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  1. McCown is just Fitzpatrick with a different last name.
  2. That's not given at all
  3. They have Cam Brate. looks like they're going 2 TE's
  4. Whine about Jamal Adams here.

    More Honey Badger than Reed.
  5. Whine about Jamal Adams here.

    Are you guys being sarcastic or are you just idiots?
  6. Draft Rumors

    That's a lazy argument. A lot is dependent on the specific player and scheme. But, I can tell you, we're not in dire need of him being ready year 1. We can let him grow this year. Not that I think that's the case. Davis never had Howard's hands and Olsen can't run like Howard.
  7. Draft Rumors

    Howard is Olsen's receiving chops blended with Vernon Davis' athleticism.
  8. Draft Rumors

    Reggie Bush's film was to die for. It's the same skillset.
  9. Draft Rumors

    The key is to not view him like a TE. Ran a 4.5 flat and murdered the 3 cone drill. He's a chess piece and #1 weapon
  10. Draft Rumors

    Because I still have concerns if he can be an in between the tackles runner. He reminds me a lot of Reggie Bush coming out of USC.
  11. Draft Rumors

    He's a great luxury pick to a team that thinks they might be close. That is not us.
  12. Juju Smith

    I rather have Juju round 2 than Mike Williams round 1, that's for sure. I like the kid a lot.
  13. Immediate Impact Offense

    McCaffery is a luxary pick. He's a dynamic weapon, but on a team as low on talent as we are, I'd want a more stable piece to the offense.
  14. Highlight reels are the tinder profiles of scouting