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  1. This is how far we are from the #1 Pick...

    Im not saying I'd pay him that $. I don't want the Jets to sign Cousins. But, Shanahan has lauded Cousins in the past and said hes a qb you can win a super bowl with.
  2. This is how far we are from the #1 Pick...

    I can when the HC groomed Cousins in Washington and loves him. He knows what he is as far as proven commodity. Whereas, any rookie I don't care how well touted by scouts can be the next Ryan Leaf / JaMarcus Russell.
  3. I was wrong on Adams

    I was 50/50 between Adams and Hooker figuring that one of them would likely be our pick. Adams has absolutely blown away even the highest of expectations so far this season.
  4. Stats matter to a point in college. But I think a lot of people forget that most (not all) draft picks are picked based off projection, what their ceiling is...not exactly what player they are at the moment of draft. I'll take Darnold or Rosen and be ecstatic.
  5. Smash's Positive/Negatives Week 3

    A game like this with our youth movement is much more satisfying and elicits a sense of hope, unlike say, last years "win" in Cleveland where our vets looked just as bit as bad as the 1-15 Browns.
  6. Smash's Positive/Negatives Week 3

    As much as I want a franchise quarterback at any cost... I loved seeing this team dominate yesterday. They played hard, smart, and passionate; the complete antithesis of last year's team. Game plan was good. Coaches were creative and adaptive. Even in the first two losses, I saw a team that was battling. We may have the makings a true team here. Now If we can only secure the QB this off season, while everyone develops, and fill in some holes along the way.
  7. Tank job in jeopardy ?!?!

    Browns seem to be primed for 1 or 2 spot. 49ers I think will win a few games this year and in the range of pick 2-5. Jaguars look pretty good. I dont think they'll be in top 3, especially if they beat us this weekend. As others have stated, the Colts and Bears aren't drafting a QB. The Bills won't be in top 3. In the end I think we'll be neck and neck with the 49ers between the second pick and third pick, with records of 3-13 / 4-12.
  8. For the tanker crowd (me included) the next two weeks are basicslly the season. We win both, we are definitely our of top 2 pick conversation. We lose and we are right on schedule, 0-16 was never going to happen. It was still good to see the team actually play well though. Its a fine line, wanting to tank, but also wanting to see a foundation being built up for future success.
  9. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    Yeah I have no desire in drafting this kid in the 1st round. But someone will definitelt over draft him.
  10. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    Josh Allen will still go in the first round if he finishes strong. https://www.google.com/amp/draftwire.usatoday.com/2017/09/21/josh-allen-still-no-2-on-todd-mcshays-latest-big-board-for-2018-nfl-draft/amp/ It’s been a rough start to the 2017 season for Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen, who came into the year with tons of hype and lofty projections for his draft status. He has struggled mightily against quality competition, leading many to wonder if he’s truly worthy of the high expectations. One such draft analyst who seems unfazed by Allen’s early struggles is ESPN’s Todd McShay, who still has Allen ranked No. 2 overall on his latest big board for the 2018 draft: There’s no denying Allen’s physical tools, and he doesn’t have the strongest supporting cast around him. But it’s hard to ignore his inability to perform at a high level against top competition, having thrown just three touchdowns to 10 interceptions in his career against Power 5 schools. USC quarterback Sam Darnold is the only other player ranked ahead of Allen, while UCLA’s Josh Rosen is the lone other quarterback in McShay’s rankings (No. 7).
  11. Goff looked horrible last year with Jeff Fisher running the show. New OFFENSIVE coach, with some weapons on offense and now look. We have our lesser version of Jeff Fisher, with nothing on offense. Can't imagine why Petty and Hackenberg still suck. We have to get an offensive head coach before we even dream of drafting a QB next year.
  12. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    Darnold is going to be special. His pocket awarness ans ability to subtle move in the pocket, while looking downfield, and still delivering accurate throws in tight windows is uncanny. His unorthdox throws and footwork deter some people, but not me. Rosen to be is 1B to Darnold's 1A. Rosen doesn't have much to work with, and his defense is horrendous. He is a bit of a gambler, but at least when he throws a pick, he comes back, throws a TD. No quit, no sulking. He's a gamer. I agree with you, after that its a roll of the dice/developmental project for Lamar, Allen, whoever else. Josh Allen is quickly becoming Hackeneberg. We already have one of those "has all the tools, but do we have enough mechanics to fix him" projects. No thanks. Lamar Jackson. I think he can definitely start in this league...with the right team/scheme/coach to go all in on him, like the Falcons did with Vick. That team is not us, unless we have some major coaching changes.
  13. Jimmy Garoppollo

    One of the Jetsiest aspects of our franchise has been our unfortunate ability to win one too many games in our down seasons to draft our franchise quarterback and have a proper rebuild (Ryan, Winston, Mariota) bad luck (Peyton, just missing out on Favre) or just ignoring our scouts and common sense when we are in position to draft one (Marino, Brady, Wilson, Carr). Our history has me on edge regarding the tank. We're bad, real bad...but so are a handful of other teams. If we end up out of position to draft Darnold or Rosen I think we need to go all in on Garoppollo in free agency. Myself and many others were begging the Jets to draft him. I thought he had franchise potential then, the little work he's had since then has only enhanced my opinion. Before people start throwing the Cassel, Hoyer, and Mallet comparisons...keep in mind that Belicheck could have traded him this past year for a 1st and more. Reports said even two 1sts wouldn't get it done. Belicheck knows if Brady goes down, he can still win a super bowl this year with Garoppollo, or if Brady really falls off a cliff...he'll re-sign Garoppollo as his new franchise qb. Either way, the kids got the goods and it looks like Brady won't be going anywhere anytime soon. If we mess up the Darnold/Rosen sweepstakes, this guy won't be a consulation prize. He'd be worth every penny, and someone we can build around. Whether he'd want to sign here or not...another story. But, out of Cleveland, Jax, SF, Buffalo, and us as the most QB needy teams you'd have to say Darnold and Rosen will be drafted by 2 of them, Cousins will sign with one, taking 3 teams off the list. We'd probably be one of two or three teams who'd be willing to pay big money to Garoppollo.
  14. If we end up 0-5, losing to Jax and Cleveland during that time, I think we'd be around 90%. If we win the next 3 games...our team will end up 5-11 and we'll be out of range (again) to draft a franchise quarterback. Todd Bowles will be retained. Josh McCown re-signed...I'm getting dizzy....
  15. Jimmy Garoppollo

    Id much rather have Darnold and Rosen...but if we mess up this tank...
  16. Jimmy Garoppollo

    He's a free agent next season.
  17. Jimmy Garoppollo

    Brady still under contract for a few more years. Can't keep both, and Brady still Brady. Lets throw some reasonable hypotheticals if we actually want Garoppollo: - 2 teams draft Darnold/Rosen #1/#2 - Cousins re-signs in D.C. or signs with S.F. - Now its basically between us and a team like Jacksonville. At that point its a bidding war. If we offer more, who here thinks they won't sign because BB hates the NYJ? - Also, Alex Smith is rumored to be on trade market for next season. - Drew Brees may be let go by NOLA (thats more of a stretch considering the #'s he puts up). The point is, with a good QB draft class and the rarity of some good good QB's being available in free agency and trade, Garoppollo will pick whatever team offers most. Loyalty to BB will be meaningless.
  18. Jimmy Garoppollo

    I dont think he'll franchise him. While I love Garoppollo, I don't think teams are sold enough on 4 career starts to pay a big contract plus giving up picks if Belicheck franchises him. If he's franchised and no one trades for him (because to trade for him will also require a long term big $ contract) then Pats will be paying franchise $ to a backup. No team can afford that. I do agree about McDaniels though. The thing is I don't see McDaneils being in a rush to leave until he has a perfect situation for himself. Ideally, we end up with Darnold or Rosen. But...Jets...so we'll be signing Tyrod Taylor and extending Matt Forte.
  19. No I won't be done with them. But I won't hope for anything positive for a long long time. If we can't get a franchise quarterback with this roster, then there is no hope, because even if all these young guys develop well, we'd still be looking for a quarterback, with an average at best record.
  20. Im curious to see how Petty does too. Last year he was in a tough spot. I just don't know how high his ceiling is. I wasn't so down on him until I saw he couldn't even grip the ball in the rain. That was brutal...
  21. I haven't given up on either yet, especially Hack. Garoppollo didnt play until his 4th year, Cousins started in his 3rd and looked average at best, and it wasn't until his 4th year that he looked like a legit starter. So we'll see. I think it'll be bad luck for Hack as we'll probably be drafting someone in the first next year and focus on him.
  22. You made a real good point. Is the organization actually disappointed where where Hack is at? I guess I just took these reports as fact, but also Bowles' reaction when asked if he can see Hack as a starter one day. It seemed very bleak. But when does Bowles show emotion? So who knows.
  23. Yeah its possible and in the end of we could draft Darnold or Rosen, they'd have much higher ceilings than Hack or Petty. But, my issue is they did screwed over Petty and Hack, which leads me to believe they'll botch next year's draft pick's development as well.
  24. I think its more of the reports that the organization is disappointed with where he's at. They should be disappointed in themselves. They did Petty and Hack no favors. Petty should have been the back up last year and starting a lot sooner, and starting this year.
  25. They overdraft a known project quarterback who would need 3-4 years to develop. They WASTE his entire rookie season by giving him no reps in training camp and practice throughout the season. Bring in a completely new offensive system the next year making whatever Hackenberg could learn his rookie year null and void. And the Jets staff and front office is surprised he had a training camp and preseason like he did? By all reports of training camp he wasn't that far off from McCown and Petty. But I don't know in any profession where someone can become better at their job, without actually doing it. Petty should have started the season, Hack back up reps, and seen if either was worth more than a backup by season's end. Instead they give their two project QB's limited reps and expect anything out of them? Really? Of course they're both going to suck. Neither is good enough to overcome lack of reps. They both need as much playing time as possible.