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  1. totally achievable.... Hack gets some small nagging injury and we don't play him for fear of causing major damage. McCown sh*ts the bed for a few games gets hurt, in comes Petty who wins 2 games but then gets hurt again. We then run the wildcat/single wing the remaining 9 games exclusively and do not come close to victory.... easy....
  2. I think Forte will be used quite a bit in the receiving game, similar to how he was used in Chicago. He can make up for lack of experienced WR's with his receiving ability. Powell is a nice back with the ability to catch as well. With the injury potential at RB we should keep Forte around.
  3. Decker and his wife already live in Nashville.
  4. Killing some time on youtube and a 2018 NFL Mock Draft video popped up. So, I am like what the hell, lets see if this guy has us taking Darnold or Rosen..... Well, you probably are skeptical so was I... and this would be the JETS luck... I found it entertaining and depressing.
  5. not ridiculous, the truth hurts. McCown is a JAG .... let the kids play. McCown can't develop anyone, if that was the case he wouldn't be one of the most traveled qb's in the league.
  6. FACT - McCown sucks, we all know this. We do not know exactly how bad the 2 kids are because they haven't played. Let them play. Cut McCown.
  7. I would find that hard to believe. At this point the company line is "competition". How does keeping a 37 year old that has won 18 games in 14 seasons fall into "competition". Its just stupid at this point. Even if Petty and Hack do really suck that bad, I don't see how McCown will help any position on this team develop into anything worthwhile.
  8. To even have McCown on the team. It's time cut his old, worthless as$ now while you are cutting other veterans. Let Petty and Hack get all the reps. There is no sense in keeping a bad veteran QB when you are going with a, full on, youth movement. Cut him Mac, or release him - not a player we need.
  9. Davis ???? well lets hope he never has to cover anyone, especially on a wheel route.
  10. it's May, not a big deal. if the coaches get put in a bad spot by this then we have bigger issues.
  11. Someone puts a microphone in your face and asks you a question, you answer it. I don't have any issue with what Sheldon said. Now, if he goes running to reporters and just running his mouth then its a problem, but when people are asking him specific questions what do you expect him to do? I expect the responses to this post to be "he needs to say its up to the coaches"... "you have to ask the coaches" "don't say anything Sheldon" - - - - Calm --- down ---- people
  12. maybe if he wasn't coming off of achilles surgery, after coming back from major knee reconstruction.... those 2 injuries together would scare me away if I were GM, oh and the $9.5 mil a year.
  13. ha... well what do you expect? This is what the JETS do!