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  1. Please select all of the players listed that you think would be good picks in the 2nd round at pick #39
  2. Giants Nab Star Receiver, Jets Fail to Address QB
  3. That's can just keep it. Thanks for putting the contest together. I'll just donate $25 to D4S myself
  4. Please give my $25 to my favorite charity Dress for Success
  5. 20 picks until us in round 2, my Top 20 Players I'd like at #39 .... D Cook RB R Foster LB D Njoku TE E Engram TE R Ramcyck OL C Robinson OL F Lamp OL G Bolles OL K King CB C Awuzie CB T White CB Q Wilson CB C Samuel WR C Godwin WR P Elfien C Z Jones WR C Tankersley CB J Davis ILB A Kamara RB D Kizer QB
  6. Officially praying for Mississippi TE Evan Engram with our next pick
  7. What grade do you give the Jets for their selection of LSU Safety Jamal Adams with the 6th pick in the NFL Draft?
  8. Jets pick gotta be Adams, Lattimore, Howard, Hooker or M Williams
  9. This TITANS pick is going to be VERY interesting.....could be Adams or a trade down
  10. So, 4 picks to Top 10 Most Wanted L Fournette S Thomas J Adams M Lattimore OJ Howard M Hooker J Allen C Davis C McCaffery D Barnett
  11. Start the video at 1:12
  12. Jets Fail to Find QB Help, Giants Add Top Talent
  13. Almost said that myself
  14. Washington CB Kevin King