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  1. Learn From History

    It may be dumb but I would bet that's what will happen.
  2. Learn From History

    The coaches are bringing Hack along just fine. Wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't see playing time until mid season. Some of the truly great QB'S we're brought into their systems gradually. Rodgers, Steve Young, Brady to name a few sat for years before they played. Garrapalo is another QB who will be seasoned well before he either gets traded or takes the reins. That's smart coaching. There are exceptions to this but nothing wrong with gradual development. Read Costello's article. In my opinion idiotic. This is a rebuild, growing year for the Jets. With any luck, some additions to the front line and good DP's the Jets will have a contending team in a couple years.
  3. That's a good possibility. Maybe they draft a QB next year but I have a feeling the Jets are going to win more games than many are thinking. Need to be in the bottom 3 to get one of the QB prospects and I personally don't see them there unless injuries puts them down.
  4. It would seem like Hack is their guy. Petty is no longer in the running for the starting position. If Hack pans out, and he will, McCown will more than likely be gone next year and Petty will be #2 which is ok with me
  5. Game Observations (TEN)

    I think the Jets played a very good game 1 preseason game. Not much of a run game with BP and Forte out but Mc Guire had some good runs. May have opened up more opportunities for the pass with a respectable ground game. Defense looked good and fast. Adding some creative blitz schemes will make them even better when the season starts. Hack did very well. Showed poise and QB smarts throwing the ball away on one play instead of holding on too long a la Geno. O-Line not opening up holes on the run....needs to improve. They looked very organized and competitive. Didn't get the points on the board but that will come eventually. Looks like they are going to start the season with Mc Cown. Not too happy with that but as the preseason moves forward it could change.
  6. Agreed. I watched the Giant game and Hack already looked better than Geno. He seemed poised and looking pretty comfortable. Like him throwing the ball away when he had nothing. Smart QB-ing.
  7. Hack looked as good or better than any Rookie QB out there. Being redshirted and not seeing any playing time last year it was a good maiden voyage for him. Now if he can continue to progress the Jets potentially have their QB.
  8. I'd give Hack a B. No run game didn't help him. Couple of key drops also didn't help. He looked good for Preseason game one. Defense looks great. Mariota didn't score nor did the Titans score a TD all game. I would say with the young receivers and rotating O line he looked very good. Good game to build on. He definitely has NFL QB potential. He'll only get better.
  9. Mc Cown seems to be #1 right now. The Jets want Hack to succeed like there's no tomorrow. They want to give him every opportunity to succeed. I like Petty but my gut says he will have to be expotentially better to beat out Hack
  10. "It’s time for Bryce Petty to be taken seriously as a contender for the Jets starting QB job." I would totally agree with Cimini's statement. Petty is as good as any of these guys aside from Mc Cown's playing experience. The press is so enthralled with Hack that Petty's barely mentioned. Wouldn't surprise me if he comes out on top or at least ahead of Hack.
  11. No worries. Been routing for the underdog for the last 49 years. What's another year.
  12. Good to see some positive vibs for Hack and then there are the same ol' groomers and doomers. I can't conceive how so many who have not even seen this guy in an NFL game say he sucks. Go smoke a doob or get laid or both and come back with some positive jive.
  13. Jets should have boo coo bucks next year to reinforce weak areas. They will perhaps get some better draft picks if they flame out like many believe. I never give much respect to the "experts". I usually do better than them on my weekly game pool picks. Shows how much they know. I choose to stay positive going into the season. And I like being the underdog so the Jets suit me just fine.
  14. Yes Petty can start, but I believe the FO and Coaching staff really want Hack to be the guy. I saw shades of very good QB play in him last year. I could tell he had some butterflies and the game was moving very fast for him. I like his gunslinger style. If the game slows down for him, he'll be OK. That comes with gaming and I'm not sure he'll get the opportunity. He won't be great out of the box but a consistent level of progress is all I'll be looking for.
  15. I would tend to agree with that as well but Revis and Skrine couldn't cover in man and the secondary looked like a band of misfits with so many blown coverages. The NFL is a passing league and say what you will but a team needs to have an exceptional secondary. When Revis had his Island you seldom saw a pass even go to his side of the field. That's making an impact on an opposing offense.