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  1. Ya know no matter how bad the Jets are, or how terrible management's decision making tends to be.... Come June I cannot wait for August to come around and to see if they are finally gonna figure it out. THIS IS OUR YEAR!!!
  2. Well the media will tear the Jets and Maccagnan apart for trying to trade Richardson, not getting a reasonable offer, and then resigning him after. Didn't they do that with Sanchize after the Peyton Manning sweepstakes were lost
  3. Todd Bowles is a former DB, so he has to improve the secondary. If he shows he can coach up his new DB's. I'd bet the defense surprises many
  4. I got in here late, but I think the article is fundamentally flawed in the sense that it doesn't take into the Jets previous seasons of drafting. They had drafted QB's multiple years in a row prior to this year. If we weren't going to use the first round pick on a QB and with Trubisky gone, what was the point of having a third project QB on the roster, they can't all make the team? A veteran is needed Couldn't not drafting a qb this year imply they would rather bet on Hack and Petty for this upcoming season than whatever project qb they could find in the draft? But the writer is just assuming Petty and Hack are trash.
  5. The only thing I saw definitely written is that he and Todd Bowles do not get along, and while this is my outside judgment, I think Calvin and Sheldon are your typical immature people in any profession that are relying on talent more than hard work and dedication when it comes to their job... and once you get to the highest level of you're field (the NFL) where everyone is talented, the lack of attention to detail starts to come out.
  6. At first glance I thought the title was sarcastic. Not to be the contrarian but how are the Jets stacked if they do not have a proven #1 receiver? The training camp battle should be fun though with all the young talent, it will be exciting to see who rises to the top.
  7. Josh Hansen?
  8. I guess if they all end up being stud players then that's awesome, but does Macc's drafting record assure this? The Jets spent the last 5 years drafting defensive players in the 1st round, we have two top 40 picks and go defense. McCown or Petty handing off to Forte/Powell with Decker and Enunwa as the premier outside threats with nobody above average on the offensive line. We may as well fast forward to next year.
  9. Wouldn't you agree that the Davis Webb pick was sort of a sucker punch to the face of Geno Smith?
  10. Do you guys think we go fullback, safety, or defensive end in the fourth round?
  11. He was on the team for like 2 years why is he even there
  12. Delusion is your best bet
  13. Hey it's okay man. You made a bad post and now you are getting defensive, it happens. How does saying Wilson/Gholston are worse than Skrine even complement Skrine in any way? It is simply putting him above 2 players who were out of the league in 5 years. Then you try to say it's okay to miss on a 1st round pick, but not okay to have a bad FA signing. It's not like Skrine got revis money, albeit he is sorta overpaid. So by you're logic it was a reasonable pick to take Stephen Hill in the 2nd round because it's a draft pick. But when the Panthers signed him... I mean that is a FA signing right there. How the eff could Carolina do that? Maybe you are the one trying to rationalize your misguided opinion.
  14. The fact you have already forgotten who Skrine replaced (Kyle Wilson) shows how much you don't know about the Jets or football in the last 20 years