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  1. The NBA and NFL are very different leagues and these differences lead to very different ways about going at a championship run. At best an NBA roster had 8 meaningful contributors in a game where in the NFL there are at least 33 meaningful contributors in a game including 11 per offense defense and special teams. The importance of depth due to injuries and the physical nature of the NFL compared to the NBA is another important difference. As a result building a Superbowl contending team with longevity demands a full scale rebuilding process which most teams try to avoid. Unfortunately the high priced free agent approach taken by Macc for example these past 2years leads to mediocrity or at best a small window to contend with ramifications of a greater teardown if it does not work. Couple this approach with the idzik drafts and it is reasonable to say we are doing a massive tear down in order to rebuild by adding depth, getting younger, and hopefully we can combine these players with more talented future draft picks that actually pan out.
  2. It is possible that know one knows and we all will just have to wait and see.
  3. This is the Leadership Draft

    I think maybe because teams with great chemistry and leadership win games.
  4. Let me be clear, I was surprised by the back to back safety picks and thought about the projected talents we passed on. but for a team lacking in leadership, these men (despite position) are exactly what this organization needed. Not only are the shallow and deep parts of our defense quicker and more aggressive, these players are excellent tacklers and bring high effort and expectations of the same from their teammates. With the veterans we let go, and the low morale in the locker room, this team desperately needed the athleticism, attitude, and outspokenness these two safeties demonstrate. Those suggesting that Macc does not have a vision or direction, are failing to recognize or accept maccs approach of building this team with athletic SEC leaders who were leaders in their respective teams of bot unit. Not guaranteeing the players will directly bring wins but let's trust the process.
  5. Just FYI: March 27 Roster Update

    We have garbage at safety! Didn't think it was that bad. Safety and lb are o the 2 positions that can be turned around the quickest given the strengths of this draft
  6. Name to watch: Ryan Switzer, WR

    If you watch any of the Trubitsky highlight reels, you will see what this kid is made of. Quick, great hands. If we draft him, we will underutilize him let him walk and then the Pats will pick him up and he will catch 90 balls and 1200 yards. So says the Gods!
  7. I was very good by this.... A similar situation occured with Philly on Thursday. They could have easily went into ot with a field goal... But went for the TD... Their is no moral victory to avoid a shutout....True pussy sh*t by bowles.....I am so over him.... We need a real HC who has an offensive system and we can devote bowles to dc
  8. Takarrist McGinley?

    As we all know we need at least 1true edge rusher. Just watched his highlight video and although he does get to the QB and the ba kfield, it appears he is more of a de than a outside lb.....I would shy away from calling him a tweeter because of the negative connotation but in fact it appears he can grow into an nfl de or a 3-4 rush line backer.....Which is more of what we need. I'm just not sure if he has the twitch muscles and the Ned that is needed....Looks a little stiff...And heavy footed for 3-4 linebacker. Any thoughts?
  9. Marshall ...

    I thought about drafting a wr as an option but with the number of needs we have at online, RB, cb, lb and dominant edge rusher, think it might be better to rely on the depth we currently have at WR. This offseason will be interesting!
  10. Marshall ...

    I am willing to roll the dice on this although it is a bit risky and the impact depends on a few things.. 1. Can Decker fill his role in the offense? 2. Can Charone Peake develop and fill his role? 3. Can we replace him with a veteran who demands double coverage? 4. Do we not try to replace him with a veteran Wr and put the $ into a veteran lineman to fill one of our many holes.... This crew is going to get someone killed. Last night was probably one of the games when Hack said to himself.... Thank God they didn't put me in....😂😂😂😂 I personally hope scenario 1,2 and 4 play out!
  11. Cards release Michael Floyd

    This guy is trash...... Have no needed for him either
  12. Geno TORE ACL

    This is the worst possible idea ever.
  13. I know when Marshall first came to the Jets he identified Smith as one of the reasons, but a lot has happened since then, and it appears that Geno to some degree avoids throwing to Marshall. Anyone else pick up on this?
  14. Time to switch QBs

    I think we all agree that at some point the Jets will bench Fitz. The order coming off the bench logically should be Petty. Assuming Fitz is gone next year. Petty is the most experienced of the 2qbs on the roster next year and you have to see what he looks like against first stringers. Geno could come in if petty does not perform well.IF he does well the Jets should sign Geno to a contract similar to Fitz... to hold the fort. I doubt he wants to be here and would prefer to try to reguvinate his career elsewhere. However IMO the only teams that would take him are Cleveland and San Francisco and they will be getting their choice at the top 2 qbs in next year's draft. It will be interesting how the Jets mover forward with Geno.