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  1. Too many and not enough.
  2. Woody cuts me a check for $250,000. No strings attached.
  3. Peyton manning
  4. Stands tall in the pocket. Has awarenes in the pocket. Adequate arm strength. Goes through progressions. 70%completion. Tends to throw off his front foot. Misses putting it in stride on some open receivers. Overall me likely. I'd buy that for a dollar.
  5. No thank you.
  6. This town needs an enema
  7. Was a one dimensional player last just happened into a few plays. He's a back up.
  8. Said to myself over and over last season if this kid learns how to catch he will be very good. I'm glad to see he put in the effort to improve and did just that. Hopefully we will see more of Q.
  9. Winters actually looked pretty good last night
  10. I suppose that can be true. While as I do not drive much in other countries I have driven all over these great states and generally speaking GPS has served me well. It has not always provided me with the fastest or easiest route or given me all the fine nuances but I have found that if I take my time and be prepared in advance of changes in route it can be fairly painless. But sure it's not a perfect system.
  11. 1 whatever way GPS tells you 2 any store that sells sports stuff 3 eat drink and be merry. Don't boo geno for the sake of booing geno that's for tools. Boo him if he plays bad that day.
  12. Is that you tx. Did you finally get booted and show up with a new name. Man I really hoped getting laid or medicine helped you.