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  1. I actually think it would have been even more hate. The media would hav said "oh they were only a couple pieces away. The owner gm wanted to blow it up at the wrong time, threw in the towel because these team has no chemistry, etc"
  2. There has never been a young quarterback was attacked by the media so much before he started a game. Never..:this is definitely new territory. I could understand the hate if this guy was coming out of college like lavar ball or rex ryan, saying how amazing he is, how many rings he'll win by carrying any team that drafts him. He's by all accounts a good kid, whose only "controversey" is his accuracy. He may suck, he might be good, but people need to relax. Analyzing ota throws?! Thats a new one, seriously. Oh he threw an incomplete pass when the wr fell down, and it bounced off the ground and hit Cimini (a Jet troll who would have easily sacrificed Hack if the story went any other way, but Cimino did the right thing and said it was a non issue). While other "reporters" took that and twisted it into "he's hitting reporters! He's so bad he cant even hit a receiver." Then someone posts a video of completing a pass. "Rudimentary throw, its ota's in shorts lets not get too excited. Plus, that wr had to extend his arms a little further than he should have." Lol oook.
  3. If the Jets had an off season like the Chiefs have had: (firing gm AFTER the draft, trading up for qb prospect some love and some hate, and getting rid of some " star"players after a playoff run) there would endless headlines and stories about turmoil and cluelessness, etc.
  4. Haha that was good. Tip of the hat to you
  5. Semantics is what a word, phrase, or sentence means. Lol this is exactly semantics. You think I meant one thing with what I wrote, I'm telling you I meant something else. Nevertheless, its over now.
  6. Yeah, definitely did. But lets not eat up anymore thread over semantics.
  7. And this has been the problem with Mac's drafts. Seems to find good depth value players...but that won't mean anything if he isn't drafting quality starters.
  8. There's nothing wrong with what he said. The problem is it came from Mr. "F*ck this game, where da hoez at." So it doesn't seem genuine, especially when he did his whole "f*ck this game" gameday before kickoff. But he won't tank this year. Its a contract year. He needs all the stats he can get.
  9. I did. I do love your avatar though. One of the best christmas movies ever.
  10. The mere mention of both were used for the same result. I said its a business, which means loyalty shouldnt be complained about by any Jet fan.
  11. Good for him. Its a business. The Jets treated him without any regard for loyalty, so he did the same. No shade should be thrown his way.
  12. Whatever you want to call it, tanking or rebuilding. If the owner of a team walked into the gm's office and said, "so we went 5-11 last year. We got embarrassed and blown out consistently and on national television multiple times. I'd rather us draft and play the young guys that will be here in a few years so they can gain experience and build team chemistry. And in the process if we are in position to draft a high quality quarterback prospect, while we attempt the gauge what we currently have on our roster, then I'll be happy." What possible come back could you have? "Listen if we sign Mike Glennon we're there Woody. We just have to out bid the Bears and cough up like 18 mil per year." Its not like we already have our QB in place, along with some other cornerstone pieces. Save the $ and use it once you've set up important spots through the draft. Tank...rebuild. Use whatever phrase you want. It's all necessary.
  13. Yes the league has definitely been an inferior product overall, for the simple fact that you negate the importance of the rest of the team. Football was/is the ultimate team sport. I loved how there were so many different types of teams in the league, most of them good. Power run, west coast passing, deep ball passing, big d's, quick d's, etc. you could build a super bowl team in a variety of ways with a legitmate shot. Now its all about the qb. Winning a championship otherwise is near impossible. So now all you see are teams overdrafting and rushing these qb's in hopes they'll strike lightning and be the guy.
  14. Release the Hacken. Start him and let him get as many game and practice reps as possible.
  15. Im rooting for him just like everyone else on the team. He needs reps, as many as possible. My fear with Bowles is he'll start McCown for half the season and go 1-7. Its gonna be tough of Hacken with our roster devoid of talent. It'll be even harder if our season is done and everyone has mailed it in by the time our coach decided to actually play him.