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  1. I think thats a result of "competitive rebuild." Mac didn't have the opportunity to rebuild from the ground up. He was put in a position to win as much as you can in 2 years, and to his credit signed all deals that could get us out by this season and start the proper rebuild. I wish there was no competitive rebuild. But there was, and here we are...doing whats necessary.
  2. Carroll Philips in the 6th would be an absolute steal. Im hoping we can grt him in the 5th, but worried someone will take him in the 4th.
  3. Agreed and if Mac wants to be the GM of the NYJ in 2018, day 2 players better be starting.
  4. My too options: Round 2 Jordan Willis, Tim Williams, Tyus Bowser, Dalvin Cook, Juju Smith-Schuster, Kevin King, Derek Rivers, Alvin Kamara, Antonio Garcia, Round 3 Favian Moreau, Tarell Basham, Ryan Anderson, Sidney Jones, Jake Butt, Gerald Everett, Ahkello Witherspoon, Taylor Moton
  5. We got the second best graded player in this draft at #6 and people are complaining? This guy is not calvin pryor, hes the total package and will be the heart and soul of our defense for years to come. This is as good of a pick as you can get at #6. He can play the run and the pass and is not a liability physically or mentally. Physical and fast, high football IQ who plays whistle to whistle, yeah let's complain about that. Who else were we supposed to take that was still on the board? I wanted to trade down, but that wasn't happening after Trubisky and Fournette were gone. I love this pick. A great safety can anchor your entire defense. Dawkins, Earl Thomas, Chancellor, Reed, Atwater, Lott, Polumalu, list goes. Point is you this is a great pick who can be a leader for us. I would have been complaining if we took Lattimore.
  6. Jordan Willis
  7. We were lucky he fell to us. The only disappointment of the night was that our trading chips were drafted early and we couldn't move back. Jamal Adams is a great pick and a no brainer once he fell to 6.
  8. Neither McCaffrey or OJ are luxury picks in my eyes. They're both gonna be difference makers.
  9. That was perfect
  10. Omg we if we could draft Conley and Sidney Jones in the third that would be such a robbery.
  11. You know I read that as well. I guess I just didn't believe it. I hope its true. Our roster is so pathetic we need as many picks as we can get.
  12. If Trubisky or Fournette are gone before 6, we have no shot at trading down. I think Tennessee is gonna mess us up with Cleveland and swing a dea with them unfortunately. Then we just have to hope Fournette drops, and Carolina or Cincinnati want him.
  13. To me it isn't just tank for darnold. Theres going to be a good group of qb's to pick in the first round next year. If we secure the first or second pick, chances are even if one of these prospects gets hurt, doesnt declare, or regresses....we'll stil have a couple really good ones to choose from. Build up the rest of the team this year, draft our qb and high draft picks for whatever else in 2018, and we'll have some cap space to use too.
  14. The thing that really won be over with Mahomes wasn't just his cannon arm. There have been plenty of Jeff George's that flamed out in this league. its his arm strength + his accuracy, touch, placement while on the move. It's rare and uncanny and just based on those aspects he can do what few ever could. If he could develop the proper mechanics and read defenses, he's unstoppable. But those are big "ifs"
  15. If we draft Watson at 6, I'll fly the plane dragging the "Fire Mac" banner this time for free.