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  1. I don't follow college football too much. If true, avoid him like the plague. Those things never heal (trust me, I have 3).
  2. I'm VERY skeptical of their methods, but let's see if these sixth round players pan out. Keep in mind, these NFL guys have A LOT more Intel than we do. Maybe this could turn out to be a good draft. But I doubt it.
  3. Or...here's how I see it: -Clairborne will be hurt most of the year -Wilk will continue to be lazy -Mauldin will continue to be a JAG -Lee will still suck in coverage -Adams will suck in coverage -We'll have a middle-of-the-road defense, the worst offense, and maybe go 4-12
  4. Don't know much about him, but from the highlight tapes I saw, it seems like he's the rare hard-hitting safety that DOESN'T sacrifice tackling technique for big hits. Excited about him for that reason alone.
  5. How did Hack "look bad"? What, a few bad practice throws, and one bad preseason game after a good one? Hardly evidence to his terribleness.
  6. Speed isn't everything. Besides, what's his 10-yard split? That's far more important in the long-run.
  7. Even in hindsight, I still love the trade. He gave us much more than a 5th would've.
  8. Billy likes to drink soda. Ms. Lippy's car is green.
  9. Blues Rock (Led, CCR, etc.)
  10. With how many people say they're overrated or all their songs sound the same (they don't), ACDC is certainly underrated. Curtis Martin Paul Pierce Trump Medjool Dates Mountain Dew Black Label NHL
  11. Here's a novel idea: actually develop your players to become better. That's kinda your job. These are twenty year old kids, not finished products.
  12. People need to get over Mangold. It was the right decision letting him go.
  13. How the hell can a linebacker hit 100kg only 15 times? Jeez, I hit that like my junior year of high school. Not hating, just saying.
  14. We don't need a starter, we need a franchise guy. Don't waste your time with Daniel.