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  1. JetNation Fantasy League

    I am IN, if you still have open teams.
  2. We can't be worse than the Jags, can we?

    lol, surely you meant... What a great idea to waste a pick on Geno just because he was tumbling down the draft. That was a horrible pick. I have said it before that draft, right after the pick was announced, and GeNOPE's entire time here. Waste....
  3. Learn From History

    I agree with everything said here.
  4. Jets practice 08/17

    So which was it, lol... I am going with, smart decision throwing it away..
  5. McCown's' last 32 games

    yeah, i know... but no one should have drafted Pryor at 18 either.
  6. McCown's' last 32 games

    2014 NFL Draft New York Jets on the clock at pick 18 and select Derek Carr.... oh damn... I mean Calvin Pryor.... SMH... Thanks Idzik
  7. Learn From History

    I agree we will probably see all 3.
  8. Learn From History

    I am not missing any point you are trying to make. Yes, I will root for whoever is the QB as I have every year. Organizations do not put poor performers in a position to develop any new prospects or young hires. McCown is just that. Hack should be starting if he is even close in performance which is how the reports sound. There is no upside with McCown. Play the kid, if he fails, play Petty, if he fails then trot out McCown and we have our answer.
  9. Learn From History

    Only so many NFL QB's yes, and McCown has proven he is not a starter. I have not run an NFL team, neither have you. Like you, we are stating our opinions with no professional NFL experience to back them up. You too would be like a beat writer with opinions, Manish Mehta more likely. Enjoy your boy McCown screwing up the team/delaying the inevitable.
  10. Learn From History

    lol, right. I wouldn't hire a college grad to lead a business or military unit. I also wouldn't put them in a position to learn from a person who barely can keep their job. I fire the "sh*tty" old timer if he does not produce to a level I expect, or a level commensurate to experience and do not keep him around just because, you can replace the sh*tty old timer with someone who can produce or has the ability to properly train/instruct the younger prospect. Am I hoping Hack/Petty are better than McCown, absolutely. Do I think that it is more likely than not that 1 of the 2 of them would be as good or better, YES.
  11. Learn From History

    Putting a bad Qb on the field does nothing but hinder the entire team.
  12. Learn From History

    lol, FML. this is dumb. McCown will show how to make improper reads, throws and how to lose. That is all he has done in his entire career. under 60% completion percentage and 18 wins vs 42 loses. Yeah this is exactly the type of person I want teaching my young Qb's how to LOSE. WTF is wrong with you people. You wouldn't hire a career under achiever to train an employee in your business.
  13. Learn From History

    I can't UPVOTE this enough! this is exactly why having McCown do anything other than hold a clipboard is ridiculous.
  14. I hope McCown throws multiple picks vs Lions and plays like sh!t, the real McCown. I can't stand that we are wasting any time with him. Let Hack and Petty play. See what they can do. I don't want to hear "leadership". McCown is the oldest player on the team, one of the worst QB's in the league. Bad players being leaders is laughable. Rather let Hack or Petty develop/show their leadership, but these coaches won't let them. The players know, the same as us. McCown is just wasting time to make Bowles comfortable because he doesn't know how to coach or develop a young QB.