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  1. Just googled up the broadcast maps. CBS putting on Arizona-Philly early for Balt/ DC
  2. "So you're saying there's a chance". Thanks. Didn't even look at the local teams schedules.
  3. Heading down to Baltimore for weekend. Anybody know of a good spot to watch Jets game there? Preferably near Towson.
  4. every ND game I watched last year Kizer folded in the 4th Quarter
  5. Great job Coach

    Spiking the ball on third down at end of OT was huge mistake! Correct call was to attempt field goal on third down. If snap or hold is botched you can redo on fourth down!!!!
  6. Next two weeks define the season

    I could see us beating Jax travelling from London to NY and Browns but after that wins may get pretty scarce. Our late season game against Chargers could be big in determining draft spot for both teams the way Chargers have looked
  7. Did you and Sam speak about this? How do you know these "facts" He would have to file for the draft (which means loosing NCAA eligibility) long before the combines and interviews and long before any team would assure him they were taking him. Heisman means nothing in NFL. Look at allthe Heisman winners that went undrafted. On this, you are correct, anythingcan and I'm sure quite alot will happen between now and the draft.
  8. Tank job in jeopardy ?!?!

    I think there is a pretty good chance top picks could get traded if you look at top candidates for those picks. Chicago and Cleveland both took QBs last year. Cincy, and Chargers both winless but have franchise QBs though Rivers is getting old, and Dalton is taking alot of heat. Giants will come around and get out of the basement. Jets and 49ers are most likely to be in poition for QB and have the most need.
  9. Don't get all the Sean Payton love. Yes he has a SB ring, but he has had 5 winning seasons in ten years with an "elite" QB. During the first half of his tenure, when he had those winning seasons, the NFC south was a soft division. He has never fielded even a decent defense. He is a solid experienced NFL head coach, but nobody to have wet dreams over.
  10. Yeah, Fortune 500 companies bring in experts like Korn-Ferry that bring in top candidates like John Idzik!
  11. Tank Watch - Cleveland / Indy

    You keep hearing people talk about Darnold staying in school or pulling an Eli/ Elway without any basis for it . As far as I am concerned if Darnold pulled an Eli/ Elway I would hope Macc and or Woody would have the balls to call his bluff and tell him to enjoy his year of stocking shelves at Walmart.
  12. What are the chances of Mason Rudolph moving ahead of Jackson on draft boards to join Sam and the two Josh's in top 4?
  13. Shefter says he's heard "It's possible" that they will both stay in school. Well neither is a senior so yes "it's possible" Is it likely? No. Don't likesome of the things being reported about Rosen's personality. Multiple reports that he does not get along well with teammates. This can be ignored at alot of positions but not at QB.
  14. nfl week 1 ratings

    In addition to the lack of offense last nights game seemed to have a ridiculous amount of commercials!