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  1. Huh? What do you mean? I'm just going by what the Jets typically carry into the season. As far as LBs- in 2014 they carried 9, in 2015 they carried 8 in 2016 they carried 9. Yea, I know they carried 4 QBs last year- that was def. an outlier.
  2. Well, like I said. I think Lee, Davis, Jenkins, Martin, Donahue, Stanford, Lemonier and Carter ALL make it. Again, assuming they carry 9. And I think Harris will go to PS. So its going to be between Mauldin, Bishop, Beltre, Johnson and Paysinger for the last spot. Am I missing anyone? It just seems like Mauldin has a clear edge over those other 4 guys despite being banged up.
  3. I disagree. Unless he has a serious injury or for some reason gets in Bowles 'dog house' again (i.e. the Jets just don't want him anymore), I think he makes the team. Last year they carried 9 LBs. If we assume Davis, Lee, Jenkins are locks. And we assume Martin and Stanford make it b/c of how well they have been playing. And what the heck, let's just assume Donahue makes it b/c Greene likes him and he was a 5th round pick. That still leaves 3 open spots (assuming they carry 9). Remaining LBs: Mauldin, Beltre, Bishop, Carter, Harris, Johnson, Lemonier, Paysinger. None of these guys have shown much so far or separated themselves in any way, at least Mauldin has the injury excuse. Personally, I think Mauldin, Lemonier and Carter end up sticking and the rest are cut. *Harris is a prime PS candidate.
  4. Broken Foot for Lucky

    Disagree. Explosive and shifty, fine. But all the Cowboys fans said he was a bad returner. Simply was not able to do much in the return game. I dunno. I just don;t see it as much of a loss.
  5. Broken Foot for Lucky

    Except he didn't really how much. Didn't catch a single pass in pre-season game 1, didn't do anything in the return game. I mean, I understand that the Jets need a returner and as much WR depth as they can get but he's simply not very good. I doubt he would have made the team and I doubt the Jets could have used him for anything. Frankie Hammond looked better as a returner.
  6. I think Petty will make the team simply b/c the Jets will decide they would rather keep 3 QBs than 2 in case of injury. Was he in ever in the competition? Sure, I believe so. But he was given a shorter leash. Had he come out and wowed everyone right away, the coaches would have given him more reps and a fairer shot to earn the starting job. But he didn't. Is that fair? Maybe not, but life's not fair. Fact is, whether this was an open competition or not, it was clear that Petty was the third string QB from the get go and Hack had the edge and McCown had the edge over Hack. That doesn't mean Petty had no shot to overcome that. Neither Hack not McCown looked stellar early on. Petty could have stood out. But he didn't. Petty will make the team not b/c he is in the Jets future plans but b/c he knows the system, they know what they can expect from him, he will have some familiarity with the players and a 3rd QB may very well be needed in case McCown and Hack go down with injury.
  7. I think this is all very accurate. I like this draft. I think Hansen and Stewart will develop into starters by the end of the year (barring injuries). I think Clark and Jones will both be major unknowns all season long. It will be interesting to see if the Jets risk putting Jones on PS as he clearly has a ton of talent but is just so very, very raw. I think Adams will end up having a better season and being the bigger impact player in 2017 (over Maye). But Maye will have a strong season as well and both will be starters throughout the season. Leggett has a great opportunity to separate himself while ASJ is out. I expect him to do so in the passing game and he may even surpass ASJ on the depth chart (this is often what happens when unproven guys are out due to injury or suspension). I think his blocking deficiency is overstated. With him it's effort and I just don't see how he can lack effort in the NFL where if you don't block you don't play. Donahue will make the team but I agree that he will be primarily a special teams contributor. Especially if guys like Martin and Stanford keep playing like they did in the first preseason game. I agree that McGuire will be 3rd string and only get a few reps in certain pass situations. A screen here and there or a dump off. But he may work his way into the return game depending on who the Jets decide to keep at WR.
  8. Is Robbie Anderson Underrated

    Bottom line, he is a young, emerging talent at WR but he has not made a name for himself or proven he deserves to be a considered a top talent or #1 WR- YET! But he came in as an UDFA and performed every opportunity he got. So it really depends on how you view his as a player to say whether or not he is underrated. I think most people in the league view him just as he should be viewed, as an unproven but talented and very promising WR who will now have an opportunity to be the top guy and show what he can do. People who say he would be deep on a depth chart of other teams (like the Giants) or that he is a one-trick pony, or has done nothing in the league so far, etc., etc. are definitely underestimating him. People who think he will be a Pro Bowler this year are most certainly overestimating him. It's going to be somewhere in the middle. The Jets will be spreading the ball out a lot, they will try to keep the running game involved. RBs and TEs will get their fair share of targets. Anderson will have a productive season and show that he deserves to be in the league but his numbers won't blow anyone away come season's end. I doubt he reaches 1,000yrds, but he may come close. And that's totally fine. This will by no means be a powerhouse offense. The defense however could be real scary. Especially if guys stay healthy and the secondary continues to play like they did in the first pre-season game.
  9. Jumbo Elliott after the Monday Night Miracle TD catch.
  10. " D " dept. ~ ~ ~

    The second part of this post kind of nullifies the first. The fact is, despite how slow and flat out awful the secondary looked last year. This year, it has been overhauled and looks completely different. And despite guys being young and/or new to the team (Claiborne), everyone has looked great so far. From practice and camp- into the first preseason game. Particularly in coverage. And I think THAT is what's allowing the line and blitzers to finally get to the QB. A big reason why we saw 8 sacks on sat. night. "No doubt, they're counting on rookie safeties Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye to provide a new dimension in terms of pass coverage, but it'll be hard to camouflage their deficiencies at cornerback. Smart coaches and quarterbacks will smell blood and attack." Except like I already said, Burris and Claiborne have looked great on the outside and Skrine has looked very good now that he is back in the Nickel/slot. So what exactly is the deficiency?
  11. Are you sure you were not mistaking him for Jeff Adams?
  12. I get your reasoning, but I have to agree with @Tinstar. Let's not forget that A. Marshall is not a high draft pick and has not 'proven' himself in the NFL yet. B. Having to serve a 4 game suspension is a negative, no matter how you look at it. You have to earn a roster spot despite a guarantee that you cannot contribute at all the first 4 games. What I mean is, you better be worth it! So if on top of that he is dropping balls he should catch and/or not contributing on special teams, I would not be at all surprised if he was cut and reps were handed over to another WR trying to make the team who can contribute on special teams, holds on to the ball and will not be out the first 4 games of the season. Frankie Hammond immediately comes to mind. But because of the new rules change, once final cuts happen there will be a ton of players looking for new homes and we will see a frenzy of signings just before the season starts. Another opportunity for the Jets to cut Marshall if he is still not stepping up like he should.
  13. I may be wrong, but I think the idea is to grade him based off what we have seen from him so far, which is not a lot, but enough to get some idea of what kind of QB he is. I always thought people exaggerated how bad he was last year in pre-season. He made typical rookie mistakes and looked like he was not ready, which is what I was expecting anyway. This year, I expected him to look a lot more poised, to avoid mistakes and protect the ball, and to show improvement in his accuracy. It would have been nice if he got the ball in the end zone but I was not looking for that specifically. And that is pretty much what he showed. So that is good news. For me, it was a B. I would have given him an A if he exceeded expectations and, essentially took over the game. But B is a good grade and shows that he has made progress without actual playing time. I expect him to only get better as he develops chemistry and gets more comfortable playing against NFL caliber talent. Let's see what the rest of pre-season looks like for him.
  14. Catanzaro has been missing kicks. He missed his only one in the pre-season game and he missed a bunch in practice. Martin has been hitting them regularly and has shown a strong leg. I think the job is his to lose. In fact, I think the Jets may cut Catanzaro and bring in someone else to compete with Martin the rest of pre-season. That is what I would do. I also think its time for Edwards to start punting the ball consistently. He has no competition right now but should be n the bubble anyway. He was inconsistent all of last year and looked more bad than good in the pre-season game.
  15. I agree. But not so much b/c of the cap. Simply performance. I think the Jets will carry 6 CBs (last year they carried 5). To me, Claiborne, Burris, and Skrine are locks. In fact, go ahead and pencil them in as the starters. Then you have Roberts, Williams, McDougle, and the drafted rookie D.Jones. Clark is on PUP so I am excluding him. We have not seen D.Rivers or X.Coleman, so I am excluding them too- for now. That's 4 players for 3 spots, somebody has got to go. You would think Roberts and Williams have shown enough to make the team. But McDougle played well on Sat and D.Jones is a young, talented, raw rookie that they invested a late round pick in and will probably be hesitant to put on waiver wires en route to PS. SO this should be an interesting competition at the bottom of the CB depth chart. Will the Jets carry 7 CBS? I doubt it. Will they risk putting Jones on PS? Will they cut McDougle even though he is playing well? Or will they cut one of the veterans in Roberts or Williams despite how well they played in years past? My guess is, if McDougle continues to play well, the Jets will probably decide to cut Williams.