayton DC
  3. Where did I say I don't understand the concept of tanking? I am asking about specific moves that could have been handled differently. i think even in a rebuilding year, you want to hang on to some key veterans in core positions that help bring young guys along, that help you compete somewhat. I've never liked the idea of tanking, because it doesn't always work. What year of tanking are the Browns in? 15? https://theringer.com/nfl-draft-cleveland-browns-long-rebuild-paul-depodesta-myles-garrett-quarterback-f51c62d58af3
  4. Helpful response!
  5. Why does it have to be so poorly run? Why were Harris and Decker let go when they were? I just don't get it. Why couldn't this full-on tanking have started earlier, so that we would have had more money in free agency? Why is it SO drastic, so as to leave us with a shell of a team, that could lead to young players being disillusioned and disheartened early? If we win one or two games it will truly be a miracle. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2714244-tanking-guessing-flailing-bumbling-rebuilding-jets-style
  6. No, I don't think you understand how the story was broken. The line in the story to fans like me was "Jets inform Decker that he will be released or traded this week." I have never heard a story like that before. Usually it's "Team X may be willing to trade Player Y." Or "Team X releases Player Y." Decker was a starting WR, and he's still good. He's clearly worth something. So who was responsible for framing this story in a way that the Jets have the least amount of leverage? It's either vengeful reporting, or poor PR. DC
  7. Yes - why did this happen this way? Is this the media's fault? I've never seen a (somewhat) valuable player handled so poorly, ever. Can someone explain?
  8. Sports writers - easiest job on planet earth. And yes, everyone is a negative know-it-all dick now. Leave the kid alone and let him play.
  9. Was just thinking about this. I agree. You just can't in good conscious have Bowles playing for his job with this roster. It's just not fair. They need a year of ramp-up, then it's into phase 1 of a rebuiit team. I know it doesn't really work that way all the time. DC
  10. I agree. That $12 million, spent on positive vibes, a semblance of competitiveness, and on-the-job tutoring for the young guys, is well-spent money. Really not a great move at all in my opinion.
  11. I would rather sign Gary Barnidge.
  12. Feels like ageism is alive and well. Unless he just cost too much, after 23 years.
  13. I love that he's a good kid with the tools. Hope he somehow does well. But he simply does not have the accuracy of an NFL QB. Have there been successful QBs with preseason/college #s as bad as his? Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  14. I only saw clips/write-ups from one day. I am hopeful about the upside Hack has, but am aware it's a longshot for him to overcome his glowing weaknesses. Can't wait to see if/how much he progresses. DC
  15. The idea that someone who starts a silent, non-violent protest about a real issue hates America is just simple, dumb-guy Fox News watcher thinking. "I don't like what he's doing on football Sundays! He hates America then!" He was upset about police brutality against blacks. Look it up. A 15 year old kid in Texas was shot in the forehead leaving a party for no apparent reason. Look up dozens of other cases like this. I love cops. I love our troops. There are still bad apples in those large groups of people. I personally didn't care for his protest at first. But the more I look at it, it's a guy using his platform for good. Not sure it worked, but I think he did it because he loves, not hates America.