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  1. That would actually make way for a new cool logo. And even more important, since we don't use the air any more we don't need a qb. Problem solved, the NY Tanks only use the run game.
  2. WTF. Trade again.
  3. Soon it is Jets time! 3 of 10 picks! All O-line!
  4. I didn't like that Donahue pick at all. Wasn't it a bit early for him or where was he projected?
  5. I've been a way a few minutes. Will the Jets pick at #181?
  6. What's up with the dude on NFL now live ranting about the Bears lacking a full back when I want to know about the Jets trade. Do your job man!
  7. Just checked the roster and there is only one C there. That can't be right?
  8. So what do you think the #141 pick will be? I think I would like O-Line but I don't really know enough to tell.
  9. This might seem weird but one of the things that really bothers me is Bowles insecure smile. I have met quite a few persons with the same smile and appearance and they rarely, if ever, make good leaders. If you're going to lead a bunch of superstars to fortune and glory you need to at least try and behave as some sort of determined person.
  10. These referees are ridiculous. How can they miss the holding on Marshall and then see the one the Jets made. Just stupid!
  11. I don't know to what extent the article gives a true picture of the problem since I have only been to one Jets game, the Bengals home opener. The atmosphere after the game was a bit more hostile then I thought it would be with quite a lot of stuff shouted at Bengal supporters and some supporter trying to instigate a fight. However I believe that was with another Jet fan. The question is if I had the wrong idea about American fans going into the game or if it was the bitter disappointment of the outcome of game that brought on the hostilities. The latter would be understandable . On another note, where I am used to watch sports it sometimes goes down like this outside the stadium:
  12. I don't have Game Pass so I can't go back to review all plays. But I remember a play, probably second quarter but I might be wrong there, when Fitz threw a pass straight at a MLB(?) who somehow let it slip between his hands. That throw was for me the most baffling of the day. He must have seen a ghost on that play, there was no Jet even close to that pass. I can't find it among the clips above though. This is just an observation, no intention to rip on Fitzpatrick.
  13. Thanks a million for the great analysis! I am wondering, and have to ask due to lack of experience watching the game, how common it is for the average NFL-QB to make these quick reads?
  14. I sure did! Thanks for all the helpful advice! (This weekend I will ride the X6 again.)
  15. Hi Ganggreen! I am a Swede who went to the home opener as a part of my honeymoon. I don't want to waste your time but I feel a big great thank you is called for. It was a great experience visiting MetLife watching the Jets. Unfortunately we didn't get the W but I will follow the Jets from Stockholm from now on and I will be back in NY and at MetLife. A true fan is not defined by the fortunes of the team but the passion he or she puts in to the team. But I know you already know that. My greatest wish is your fortune as Jets fans. We'll meet again! Go Jets!