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  1. I guess if they all end up being stud players then that's awesome, but does Macc's drafting record assure this? The Jets spent the last 5 years drafting defensive players in the 1st round, we have two top 40 picks and go defense. McCown or Petty handing off to Forte/Powell with Decker and Enunwa as the premier outside threats with nobody above average on the offensive line. We may as well fast forward to next year.
  2. Wouldn't you agree that the Davis Webb pick was sort of a sucker punch to the face of Geno Smith?
  3. Do you guys think we go fullback, safety, or defensive end in the fourth round?
  4. He was on the team for like 2 years why is he even there
  5. Delusion is your best bet
  6. Hey it's okay man. You made a bad post and now you are getting defensive, it happens. How does saying Wilson/Gholston are worse than Skrine even complement Skrine in any way? It is simply putting him above 2 players who were out of the league in 5 years. Then you try to say it's okay to miss on a 1st round pick, but not okay to have a bad FA signing. It's not like Skrine got revis money, albeit he is sorta overpaid. So by you're logic it was a reasonable pick to take Stephen Hill in the 2nd round because it's a draft pick. But when the Panthers signed him... I mean that is a FA signing right there. How the eff could Carolina do that? Maybe you are the one trying to rationalize your misguided opinion.
  7. The fact you have already forgotten who Skrine replaced (Kyle Wilson) shows how much you don't know about the Jets or football in the last 20 years
  8. Tim Tebow
  9. Didn't Tom Brady ride the bench for most of his college career? Joe Flacco couldn't see the field at Pitt, why he transferred to UDel. I find it interesting how draft pundits use the fact they didn't start the majority of time in college against him, but then blew up when given the opportunity. What if the coaching staff was just making poor decisions? Or the time on the bench inspired them to become an amazing QB
  10. Okay, but if the team is a dumpster fire right now, what was the state of the team when NY Jets fans were paying for an airplane to fly over the jets facility to fire the current GM? Or when the supposed starting qb is forced into preseason action in the 3rd quarter of a pre season game with the back up o-line in because the GM wanted the HC to show that no job was given? I think things have improved, if slightly.
  11. So Mangold wants a job, but apparently not that much. What a hire Rex! Remember when CJ2K said Marty was an amazing OC who could finally use him right.
  12. Gotta agree with you here. Jordan is the kinda bust that used drugs/immature and a waste of talent etc Gholston was literally a big puzzie in a beast's body. He played scared and had no killer instinct, constantly thinking instead of playing football. It sort of did not make sense.
  13. Haha so I get your premise for the article, but you took the stance a little too strong. No matter how much you like Macc, he definitely deserves blame for the pick, and the credit if Hackenberg turns into a great quarterback. However, you are correct about people who dislike Maccagnan are not looking at the big picture when saying Macc is an idiot and should be fired for the Hackenberg pick. Picking a QB is hard, and not an exact science. There was plenty of red flags about the pick, but you can find numerous articles saying Hack could be a late 1st round pick or early 2nd the months coming up to the draft. When you look at the Jets as a whole with where the cap situation and roster direction started and where it is now, I would say the Jets are in more of a position to win in the future than post Idzik/Ryan.
  14. Well lets just say the Jets have no shot of winning more than 5 games this year. Wouldn't it be in Maccs best interest to fire Bowles to save face in front of Woody and Ny media, then he can get one more chance to pick a HC and probably get himself a minimum of 2 more years. Bowles might already be in a no win situation