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  1. Chad Kelly?.. do we chance it
  2. Think they said 5th next year
  3. I'd be okay with Chad Kelly
  4. Ideal. Cook and King maybe Sid Jones Just start trading back and accumulate picks. I know you need someone to want to move up, but the "suck for Sam" or "tank for ........" is going to cost us some picks to try to move up. I say that because somehow we will win just enough game to be on the outside looking in.
  5. Come on Cleveland trade to 6
  6. So then Mahomes will be an all star.... take him Mac
  7. Draft him.. seriously... Mahomes needs to be a JETS player.
  8. HOOKER.....
  9. This is F*d up man... lol ... f*d up.. haha
  10. his O-line didn't help him much and quite a few drops on very well placed passes. DRAFT MAHOMES!
  11. Trade Pryor for sure, even if we don't draft a Safety... let Miles play in the box. Pryor is a waste of space
  12. this is more in line with what I see. Does he need to work on his drops, and depth in his drops, YES... he will have minor things to adjust physically that don't effect his arm or throwing motion. Does he need to learn the pro game, YES, just like every other QB in this draft and most drafts. People are mentioning his level of competition, sure its not preferable, but a lot of people were on the Wentz bandwagon and look at his level of competition, plus Wentz missed a bunch of games. People are trying to find all the reasons not to draft a QB, whether its Watson or Mahomes, Trubisky, or any QB in any year. Does he posses all the physical tools and abilities? YES. Is he teachable? Seems to be from what I have seen and read about him. This is a kid I would absolutely be willing to draft. However, every time I like or want us to draft a QB we don't so I am prepared to not have Mahomes be a JET.