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  1. I said this before when Morton was first named as OC. If he follows his previous HC's game strategies the Jets will be using 2 RB formations. I believe we will see Forte flaring out for short passes which works more to his strengths. I also think we will not only see the TE position utilized much more but also watch for duel TE sets. Gailey's ultra-conservative offensive with no TE involvement couple with no deep ball threat definitely made the Jets Offense very predictable last year.
  2. Agreed. Not a big fan of the TANK talk. But everyone has a right to their opinion. I grew up in a NY Giant family and when I was 9 yrs old and the Jets won the Superbowl I broke tradition and been a Jet fan ever since. Man I'm old. And I go to the stadium for a game or two every year. I'm an upstate guy. Too late to turn back now and I always want my team to win. F*** the draft. F*** the Suck for Sam. Cheaters never have top draft picks and they are in it almost every year. Just need to build a team and that's what the Jets are finally trying to do.
  3. Advantages with youngbloods in the NFL. 1 Fresh out of college. They're used to playing for pride. 2 They want to make a name for themselves and establish themselves in the NFL so they will give their all every play. 3 They want a big payday/contract and they'll go after it. The Jets will either look like the Raiders or the Brown's in 2 years. I'm shooting for the former rather than the latter.
  4. Good post Smash. I'm with ya brother.
  5. I think he has great potential but I'd rather he walk the walk BEFORE he talks the talk.
  6. Did anybody hear how much he signed for???
  7. Quite Profound
  8. I've said it before and I'll say it again. No coach, GM, or player sets their sights on tanking or losing. They may lose alot this year but the Jets are freeing up money and gearing up to spend in 2018. Bowles will put the best players on the field every week to try and win games. Does that mean McCown? I hope not, but maybe. The early part of the schedule is light so Bowles may go with McCown to nail down some early wins. Probably all depends on camp and preseason game play. There's a lot of young players on the team that will want to nail down starting positions, make a mark in the NFL and get big contracts. The team is not set out to tank. No such thing.
  9. It's all good bro and if Peake turns out as well as I think he will, he's a good grab for a 7th rounder.
  10. I must be reading fake news. It's pretty prevelent these days.
  11. He was #150 overall and went in the 5th round just for the record. And I'm not the kinda guy that has to always be right on Jet Nation. So..... just for informational purposes.
  12. I followed him in college. Clemson fan. I try to catch all the Clemson games. I was a little disappointed last year. He made some great plays with Clemson. I think there's a highlight film of him somewhere on the web. This kid has potential if the Jets can get the ball to him. Runs good routes, good concentration, good size, gets up and goes after the ball. Keep an eye on Jordan Leggatt this year too. I'm kinda surprised he went in the 5th round. Thought he would at least been a 4th rounder.
  13. So the Jets got absolutely nothing for the best WR on the team????? Was his 5-6 million dollar salary really going to sink the team this year????? Good Grief.