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  1. Why do that when you can pick another safety ???
  2. Lol
  3. 1. Myles garret 2. Jamal Adams 3. Solomon Thomas 4. Leonard Fournette 5. Marshon Lattimore 6. Mitchell Trubisky
  5. Just released for suspicion of domestic violence by the niners. Beggars can't be choosy for the jets. Graded out as the 16th best corner last year
  6. Wasn't even that funny. Superbad. Now that's a funny movie
  7. Javiar Bardem did a good job. Other than that the plot was convoluted and hard to follow, and the movie dissolved into a subpar flick the longer it went on. Critics slobbered all over it but I just never really understood the hype. Just my opinion of course haha
  8. No country for old men The Hangover Badlands Crash
  9. I'll agree there. That song ******* sucks
  10. Springsteen can't even sing well. He's just a performer
  11. Agree with you there. Cupcakes suck
  12. Margot Robbie Kielbasi The Rolling Stones Cris Carter
  13. Kyle ******* Wilson
  14. 100 percent agree homie
  15. For me it's corner Morris Claiborne. Highly praised coming out of college, his play albeit riddled with injury has been mediocre at best. He did turn in his best season as a pro last year. My bold prediction is he will make the pro bowl next season as a jet