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  1. unless....he knows that Sheldon is going to be traded for sure, which will make Mo easier to control? .....maybe? lol
  2. VivĂ­a en Nueva Jersey, y ahora en Ecuador.
  3. Just a casual poster, and I did find my way here after JI, but I dont plan to go back.
  4. what do you mean exactly?
  5. I LOVE IT!...Maybe then trade back into the first round and grab Dalvin Cook!
  6. There is something really odd about his spiral.
  7. I am not so sure. I feel that this regime understand that we are absolutely devoid of offensive playmakers. I feel that they could go Fournette or OJ Howard, even Dalvin Cook. Fournette would be the perfect weapon to take pressure off and provide more options to the QB (wink wink Hackenberg). The same can be said about Howard or Cook. I personally would absolutely love to go Howard with the 6th and Cook with the next pick.
  8. Cool...I do love the draft, so either you are right or I am, it will be interesting to see.
  9. Teams reach for QBs every season...I do feel that the top 2 QBs will fall....but they wont get passed NO and that moment, GMs will panic, like they always do, and there will be a trade to select a 3rd QB.
  10. that would have lasted you for 7 Sundays at Metlife
  11. At least 3 QBs will be selected in the 1st round.
  12. I disagree....if a QB is not taken at 6....we are not drafting a QB.
  13. I honestly think that it is Hacks job to lose, and if he does, Petty will get the nod before McCown Now, thats stimulating!
  14. when and how should we find out what Petty or Hack can offer the team?
  15. Draft Fournette to take pressure of the QB play, then draft TE Njoku for a safe checkdown pass. Then on the third, draft Moton and/or Elflein to strenghten the offensive line.