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  1. I love the effort and information you post win4ever.. just had to say that.. creating those gif's and doing the homework you do - good stuff.
  2. Adams... gotta be him.
  3. best player
  4. wow no RB then.. getting close!
  5. we're finally here! yaaay! Draft day!
  6. LOL awesome video.. love it.
  7. I don't have much to add.. but can't wait for Thursday! It's about time!
  8. what the crap!? What is up with these guys?? GRR..
  9. ugh those color rush uniforms are coming back I bet for that Thursday game.. (guess the owners voted to not let other teams opt out either.. ) Anyway brutal schedule for this Jets team..
  10. so we have a TE on suspension for a few games and now this..? What is up with these dumb players? that's a LOT of money you would think they would not risk that..
  11. just glad he's not in a Jet uniform.. and karma... it's a ..yeah.
  12. good games to let Hack/Petty whoever try and win the starting job.