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  1. I've been involved in a lot of union negotiations. This is typical union member talk pre-contract expiration. Doesn't mean much yet.
  2. That 80 mil to spend can go up even more if Mo doesn't earn his contract this year. Sheldon will ask for too much more than we will want to spend on him, and if Lawrence Thomas has a decent year, and Mo flops again. Mo and Sheldon could both be gone. So we can REALLY load up next year. Give Leo the $, and spend the rest spread across the team instead of two max DE's in a 3-4 system.
  3. You're right, not only do I like that all of our backs can catch. I love how all of them can pass block. As you stated, Forte is on his last legs, Powell always an injury risk, and McGuire still an unknown, although I do like his potential. Running back will be need to be addressed next draft hopefully. Apart from that, I agree we need to build up a top oline. Draft, free agency, whatever it takes. We need a stud WR. This was supposed to be Enunwa's year to prove he was that guy. But who knows the extent long-term of his injury. A true #1 receiver is still needed next year. If Hackenberg were to show enough to have us avoid drafting a QB in first round, I'd hope there would be a LT worth taking with one of our picks in the first two rounds. Draft another rb in middle rounds, sign a vet as well. Spend in fa on a wr to compete for the #1 spot.
  4. Completely agree. Furthermore, WC offense is a very nuanced ans complex system which takes time for everyone involved to master. People are going to need to be patient with a young QB/offense/coaching staff while they all get on the same page. This offense still needs a lot of upgrades at receiver, running back, and oline. This whole season can't be put on Hack's back. The standard for which his season will be deemed a failure or success will be based on a lot more than the stat sheet. Lets give it time and see where the team is by season's end before saying they're just gonna dink and dunk and Hack sucks.
  5. How Invested Are You?

    Usually I'm too invested, and hopeful every preseason. But this year I'm expecting them to be absolutely horrible. My investment is in seeing players and team chemistry develop, not for wins and playoffs...not this year.
  6. Mo Wilkerson ~ ~ ~

    If Mo doesn't produce this year he's cut. If Lawrence Thomas plays well this year, we'd be wise to let Mo and Sheldon walk as we prepare to cough up big $ on Leo, and use the money we save on Mo and Sheldon elsewhere in free agency.
  7. I'm rooting for Hackenberg.

    I think the point to remember with Hackenberg was that he was drafted with the understanding that his development would take a few years. Last year doesn't even count as he wasn't getting practice reps, and barely some scout team reps by years end. He's 22, first time learning a complex west coast system, and is already about even with McCown and Petty. Thats encouraging to me, especially coming from someone who "couldnt hit the ocean," "hitting reporters on sidelines instead of wr's," etc. I don't expect him to be able to play to a level of him being universally declared the franchise quarterback by season's end (especially with this offense). But I am hoping and expecting him to show a lot of potential in becoming that by next season.
  8. Camp Updates Wed 8/9

    The fact that Hackenberg (who didnt play in any games last year, and didnt even get real practice reps at all last year) is about even with McCown and Petty is about more than I would have expected at this point, in a completely new system.
  9. I said something along these lines in an old thread a couple months back. Basically, with the lack of offense we have its going to be difficult to stat watch Hackenberg. If he's moving the ball, throwing touchdowns, limiting killer ints...I wont care if his completion % is in the low 50's in his first year playing. I wont care if he throws 20 ints as long as they're not constant pick 6's and game breakers. As long as he's getting the ball in the end zone, commanding the huddle (somethinf which he seems to have some trouble with in camp) and team then we have something to build off of.
  10. Hahaha that was hilarious @Beerfish idk why my response posted separate.
  11. Random Thoughts Before Practice

    I think this is a direct result of what's been happening in the classroom, who's more aware of what's happening in the playbook, understanding defensive looks etc. In addition, maybe because they feel Petty is what he was drafted to be, a backup, and they want the starter battle between the vet and the guy they think can be a starter.
  12. CTE Found In 90% of Donated Brains

    It WILL definitely have an impact. My opinion and whats going to happen are two different things. First thing to get changed is pee we for sure.
  13. CTE Found In 90% of Donated Brains

    I happen to agree with this stance. Lay out all the facts. Let individuals make their own decisions based off of that. Run the risk vs. reward and choose. But as with many things, I fear big changes will be made at some point, neutering the game completely. Its all relative. At some point someone said, "they banned the gladiator games?! Ahh this world is becoming soft."
  14. CTE Found In 90% of Donated Brains

    Its not as simple as leaving it up to the players. There will be more law suits in the coming years, which will cause the the league, owners, and sponsors to consider changes. Also, this discussion isn't relegated to the NFL. How will this affect kid leagues? Will they eventually ban tackle football until you are in high school? Or even until you are 18? Who knows?