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  1. Tank job in jeopardy ?!?!

    I agree. its highly unlikely. my original point was that you can't make the players on the field not play. If the team wins, obviously it is not "good" for draft position. As I also said earlier, I am happy for the way they played and especially the young guys getting their first win, and it being the home opener is good for the players. IT's week 3 let the season play itself out.
  2. Tank job in jeopardy ?!?!

    Yeah, i agree and that is the obvious fact. Point being you can't make the players not play. if we don't get the number 1 or 2 pick the option is to trade up. In the case of the Mariota and Winston draft neither team would trade out of 1 and 2. I would guess the same would be said in this draft. thanks for outlining the multiple QB scenarios as if that hasn't been stated a million times on the board.
  3. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    To me right now it's: 1. Rosen then 2. Darnold... if both are gone then Mayfield seems like the best choice for this offense, but I don't know if I'd draft him early first round. Trade back into first maybe, its tough but he is playing great football.
  4. Tank job in jeopardy ?!?!

    I agree, but the players are not going to try to lose. They have more at stake. Personally I loved watching the young guys play well, and them getting to experience their first NFL home game win. I'd trade whatever it took to draft Rosen/Darnold if we are in the 6-10 range, which i said before the year is where I thought we would pick.
  5. Why do we need the first overall pick?

    You don't draft Allen, period. We already have the guy with all the physical tools, strong arm, blah blah... Hackenburg. We need to draft a for real QB and to me its still: Rosen Darnold if neither of those 2 are options then you target the QB that you think would be best in our Offense. Which right now I think its Mayfield, for this offense.
  6. Tank job in jeopardy ?!?!

    We need a top 2 Pick, OR we trade up if Darnold or Rosen are the guys that we absolutely have to have. Ideally we don't want to have to trade the enormous draft capital, but if it comes to that then you have to do it and be happy you got your QB (hopefully for the next 15 years).
  7. Trends To Watch

    Nice job on this, sir. I agree with everything here. I think that Stewart and Hansen have to be on the field all year, as I have said before. Stewart just has something about him that says he isn't scared of anything and seems to be a tough scrappy WR. Hansen has some freak ability, he needs the playing time to adapt, also for the QB to learn how to use him. FORTE.... trade this guy. I liked the Forte pick-up but it is clear that Powell and McGuire have a lot more to offer. Powell should be starting and McGuire has shown enough that he should be getting 25-35% of the touches behind Powell at minimum.
  8. Lol, trying to throw us off maybe?
  9. Quote the "original" joewillie12 some more. Bring your own thought/ideas that more than half the board do not preach regularly.
  10. Shut up with this. Plenty of us said this same thing. I still think McCown is a waste of time, as is not playing Hansen today and Stewart just getting in this game. Jets missed plays but for the most part were fine. Young team learning to play together.
  11. This @joewillie12 troll account now?
  12. This is good for the youngsters. Put some belief in their abilities, plus the first home game.. glad they are playing this way today. Good job boys.
  13. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    I replaced Allen's picture with Mayfield's just because Allen had dropped off and Mayfield is playing pretty damn well. If we can't get Darnold or Rosen, I don't take a QB rd.1, but I wouldn't be afraid to take Mayfield in Rd.2, but I agree with you both, he will probably be gone by then.
  14. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    There’s no denying Allen’s physical tools, and he doesn’t have the strongest supporting cast around him. But it’s hard to ignore his inability to perform at a high level against top competition, having thrown just three touchdowns to 10 interceptions in his career against Power 5 schools. USC quarterback Sam Darnold is the only other player ranked ahead of Allen, while UCLA’s Josh Rosen is the lone other quarterback in McShay’s rankings (No. 7). You can have all the "elite" tools in the world, that doesn't mean anything on the field. He needs more than tools and so far he doesn't seem to have the mental make up of a Franchise QB. No thanks...
  15. 6'3" and 212, but it is common for players to get to the combine and be shorter and lighter.
  16. Jackson still relies on his legs a little too much for my liking. At his size I feel like his career is a few seasons long if he doesn't adapt to working in the pocket a lot more. He can prove me wrong. I see him throwing to open receivers and the ball is not leading the receiver but behind them on more than a few throws. If he can improve his accuracy and play from the pocket and he can change my opinion of him. My current opinion is that he is an electric player with a good arm that I don't want to draft at the top of round 1.
  17. Posted this in the Draft Forum as well: Sports Science ran a "Darnold" short episode. Some nice measurable in that that I will post screen captures of: Velocity, Reaction time, & Improved Release time
  18. wow, @TMAC really did it, huh... well he made a good video.... lol
  19. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    Sports Science ran a "Darnold" short episode. Some nice measurable in that that I will post screen captures of: Velocity, Reaction time, & Improved Release time
  20. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    Don't know if we can take him off the tread title, but...........
  21. Well we have Bowles, Parcells guy. I would like Payton, but he seems to have the same issue as REX/BOWLES. Only cares about his side of the ball. New Orleans hasn't had a defense since Greg Williams. I think we need an offensive minded HC, but we have to get a guy that understands the importance of both. No more neglecting 1 side of the ball completely.
  22. thanks for the laugh, legit LOL.
  23. Kearse has shown me that he deserves to play, also he is younger than I originally thought.