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  1. Maybe I have a trauma with slow edge rushers, I thought it was a reach and his tape can confirm that. Besides that, at the time I was in love with Jay Ajayi tape. 2 years later and maybe I was right about Ajayi and Mauldin.
  2. Didn't like the pick, don't like the player. Love his story tho.
  3. Who cares if we get Darnold next year
  4. We don't need another injury prone WR, we already have Devin Smith.
  5. You don't need a QB to win in college.
  6. Gary Myers on board for the Tank

    Watch the tape on Darnold, the kid is special, short and intermediary throws he's nearly perfect, I only have two concerns about Darnold one is his deep ball that I don't see a lot on his tapes and the other is his eligibility. As for his long release, it kind of reminds me of the Russell Wilson release.
  7. College guards against Leo would be fun to watch.
  8. You took the words out of my mouth
  9. If you think Deondre Francois or Jalen Hurts could beat the Jets defense you really have 0 fate in this defense.
  10. Well, you have 3 first rounders in that line.
  11. 2018 NFL Draft Prospect: Brett Rypien

    Another project QB thats just what we need
  12. OTA Tweets

    This idea of Josh McCown starting is just madness
  13. Every time he makes a tackle, he makes a pose to celebrate. That just tilt the f of me