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  1. Do you have to be retired from supporting the Jets for 5 years to be eligible ?
  2. Learn From History

    Some Qbs start as a rookie and become pro bowl. Some Qbs start as a rookie and never become franchise caliber. Some Qbs sit and become pro bowl. Some Qbs sit and never become franchise caliber. Some Qbs (Wilson) are mature enough in character to start as a rookie. Some Qbs (Geno) aren't mature enough in character to start as a rookie. There is just no one right way all the time. You have to take a look at who you have, their skills and character, what they are showing you in practice, who else is on your roster, where is your team sitting and decide how you are going to proceed.
  3. Hack clearly showed he has improved since last year, what he did is enough for me for now. Would like to see 1 or 2 passes that went longer but there's 3 more games to develop this further. I thought Petty would really go well but he wasn't given the talent to do it. Hope he gets some time with the starters or 2's next time out. Defense is clearly improved and I suspect 80% of it is just attitude and not having a bunch of entitled veterans out there. Already get the feeling this defense likes playing together. Good stuff. All in all a good start.
  4. Man I think Petty is going to light it up. Just want the young guys to do well.
  5. Training Camp Updates Thurs 8/10

    This is from the Chiefs Camp . But I think is applies universally. Practice is just that, practice and seeing what you can do and what you can't. I think thanks to the media we expect perfection in practice which is just folly. "Regarding rookie quarterback Patrick Mahomes II and his three-interception practice on Monday, Chiefs coach Andy Reid said he will accept the occasional training camp pick as long as it serves as a learning experience. "It's important quarterbacks use (practice) time to . . . see what you can get away with in the offense," Reid said. "Interceptions, I get it. I want them to test the waters now so he gets to learn the parameters of this offense and what you can get away with on each route." Reid has said similar things about Alex Smith in the past....."
  6. Camp Updates Wed 8/9

    Again thanks for the tweets.Much appreciated. Might be coming together well for Petty. An offense that fits him better than previous. Some starting experience in the bank. Chemistry with team mates. I seriously thought he might get traded during this camp but IMO we're seeing enough to suggest he might be our best. 1) Petty 2) Hack 3) McCown would be ok with me as a line up so far. Haven't been looking forward to pre season games so much as now that's for sure.
  7. #JetsCamp Report – Tues 08/08/17

    Yep and reading Cimini just now McCown seemed to have a solid day. All subjective I guess.
  8. #JetsCamp Report – Tues 08/08/17

    It's so hard to draw conclusions based off the tweets. Big thank you for them however. It did seem today though that Petty and Hack had better day's than McCown. Despite the picks I'm encouraged that we aren't at Game 1 of the pre season yet and both Petty and Hack seem to be matching McCown and today actually doing better. The feeling from the first week was McCown was practicing better due to at least his experience. However it feels like this has closed right up. But Petty and Hack need to show it day after day.
  9. Jets Camp 8-4

    I don't like this draconian 'run a lap' if you drop a ball either. They should have a Jugs machine out there off to the side and if you drop a ball , you have to do 5 minutes of catching ball after ball. At least that would be addressing the problem.
  10. KRL Camp Notes (8/3/17)

    Looking at the positives in the bad day, I'm encouraged that the young QBs are protecting the football and taking the sack instead of trying to force a completion and getting picked.
  11. Off Day Thoughts

    I have a lot of time for Petty after last year. He gave it his 100% behind a poor line and a D that had quit. The guy has a lot of heart and guts, I can see why Baylor loved him. As a fan I'll back anyone who gives 100% regardless of ability. Don't think he'll win the starter spot but I do think he will have a career in this league.
  12. Don't make this complicated, just hand the starting job to whoever looks the best, no matter their experience. There's an argument that you don't play Hack in the first 2 games of the regular season cause they are on the road. What rubbish IMO. Expectations are low, so give the guy (if he wins the pre season QB battle) the starting job right from the opener and let him get experience. If he wins it's exciting, if he loses it was expected. I don't always buy into this argument that confidence and careers are ruined because someone was put in too early. If they truly are good/great they will learn and recover. Eg. Aikman's early days.
  13. KRL Camp Notes (7/30/17)

    ^ Compression garment.
  14. Worst type of article. "Many people around the league" without quoting a single person of name. Headline should read "If I don't get more clicks for my articles I'll be back working for the local rag in Wyoming" (Apologies to our Wyoming friends) Stay the course, do the rebuild. The same 'writers' who claim disaster now, will be the same praising the Jets for the 'bold move' in 2 years.
  15. Biggest fall from grace?

    Won't argue with that. The weight class description is apt. The question is fall from grace and does the weight of the crime weigh into that ? Not sure. But I'll stick with OJ as the biggest fall.