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  1. Wow, that Mo move is pathetic. Hell, even if he just did the basic bar stool technique, or the twist and kneel. I learned how to take on double teams better in high school... but not on the field, if you know what I'm saying.
  2. I'm NEVER one to blame the refs, but even my Pats fan brother says that was the worst call he's ever seen.
  3. Look at the blowhard who wrote that.
  4. Bunch slack-jawed crybabies here. We're on a 3-game winning streak. We're fighting for 1st place on Sunday against our most hated rival. Playoffs are coming.
  5. Cannot stand the new trend of people making "statements" by just screnshotting iPhone notes.
  6. I believe we'll beat the Pats. Anyone that roots against the Jets in this game is a terrible excuse for a fan. Fighting the Pats for first place. Who in the hell would root against us?
  7. Maybe it's creatine or a preworkout. Guys in my locker room would snort that sh*t all the time.
  8. So about those Safeties

    It's almost as if hindsight is 20/20. We should've drafted Brady.
  9. I love running the ball on 3rd and 22.
  10. Hoping McGuire continues to look the part.
  11. If we're gonna suck, I want us to suck. But until were eliminated from the playoffs, I want to win every damn game. I don't see why we can't shock the world. ASJ could bring new hope to our receiving core. The runningbacks have looked fantastic. McCown has held his own. Our special teams haven't been terrible. And our defense definitely looks like it's caught the confidence bug. We can do this. Not next season, or three from now, but right now. I believe in the Harvey Dent...er, the Jets.
  12. Harmless joke. And I don't even like the guy.