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  1. Worst type of article. "Many people around the league" without quoting a single person of name. Headline should read "If I don't get more clicks for my articles I'll be back working for the local rag in Wyoming" (Apologies to our Wyoming friends) Stay the course, do the rebuild. The same 'writers' who claim disaster now, will be the same praising the Jets for the 'bold move' in 2 years.
  2. Won't argue with that. The weight class description is apt. The question is fall from grace and does the weight of the crime weigh into that ? Not sure. But I'll stick with OJ as the biggest fall.
  3. OJ, Paterno and Hernandez are in a class of their own. And that class is evil. Murder and kiddie fiddling. Armstrong, Rose are in the class below. Misleading and cheating list. Woods, just a guy off the rails. Biggest Fall ? Probably OJ, complete house hold name and murdered his wife. Lance Armstrong is up there but he only murdered good sportsmanship. Just MO.
  4. Bottom line for me is Calvin Pryor's attitude has resulted in this trade. It was the final straw. He was cheap this year and really should have been fine as a backup on that money. For them to trade him anyway says they just want his attitude out of the locker room. See, people get all caught up on where someone was drafted. Sometimes you just have to look at who you have on the roster regardless of how they got there and what they offer.
  5. Sounds like he has more talent than work ethic. Worth a look I guess.
  6. You don't as a rule get long term players through free agency. It's an exception if you do. They come in , do a job and leave or are let go. Gilchrist did his job (mainly in 2015) and is gone. Move on. Mac tried the competitive rebuild and IMO hasn't worked out. Listening to Woody the other day they are build by the draft all the way and that appears to be the case based on the very little activity in FA. We signed a bit of depth this year and that was it. McCown being an exception for reasons they stated. I've no issue with Mac to date. He's a young GM and no doubt if you asked him what does he know about the job now compared to this time in 2015 it would be night and day. People pick out his draft 'busts', well, I'm sure you could go through 31 other rosters and picks from the last 2 years and find that in all of them. Hits and misses are inevitable. So I won't be to party blowing up the GM position again, when the only alternative given is a lucky dip. We're going to see this through.
  7. Not sure about the trade down, need to sleep on it. Would liked to have finished the night with ours hands on a Butt (Jake) or a Johnson (Dorian).
  8. And there were 5 Qbs still rated higher. Weird move for sure.
  9. Dorian Johnson Jake Butt (Top ******* name) , Bucky Hodges Nathan Peterman
  10. Nathan Peterman comes in, I like Bryce Petty's style and heart a lot but he gets bumped and will get another team.
  11. Drew Pearson's box tickets must be up for renewal.
  12. To be fair, the spell checker helps.
  13. Calling it 'logic' is being kind.
  14. I know, I know, can't believe I probably sit near these people at games. Might need to pack heat this season.