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  1. Not to derail this thread into a Knicks tirade. I agree about the dysfunction of the Knicks and a lot of it has to do with Phil, but even more of it has to do with Dolan. BUT Phil wanted the following for KP: Jae Crowder, Jaylen Brown, #3 overall pick this year, Brooklyn's unprotected lottery pick next year. That is a BOAT LOAD and frankly, a fleecing of Boston. Sure, if KP turns out to be Larry Bird, its a bad deal. But Jaylen Brown has a ton of potential- uber athlete who plays defense and is developing a nice outside shot. Crowder is a hard-nosed, classic NY Knicks type of player who does the dirty work (rebounds, defends), has decent handle for a guy his size and can even contribute as a scorer. At #3 they would have probably taken Josh Jackson or D.Fox- 2 super talented rookies. At #8 they could have taken Monk or Dennis Smith Jr. Then next year they would have probably had 2 lottery picks- their own and Brooklyn's. So stop it with the KP hysteria. Phil has done a lot of questionable things but if he pulled off the deal he wanted for KP it would have loaded up the Knicks with a ton of young talent.
  2. Pro Bowl is all about the stats. So are you saying he would not hold up to the punishment and/or get hurt? B/C other than that, if he was fed the ball consistently, I think he could be a Pro Bowler. Having said that, let's keep in mind this is coming from the RBs coach. Of course he's going to exaggerate about the potential of his players!!! What kind of coach would he be if he didn't?
  3. I like it. I doubt Ross beats out Catanzaro. And there are certainly going to be some competition at D-line and WR for the last spots. Would be great to see who you put on PS and who got cut.
  4. As many can attest I have always been a glass-half full Jet fan and have been supportive of Hack from the day the Jets drafted him. And no, I'm not a season ticket holder and watch the Jets (and have been for years) from the comfort of my living room. I guess you can do the math? Assuming he starts- as long as Hack can get protection from the O-line and the defense improves from last year (particularly the secondary), I think he will be alright and show that he can be a capable NFL QB. Defense and O-line will be critical b/c rarely does a pocket QB look good without protection from the O-line and rarely does ANY QB look good when the team is losing games and giving up a ton of points.
  5. You also have some young talent that looked very promising. Enunwa and L.Williams. R.Anderson, Lee, Jenkins- to a lesser degree. Then you have J.Adams, who, despite being a rookie, looks like he is as legit as it gets coming out of the draft. Then you have Wilk and Richardson, who I believe are still Pro Bowl caliber talents despite their recent play. I honestly believe with some competent QB play and some luck with injuries, the Jets WILL win more games than last year.
  6. I 100% agree. To suggest that there is 'no plan' is ludicrous. These are professionals getting paid a lot of money to run a team. You can argue whether or not its evident what the plan is, you can argue whether or not its the right plan, you can argue whether or not the plan is being executed properly. But its moronic to assume there is no reasoning for what Macc, Woody, etc. are doing- INCLUDING DRAFTING 2 SAFETIES. It's also asinine, to me, that cutting loose Decker and Harris- guys on the chopping block for cap reasons as soon as the 2016 season ended, is what prompted this critical write-up. We're taking about over-paid, declining, veteran players. One often injured, the other a liability on third down. What? The Jets should have kept Harris at 6.5 mil simply b.c he is a good locker room presence??? The Jets are re-building and going with a youth movement. That much is clear. They are doing so in the right fashion. They brought in a vet at the most important position- QB. With two young QBs under him. Say what you want about what it cost to bring in McCown or whether he is any good. Bringing in a vet QB and true professional at the QB position is critical as a positive influence on a young QB. Behind 37yr old McCown the oldest player on the Jets is Tanner Purdum at 32. Followed by Forte at 31 with the rest of the roster under 30. It also happens that next years draft will have top QB talent. Hmmm, I wonder why Macc decided to go all in on the rebuild this year?? After all, he has no plan, right?
  7. Good one.
  8. None of this is good. But when you consider the s**t that goes on in the personal lives of NFL players. Including illegal activity- drugs, guns, domestic violence- but also twitter rants, beefs, etc,etc. The Jets don't need to 'worry' that much about D.Lee until he starts to regress as a player, becomes a true locker room cancer (which he is not- yet), or starts getting suspended.
  9. You are only in contention for the #1 overall pick as the season winds down and you are at the very bottom of the league in wins. Even then, you are only 'in contention' and nothing is guaranteed, you could easily win a meaningless game and lose that spot to an even worse team, riddled with injuries. I would not be at all surprised if, with a little bit of luck with injuries and SOME stability at the QB position, the Jets win 8 games- and regardless of whether its good or bad for the future of the Franchise, are nowhere near the #1 overall pick. The Jets have talent on this team, young talent. The question is can that talent rise up and play to its potential? Can the team play well together as a whole? Can impact players stay healthy? We shall see.
  10. Except he can't cover or tackle. Other than that. Yes.
  11. YES! For Calvin Pryor- a BUST who was on the verge of being cut?! YES its a good trade. Who cares if its not a 'premium' position. Were you expecting to get an elite pass rusher or QB out of the deal? A starting LT? C'mon man. Pryor was on the chopping block. And not just b/c the Jets drafted Mayes and Adams. Rather b/c of the way he regressed as a player. Him 4mil comes off the books after 2017- not a major financial commitment.
  12. 100% agree. Jet fans are ridiculous. Davis was not 'awful', he just struggled in coverage. Davis wasn't cut b/c he was an awful player, the Jets did not believe he was worth the contract he wanted. They would have definitely kept him if they could keep him on the cheap. Furthermore, Davis was solid in Cleveland. He played well for them...while Pryor kept regressing. Who cares if Pryor was a first round pick and Davis a 3rd rounder!? Davis is the better player!!! Does this mean the end of Harris? Maybe. But it certainly means the Jets now have a slew of LB depth with a number of players angling for starting roles and roster spots, which should create some great competition. Not to mention a LB coach who should be able to get the best out of them. Davis is also in a contract year so he should have extra motivation and the Jets aren't tied to a financial commitment. As hard as it may be to swallow the fact that the Jets have given up on a former first round pick, by all means this was a GOOD trade. Obviously there are those Jet fans that will never be satisfied with anything the Jets do until they win the SB.
  13. So, my takeaway is- does Hack have the thick skin to deal with the NY media and all the knucklehead Jet fans that will critique and boo every incomplete pass, sack and int. in pre-season and his first few games.
  14. Tough break indeed. I had him making the roster as a 7th WR and PR/KR specialist. Decker, Enunwa, Anderson, Peake, Stewart, Hansen, Frankie Hammond are now my 7 WRs to make the roster (Marshall suspended)- with Hammond making the roster as a returner. If RB- McGuire can solidify himself as a PR/KR specialist, the Jets may only carry six WRs.