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  1. Way to early draft thoughts

    Depends on draft position, can't just say we should draft "X", but I understand what you are saying. We do need to build up the line, but based on Mac's drafts he will go BPA on his board. He doesn't seem to stray from that. I kind of hope he does and we can somehow land Rosen or Darnold but I am not expecting it unless we don't win another game.
  2. So Chip Kelly as HC with NO personnel decisions allowed, and Lamar Jackson for QB? lol
  3. Agree, we are surprisingly better offensively minus the 38 yr old rookie qb. Late throw to Anderson down sideline should have been a TD, if McCown could lead his WR (Petty probably overthrows Anderson at worst). The entire time we were up by 14 points McCown looked like a complete rookie. Then 3rd quarter he is burning timeouts, lol. Anderson is not the strongest guy, but thats not his game, you have to have a QB that can throw the ball ahead of his receivers. He missed a wide open Stewart at least 2 times, Stewart was raising his arms, waiving his hands lol.. Then the last possession he misses Cadet (I think) wide open to launch a ball down field and no one is there, Cadet would have gotten the first down. This is partly why i am so frustrated that we aren't even trying to see if Petty can play. I said it before half time, the Pats would tie and then take the lead on the first possession of 3rd quarter. Once they got up there was a snowballs chance in hell we could come from behind to win.
  4. I would love to see Petty get the rest of the season in this offense. He’s either going to show he sucks or that he doesn’t and maybe he is worth keeping around as a back up. I have no faith in “baby” Hack he looks so lost even against 3’s and 4’s
  5. McCown doesn’t have the physical ability to utilize Anderson he always is throwing late and behind him
  6. Bowles decides who plays not Mac. I don’t blame Mac for bringing in an old veteran QB, but I blame Bowles for not trying to see if he has a young back up QB or maybe something more.
  7. If McCown didn’t greatly under throw him down the sideline he would have had a long TD. Actually MCCown seems to throw behind Anderson a lot. If he could lead him he wouldn’t get outmuscled. He is tiny though
  8. He is missing wide ope WR’s and looks like a rookie qb in the pocket, feeling phantom pressure and taking poorly timed sacks and burning TO’s throwing INTs ..... not good
  9. The refs didn’t help. It we shot ourselves inthe foot when we should have been trying to score an extra 10-14 pts in first half. Then we don’t need the ref excuse
  10. That loss is on our offense for taking the 2nd quarter off. We know Brady is lethal when playing from behind. Our defense got no pressure on Brady all day. The bad “overturned” TD sucked but we let the Pats get back in the game and take the lead without trying to score more than 14 points.
  11. “Inconclusive”. That is supposed to be the determining factor. No one can say that replay was inconclusive