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  1. I don't think the NFL should follow ANYTHING the NBA is doing. Soft cap/ads on uniforms starting this year/lottery draft...super teams...same teams winning over and over.. players running the league vs. individuals vs. team.. having shaq/kenny/charles act drunk during halftime on TNT... no shared tv revenue.. complete mess. Anyway it would be horrible if your favorite team loses every game in the season just to end up having the pick go to some team that barely missed the playoffs because of a lottery. It would cause doubters that the system was rigged. No I think the NFL is fine.. I have no clue how compensation picks work...that I question... but a lottery would create drama..and more viewers but it would annoy the heck out of traditional fans/older fans... anyway just my .02.
  2. wow I remember playing on one of those as a kid... I didn't fully understand football but I knew how to score lol. Ah memories..
  3. If I get the guts to do it this fall I'll let ya know I've got the money... just time (school/work) but ugh.. I've never been to an NFL game before. Yeah.. living way out west.. it's hard. But thank you for the offer **also edit thanks! I'm holding out hope one day the logo I grew up with returns
  4. I wish I could go to a game.. you guys are lucky.
  5. Good point. Offence squad won't be on the field long wow this team is not looking good at all. I like the fact they decided to commit to blow it up and they're going all the way not half way.. but yikes this roster is super young.
  6. Bring back the old logo!


  7. Happy late birthday
  8. Not sure if this has been shared already but... ugh that logo.
  9. Thanks Gas2No99.. yeah gotta keep fighting the fight. I look at some people... that watch he bought is dang near my salary.. anyway thank you for the advice I'll keep at it.
  10. whatever you do for a living Sar.. I wish I was doing it. I'm tired of being a grunt-lower food chain-worker.
  11. I'm a single guy and the thought of having kids scares me..bills/problems/drama/non-stop worry about them and their future.... I tend to overthink things and worry a lot.. all the bad things that having kids can bring...and here's a player with 14 kids!?? Some guys have zero worries/concern about the future I guess..... he sounds happy so congrats to him.
  12. lol you guys.. thanks for the laugh. Well I'll join in.. I'm feeling'll probably change after the 3rd week in but right now I think this team *COULD* spark and surprise people or least confuse other teams coaching against the Jets since it's such a huge overhaul.
  13. I'm glad he's not in the NFL right now...OR on the Jets. Happy this franchise passed on him.
  14. interesting how these coaches love lighter faster linebackers like lee vs. heavy power hitters.. (random comment sorry)
  15. it's about to catch up to the patriots and when it does it'll be salary cap hell for them when they try and keep a rising star player.