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  1. Williams Released

    Enough already, Marshall has has some drops but he is a WR and he can catch,.
  2. Maybe the Jets should trade J.Kearse for a 3rd round pick.
  3. Williams Released

    Williams has not looked good since his 6 INT season a few seasons ago. Had Clark not been recovering from injury, Williams would not have made the team- IMHO. I think the Jets finally saw enough vs. the Browns where Williams got torched on practically every play. If Burris and Roberts are healthy, the Jets have plenty of CBs that can play without needing Williams as depth- Claiborne, Burris, Skrine, Roberts, Jones. And they have 4 safeties. The defensive backfield is fine right now. I don't know why all the hate for Marshall. Makes more bad plays than good? The dude has yet to play in the regular season. Are we looking back at his rookie year and focusing on fumbles and a few drops??? B/C otherwise he looked like a diamond in the rough. A guy who makes plays, is shifty in the slot and goes hard after the ball. Way more upside than Williams.
  4. Poll: Rooting for wins? Or Tank?

    After the Browns the schedule does get tougher but the Jets can still beat teams like Miami, Buffalo, NO, Chargers, and Bucs. Even the Pats are not looking as invincible as they usually do and the Jets as division rivals tend to play them tough. I'm not predicting a bunch of wins and I'm not predicting a full on implosion. I'm just saying there's still a handful of games that the Jets have a great shot at winning. From the beginning of the season I have said that the Jets cna win, at best 8 games and at worst 4 games. I never predicted they would go winless or make the playoffs. So, to me, all of this tanking talk was funny, b/c the Jets were never really goig to get the #1 overall pick. As funny as it may sound, they are too good for that to happen.
  5. Heloooooo dum dums. We're tanking!!! Duh.
  6. What are you talking about? Wilk makes less than Suh (19mil) and is on par with Cox (17 mil) and Vernon (17mil). None of those guys are 'superstars'. I can name a bunch of other players- non QBs mind you that are not nearly as good and make close to what Mo makes. 17mil is pretty standard nowadays for an interior lineman of Wilks caliber. Unless of course you are judging him by his last season performance, coming off injury, and AFTER he was already signed (moot point) following his best season statistically.
  7. Whaaaa? A 3-4 DE that gets 10 sacks a year is not worth that much? WTF are you talking about? When you play 3-4 base and you have a guy that is stout against the run, anchors your line and is able to generate 10 sacks a year you lock that guy up. He is an every down player. Despite his recent injury, Mo is also a guy that only missed 4 games in 6 seasons.
  8. So if Mo plays 16 games and shows that he is an impact player and anchor of the Jets D-line you will change your mind about Macc re-signing him? You, know, kinda like he did in 2011, 12, 13, and 15... Its amazing to me how quickly fans are willing to turn on Mo.
  9. I think it depends on a few factors. One, as always, being injuries. Another is how this Jets team gels- particularly on offense, and to be more specific, the offensive line. I think the defense will be solid on every level. I think its feasible that the Jets beat Miami at least once, Buf at least once, Cleveland, Jax, and possibly, depending on injuries, Carolina, NO, and the Chargers. Clearly, the odds are that they will not beat all these teams. But I definitely see more than a couple of wins this year. And no, none of the games will be 'easy' for this team and a lot of things would have to go right. But I don't nec. see why they wouldn't.
  10. LOL He had one bad season coming off a broken leg. A season where EVERYONE played awful on defense (excluding L.Williams) and 1/2 the veterans quit. A season where the secondary was horrible and nobody on the line was able to get pressure on QBs. You are ignoring everything he did for this team from the day he was drafted and the great season he had before last year. Now anything short of total dominance and you cut him??? He's 'just a guy at this point'???? What are you smoking? Glad you are not the GM. Very shortsighted. You would cut Tom Brady b/c the Pats lost against the Chiefs last night and he had ZERO TD's. Time to move on and bring in Garoppolo!
  11. Ugh. Mehta is the worst. This team is young, energized, and have an us against the world mentality. Mo is now their veteran leader on defense and everyone (except some fans and turd buckets like Mehta), including the Jets brass are 100% behind him. But I recognize that this is a 'what have you done for me lately' league and you have to perform or be gone. So Macc was actually smart by structuring the contract in such a way that the Jets could cut bait without incurring a massive cap hit next year. I don't think people give Macc enough credit for the way he structures deals with an eye on the future. It doesn't always work out, but he makes sure the team has options. I expect Mo to bounce back, especially with improved play in the secondary. BTW- I predict McCown will end up being a great signing despite the vitriol it got from fans and pundits alike. He is a great veteran leader, knows the system and will keep the offense together and motivated. This team will surprise. Maybe even win 8 games. Deal with it. We're not getting the first pick in the draft unless we trade up. This team will be better than that. GO JETS.
  12. How Bad?

    I agree 100% I think this team will surprise many detractors. Obviously, the offense will hold this team back, but the defense should keep them in a lot of games. Like it or now, barring injury, I think this team could very well win 8 games. But I certainly don't see them winning less than 4 games. They have a vet QB who knows the system and can manage the game and they have a young, talented (albeit unproven), hungry group of WRs. Although they lost Enunwa, adding J.Kearse helps. If the offensive line can get into a rhythm and/or develop some chemistry, their offense will be good enough to pull out some wins. Defense looks like it will be much better than last year- especially in the secondary. I think losing Richardson will not hurt the team as much as adding Kearse will help the team. I'm not expecting playoffs and I fully understand that things can go south fast. But I see this as a tight knit group of young players led by a smart, charismatic veteran QB, that are going to have an us against the world mentality every week.
  13. McCown will have a solid mistake free game, the Jets defense will be solid. Jets win this one. 24- 17.
  14. Joe Haden?

    Unless we are trading away Sheldon for a young, proven O-lineman, Pass Rusher or QB (fat chance), we need to sign him or get whatever draft picks we can for him.
  15. No, they wouldn't. B/C getting sacks is not selfish AT ALL. There is ZERO selfishness in saying you want to get a sack a game or as many sacks as possible. It's not like saying you want to get a certain amount of TDs or catches or rush yards a game. B/C that means you are asking to get more touches, taking touches away from others and changing the way the offense is run. Defense is completely different. And sack or tackles in particular are a free for all. If you get there, you make the stop- kudos. There is absolutely nothing selfish about it and if Richardson said it I would not think he is being selfish either. If anything, its a good example to set for the rest of the players - "hey, if you don;t step it up, I'm gonna get there first and get the sack." If you dissect it, you could even argue that saying you want a lot of INTs is selfish b/c you may be inclined to take more unnecessary chances. But even that is a bit of a stretch. This is not a selfish statement by Big Cat and it would not be a selfish statement of anyone who's job it is to sack the QB said it. LMFAO