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  1. Don't like his tape, Godwin just looked like a much better prospect, I hope i'm wrong.
  2. I just don't understand the Stewart pick.
  3. Chad, i like him
  4. What the fvck is macc doing?
  5. Sam Darnold is becoming a reality
  6. Dalvin Cook was still on the board
  7. Take aways from this draft so far: Mccagnan and Bowles will both be fired by the end of the season The Jets are still clueless Now we know who Ardarius Stewart is Pryor and Richardson have 0 value
  8. Just a bad pick, Godwin is a much better prospect. Congrats Tampa.
  9. Man, that guy is the goat
  10. Tim Williams is on free fall
  11. Man Zach Cunningham is falling down, he would be a great fit for the jets
  12. Dallas wants him
  13. The Jets only take players that have visted the organization, narrow your list down.