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  1. Mo is not drawing a doubleteam. At least not last game. I was watching him on almost every play against the Pats. I
  2. I guess I'm not the only one who noticed. I was keying on him last game. No push, he draws a single team coverage and is handled easily. Just pathetic performance. He looks like he has a serious testosterone deficiency.
  3. Until the Jets are mathematically out of the playoffs or McCown gets hurt. As much as I'd like to see Petty play McCown has put up some decent stats. Stats aren't everything but they are 3-3 right now. Weakness in the O-line has caused a zero run game and Wilk is a non-entity. None the less i think Petty would have done just as well or better than McCown. Call me delusional but that's what I think.
  4. The Jets really had a shot yesterday. The key to beating the Pats is pressure on Brady early and often. That should have been the Defensive strategy. Whether is was or wasn't it wasn't there. Wilkerson was such a force when he was in the running to sign a big contract. Now that he has it, he's pretty much a non entity on the line. No push, no force, he doesn't even get double-teamed.
  5. The call was a RD. There is no conclusive evidence that it was anything else. ******* unbelievable. I've never seen a worse replay call ever!!!!!!!!
  6. I have been watching football for over 50 YEARS AND HAVE NEVER SEEN A WORSE CALL IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Unless they get pressure on Brady the Jets have no chance. Does Wilkerson play on the Team anymore??? Virtually non existent.
  8. Brady having a whine and cheese party on the sidelines
  9. Offensive scheme so much better than last year. Morton making an inpact.