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  1. Aliens - New sign up

    thnx but I'm 2 distracted mebbe next time ill add my suckitude <3 ill b watchin
  2. Aliens - New sign up

  3. 2017 Mets thread!

    dammit freak injury :C
  4. Your 2016-2017 New York Knicks Thread!!!

    It was a fair deal IMO with the pick. Just unexpected with all these teams protecting picks lately. Maybe Top 1, with the LAL/SAC pick instead if BRK18 isn't conveyed?
  5. 2016-17 NCAA Basketball Thread

    straight out of HS sounds good
  6. Your 2016-2017 New York Knicks Thread!!!

    I'm shocked the BRK pick was included.
  7. JetNation Fantasy League

    I joined last night thx. score! 1 more to fill!
  8. 2016-17 NCAA Basketball Thread

    Hopefully the OAD rule changes soon!
  9. 2016-17 NCAA Basketball Thread

    IDK but recently Maverick Rowan and Derryck Thornton had no problem reclassifying
  10. Crapture the Flag Part 2

  11. 2016-17 NCAA Basketball Thread

    Bagley picked Duke!
  12. 2016-17 NCAA Basketball Thread

    Keatts to NC St, huh
  13. 2016-17 NCAA Basketball Thread

    I'm picking UNCW in my brackets! UVA is not the same as last year. Brogdon their best player for the past few years is gone, and that transfer kid Nichols dismissal left them thin in the front court. Their bigs are very mediocre IMO if asked to provide scoring, and I think Wilkins (?) may not be 100%. I'm probably going tomorrow morning to watch games at Buffalo Wild Wings!
  14. 2016-17 NCAA Basketball Thread

    oh god you all got Virginia, Tony Bennett's defense is a pain to watch! Gonna have to make some contested shots, I like your chances! Hopefully the man bun kid is cold and Perrantes has to try to do it all himself! think you guys can get to 60 points?
  15. Mafia forum off season chat thread

    Trying to gauge your seriousness. Wasn't sure if you were serious a few months ago because you continued playing, lol. But yeah, I'm slow to realize mafia's dead here I guess so I'll stop coming to this site now haha.