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  1. Not sure about the trade down, need to sleep on it. Would liked to have finished the night with ours hands on a Butt (Jake) or a Johnson (Dorian).
  2. And there were 5 Qbs still rated higher. Weird move for sure.
  3. Dorian Johnson Jake Butt (Top ******* name) , Bucky Hodges Nathan Peterman
  4. Nathan Peterman comes in, I like Bryce Petty's style and heart a lot but he gets bumped and will get another team.
  5. Drew Pearson's box tickets must be up for renewal.
  6. To be fair, the spell checker helps.
  7. Calling it 'logic' is being kind.
  8. I know, I know, can't believe I probably sit near these people at games. Might need to pack heat this season.
  9. Get ready for the ADD posters.
  10. Gave a 'A'. Should be a career player for the Jets and leader in the secondary. What's to complain about.
  11. Howard, Adams or Trade.
  12. "GTA VI location announced, Jets forum falls silent"