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  1. Again with this sh*t! Harbaugh, Cowher, Gruden...........................Gruden, Harbaugh, Cowher......................Cowher, Gruden, Harbaugh.............................................
  2. Sports reporters aren't putting a whole lot of effort, originality, depth, or intilect into their work. Hack overthrows one sideline pass and it is the headline of every story after first day of OTAs because it fits the narrative they have all previously decided upon. It's not just the Jets reportwers either. Good luck finding a Giants story not about OBJ.
  3. Playing McCown accomplishes nothing. Either Hack or Petty should be taking every snap this year.
  4. Stop posting this controversial stuff. The board experts have reported live from their mothers basement that we had the worst draft in the history of the NFL. End of story.
  5. So you called some GMs and locked this deal up?
  6. Is it just me or does 90% of this board just read the positives on everybody the Jets don't pick and then only read the negatives on every player the Jets DO pick?
  7. I wouldn't count on Teddy being back. They said his knee was destroyed.
  8. Everything I've been saying in regards to the "Suck for Sam" plan. http://nypost.com/2017/04/25/the-problems-with-jets-sucking-for-next-years-qb-crop/
  9. Both! Switching back and forth, backing up on tivo where necessary
  10. Thats alot of points to burn for what at this point most are assuming will be a meaningless game.
  11. To be honest, at this point, everything after the first 4 home games is a coin flip. Weeknight home games are torture from LI. Absent playoff possibilities (haha) Christmas eve is out. Was really hoping Saints was earlier in the season and definitly not so close to Christmas for road trip but not looking good now.
  12. So Idzik wasn't even any good at being bad?
  13. I know I am beating a dead horse here but Firstly, for everybody here on the board that thinks they can evaluate and pick college QBs for the NFl please look at the last 20 years of first round QB and how bad the majority are. So how do you message board experts claim to know what you are doing when fulltime professionals throughout the league can't pick a QB. Secondly you cant make your 2018 draft pick in March of 2017. The kid might not even leave college for all you know! Could get injured, whatever. If Macc believes one of the top QBs in this draft is THE GUY he should take him. Otherwise see what you have with Hack/Petty
  14. WOW

    Whew, thought it was just me for a second.