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  1. Adams call vs. Gronk

    That was the first of many bs calls to come.
  2. We need everything: QB RB Pass rusher G C
  3. WR dept. : Quincy Enunwa ~ ~ ~

    So all WR news are lumped in this thread?
  4. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    Rudolph puts way too much arch on his throws which results in an odd spiral. Plus, it seems to me and I could be wrong, that a significant amount of attempts we saved by the WR1.... Washington I think. Not a first or second rounder in my opinion.
  5. Way to early draft thoughts

    I'd consider a true pass rusher in the second round with the second pick. I like Joshua Allen from Kentucky but he may be too raw ......maybe? .....not sure.
  6. Way to early draft thoughts

    Considering that we have three picks in the first two rounds, I think that a realistic and solid draft would be: QB Luke Falk WSU 6-4, 223 RB Damien Harris Alabama 5-10, 216 C Will Clapp LSU 6-3, 309
  7. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    I am a Falk supporter. Chances are that I am absolutely wrong, but these QBs from California dont give me enough confidence that they will be able to handle the tangible and intangible obstacles that come with playing in the NY market. I am sure they can be successful in Tenessee or Tampa Bay, but NY is a whole different thing.
  8. Williams Released

    I didnt think I was insulting Marshall. Life as an NFL CB is not bad.
  9. I just don't understand some of you guys

    To reiterate the fact that is not only the QB, you also.have to have everything else around, let me remind everyone about Alex Smith who is now having his best season, yet he was picked first overall by a different team. You could say something similar about Carr in Texas or Luck in Indianapolis.
  10. I just don't understand some of you guys

    So be a Giants fan and be done with it.
  11. RB Jahad Thomas Joins Jets Practice Squad

    Does this signing mean we should expect Powell to not return?
  12. Get ready to wake up against the pats....

    I read in another thread someone say that he missed the Pats trolls...I ask why....with the quality of "fans" around....who needs enemies?
  13. Williams Released

    Crazy thought....Jets switched Thomas from DL to FB......maybe just maybe.....Marshall will be switched to CB.....in high school I always heard if you can't catch but can run and go after the ball, you're not a WR, you're a CB.
  14. Brady doesn’t practice

    Brady will play just because, and hopefully one of the lbs or DL will hit him right where it hurts early on the game....not to injure him...just hard enough so he feels significant pain throughout the whole game.
  15. As a fan of a team that has a lot of money in cap next year and will probably also have a high draft pick, I just want to rely on the words of the new CEO: observe and measure progress this season. If the Jets don't win again this season, so be it, and top ten draft pick here we come. If we win a two or three more games, that's good too, because that means that young players are establishing themselves. I simply cannot stomach that a coach, any coach, coaches players on the art of losing.