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  1. Good stuff. Making rules against touch down celebrations were always stupid anyway. Let then have their fun. Don't like it? Well don't let them score and you won't have to worry about it
  2. Tough break (no pun intended). Hopefully we can bring him back and IR him. But we have so many young receivers that it might not be necessarily. Hopefully he can come back strong and get a shot somewhere if not with us
  3. That's not fair though, Geno didn't have the weapons Elway had
  4. 1 Play: Matthew Stafford 1 Drive: Cam Newton 1 Game: Russell Wilson Next 10 Years: Jameis Winston
  5. I guess you don't know Brett Favre then lol
  6. Nope. My mom doesn't like football (or sports in general really)
  7. In honor of Mother's Day
  8. This has been obvious from the get go. And many posters (including certain rich snobs) have even said that while continuing to expose themselves and spewing their bigotry out. It is what it is though
  9. You guys love regurgitating the same crap over and over again lol
  10. I'm actually shocked that at the responses in this thread. I expected alot of posters to heavily criticize Pryor for responding back to a fan online. No offense, but most of you guys seem like the type to do that. I fully endorse the #ClapBack movement. Idiots think they can just say whatever they want to a celeb online, then when said celeb says something back they tried to turn it around on them like they get some sort of win for getting them to respond. Nah, you can't have it both ways
  11. Nobody is saying a battle of fists is fair. But the reality is that the wrong words can get you hurt. It is what it is. People these days think they can say whatever they want without consequences. Sorry, but it doesn't work like that. But thanks to the internet, people think they can go around saying whatever they can because they're hiding behind a computer screen