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  1. I believe Cam Robinson will be a Pro Bowler somewhere on the O-line. I think he can play LT, RT or OG. He is a great talent and should be the pick if he is on the board and Cook is gone.
  2. There's only a few players (out of the ones you posted) that are on my radar: Cook, Robinson, Bowser, Q.Wilson. That's about it. I think other guys are a reach. I'm really hoping for Robinson or Cook. I know they like Bowser a lot and he is very versatile. Wilson has potential to be a #1 CB playing on the outside. I like his skill set. Nice fit for Bowles.
  3. If we are going straight up OFFENSE: Here is my mock: rd. 1: L.Fournette, if no Fournette, OJ Howard rd. 2: Cam Robinson: If he doesn't end up being a Pro Bowler at LT, he will be a Pro Bowler at RT, if not RT then OG. Robinson will be a Pro Bowler somewhere on the O-line, he is just too talented not to be. If he falls to the 2nd round, I'm taking him. Rd. 3a: If no Howard in Rd. 1- J.Leggett-TE, otherwise, I'm taking C.Godwin-WR Rd. 3b: If no Fournette in rd. 1, I'm going RB and D.Foreman is my guy. I think he'd pair nicely with Powell for the next few years and has enough burst to be more than just a power red zone back. Rd. 5: I'm taking J.Malone- WR or dipping back into O-line and taking a C- like Orlosky or Fuller Rd. 6: Big M.Roberts-TE is the pick. Rd. 7: Dipping back in for OT and taking J.Ugokwe who's a project but who's upside I love.
  4. Yeah, but last year the o-line was hurt. First Clady went down, Qvale went down (run blocker), Winters was out for some time. And Ijalana went down towards the end of the season. Hard to get any kind of rhythm or consistency as a unit. Early on in the season, the O-line was solid. Coincidentally, Fitz didn't get sacked much and Forte ran p[retty well.
  5. I disagree, much like @IntoTheGreen I think if the O-line can stay healthy, they can be a solid unit. Winters, Carpenter, and W.Johnson in the middle. Beachum, Ijalana, Shell, on the outside whoever wins out the job on whichever side. Will they be dominant? Will they be e of the better O-lines in the NFL? No. But they can be solid as a unit and I don;t think they nec. need to draft an O-lineman early or sign or trade for a starter. Even if they draft an O-lineman early, there is no guarantee he will win out the starting gig.
  6. I'm not sure if all of these players will be available at their respective selections, but otherwise I really like this mock. I would swap the Tabor pick with S.Jones. Before the injury, he was the top CB on my board. If he recovers 100% he will be a special player. And although I realize how bad the secondary was last year, the Jets don't nec. need to draft a CB to start immediately. Apart from this being a rebuilding year, they already have Claiborne, Skrine, Burris, Roberts, Williams, Marshall. So drafting S.Jones, putting him on IR and figuring out who sticks from their current corners for 2018 makes sense in a way.
  7. Sidney Jones will be the best CB in this draft. It may just take him a couple of
  8. Fair enough. But Garrett is still going #1 overall. Period. End of sentence.
  9. LOL, Big Ben is 6'5, 240...stop it already
  10. This is not bad. Honestly, I think we can do better than Charles Harris at 12. Although I like Kamara, I would slot Harris in the 2nd, punt on a RB early and take C.Davis or M.Williams at 12. Then maybe it would make sense to pass on Malachi Dupre in the bottom of the 3rd for a RB like D.Foreman. 1- Williams/C.Davis 2- C.Harris 2- Everett 3- Jones 3- Foreman 4- Beckwith 4- Jackson 5- Seaton 6- Toth 7- Kelly
  11. I like Cunningham too. If they can get him in the second I will be very happy. Not a fan of Tabor. He looks like a Nickel CB to me and I would not draft him early in the 2nd with all the other CB talent surely still on the board. Personally, I don't hate the last 2 picks the Jets made in the 2nd round- Hack and D.Smith. I think Smith has talent and was exactly what the Jets needed- injuries and lack of a strong armed QB that could take advantage of Smith as a deep threat hurt his development. Hack can still end up a Franchise QB, despite all the haters out there. He clearly has the talent, work ethic and smarts to turn things around. And he hasn't even gotten a fair shake to show what he is capable of. But that's just me.
  12. I don't get why so many Jet fans expect the Jets to draft a RB anywhere in the first 4 rounds. They are financially tied to Forte and Powell. Personally, I believe Forte still has something left in the tank. Powell certainly does. Then they have a slew of young RBs that will be competing for the 3rd spot on the depth chart, some as UDFA pickups, some currently on the roster. It just makes no sense to draft a RB early THIS YEAR. Next year, yes, certainly. Forte may prove to everyone that he is done and Powell could very well prove to everyone he cannot be the 'bell cow'. But for now, it simply makes no sense. To me, the only exception is if there is a talent you simply cannot pas on at the given selection- like Fournette or Cook or Kamara if he falls to the late 3rd round or Foreman in the 5th. Unless, of course, the Jets decide to carry 4 RBs on the roster, which is not unheard of, but is unlikely.
  13. I mean, you're nit-picking. Jets have needs all over the place. They can easily draft BPA and still address a need. Clearly, Slater is saying don't focus on need TOO MUCH- in part, b/c you have needs all over the place. You know you need to address the secondary and TE positions- and unlike QB and OT- two other clear 'need' positions, this draft is stacked with CB/S and TE talent. Getting a good one is CRITICAL. That may be where he was headed with that. Anyway, I agree with all of his points- except maybe about trading up. Because I feel like if the Jets trade down in the first and add picks or trade Richardson and add a pick, I have no problem with them moving up for a player they really want- that is what matters most, getting the guy you want.
  14. I posted this same article in a different thread. But I completely agree with it. I think he is right about OT. This is a 'weak' draft at OT but only b/c there are only a couple on top tier, NFL ready OTs. That does not, however mean there are no good OT prospects. It just happens that those prospects are developmental. While reaching for an OT will yield a guy like Ramzcyk or Robinson or Bolles. I think you are better off with one of the developmental guys later on- like Moton, Garcia, Wheeler, Davenport, Holden, etc. Pretty much the same goes for QBs. There is no sure fire prospect, so don;t use the 6th overall pick. Not to mention that the Jets have Hack, who, at some point, they will need to figure out if he can be 'the guy'. Not to mention that 2018 is expected to be a very strong draft at QB, and the trajectory of the team i looking like they will not win very many games this year- putting them in position to possibly draft one of those top QB prospects in 2018. This is not about assuming that these prospects will fall. It's about not reaching for prospects- at all. Which is also why he goes on to say that the Jets need to avoid drafting too much based of need (Macc will not do that anyway).
  15. This is a fantastic draft for the Jets if they can pull those trades off and all of those picks are on the board at the time the Jets make their selections. Neither of those things will happen. But as far as the mock- very nice.