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  1. sigh... Again, you admonish me for calling you a nutcase, but it's ok for you to suggest that I'm stupid?! You know what? If you won't acknowledge the obvious hypocrisy you won't be convinced by me. I was hoping you'd respond with integrity and class and each of you hasn't. So, at least--until the banning--I know what kind of men I'm dealing with in you three.
  2. Actually, you're taking TheDominator's words (STFU) and tossing them at me. Mine was a response to his original STFU, which you know, I'm sure. And why were you interjecting yourself into it anyway? I wasn't talking to you. Do you guys with similar opinions really need so much to gang up on me? It's hard enough to respond to numerous people piling on the questions, in a respectful and thoughtful manner. I sure as sh!t don't need to deal with multiple people being hostile to me, simply because I have a different opinion than they do.
  3. advice apparently ONLY I have to follow. Make no mistake, If I get banished it's not the end of my world. I just enjoy chatting about the Jets and sports. But if you can't show ANY respect, that's a different thing. I think if you actually read my comments, the overwhelming majority of them are fact-based. There are guys I mess around with, Tom Shane, for example. He can take it and I can take it from him. I'm not going to run the moderator or admonish him for his crazy posts. But you guys made a big stink about me calling you a dick and how fairly objectively the policy against personal attacks is applied and today you, personally, have launched several personal attacks and been extremely hostile. Do you see how hypocritical and disrespectful that is? or you just don't want to see...
  4. again, STFU is not pointing out my faulty logic. "if you can comprehend (i'm sensing you can't)" is not pointing out faulty logic. And, if you really thought I was unable to comprehend what you're saying I suspect you'd be smart enough not to engage with me for the hours you have. Let's not insult everyone's intelligence with that fabrication. No, the simple fact is that you got upset because you can't convince me of the validity of your OPINION and launched a personal attack. We've all done it. I've been admonished for it. I think you should show leadership the moderator role requires and take the same actions you took on me when I ran afoul of policy and not just whitewash my complaint. You don't want me to be a dick, I get it. But then you can't just be a dick to me either, not and be anything close to fair and objective in your role.
  5. So, because you said it, it was "less than nothing..." Slats, you can't have a standard that nobody but me has to follow and rightly call it a standard. But, yeah, I was offended that you felt it ok to tell me to STFU. I mean, we're talking football and because you don't like what I write you feel it's appropriate to do tell me to STFU? it was not appropriate and it certainly doesn't adhere to the policy. There's really no need for personal attacks. I've been told it. You went to great lengths to say the policy was fairly and objectively applied and I just showed how wrong you are.
  6. I was admonished and haven't called anyone anything today. And, of course, two wrongs do not make a right, do they? Personally, I would engage in a free-for-all, but I was told that I cannot or risk banishment. But, apparently you feel it's ok and appropriate that you engage. And for what? We're f*cking talking about a GM of a football team...It's not even Geno Smith or Ryan Fitzpatrick or any political thing. I think I deserve the same respect you demand I show you.
  7. Wow STFU is "pointing out my hypocrisy"??? I'd love to see where I called you "dumb" or told you you didn't matter. I don't think defending a position is inciting anything other than debate on the topic. That kind of personal attack goes against the rules and no amount of "justification" should allow it. If I did it, I'd be wrong. You did it, and you were wrong. And, of course, instead of apologizing, you call me hypersensitive. Just pointing out how unfairly the admonishment standards are and how your comments really do hurt my feelings.
  8. Sperm said: "First of all, you've been given a long leash by a few moderators already, in the form of simply having many of your posts hidden. If you continue breaking our site's easily-followed rules - like discussing topics we disallow, or making personal attacks -" Here's a list of personal attacks IN THE LAST THREE HOURS I'VE HAD HURLED AT ME WITH NO ADMONISHMENT: Extravagant isn't the point at all, if you were able to comprehend it (and I'm sensing you can't). [I'm dumb, so you say] You won't be here long enough for it to matter [I don't matter...enough; kinda personal I would say] You're hostile, now STFU. Can't make this trumped up bullsh!t up. [just an angry post with no football whatsoever in it] I don't really care about your opinion on my demeanor, but I would hope that you would learn from my post. About the quote feature at a minimum. I am not particularly optimistic. [An angry, condescending post that advanced no particular football-related argument, just to put me in my place I guess] yeah, I see you have no reply requiring any thought process; just meaningless words to fill up space. [I'm dumb, again, says you] so, it seems that the rules are not so easily-followed. To be fair, one of the moderators is a prime offender, so I guess it's ludicrous to think he would admonish himself. But, WOW, I'm just arguing football, I think fairly respectfully and politely. I did say "STFU" but only after someone else told me to do the same first. And I don't belittle your intelligence, like you guys do mine, which is a personal attack. WTF?!
  9. McCown What would I pay? For a 38 year-old Josh McCown? Zero. The going rate was half, or less than half, what we're paying. We overpaid for no reason. It could be justified if we were SB contenders and we wanted super-insurance in case our productive franchise QB went out for a few weeks so the season wouldn't go down the toilet. This is $6m of cap room for a quasi QBC and role model, for QBs the GM doesn't even believe in. The going rate two years ago was $6 million. I remember because that is what the Jets at one point offered Fitzpatrick. I don't think $6 for a backup is anything extraordinary. But I do understand that you were probably running out of steam at that point in your list.
  10. Ijalana How is he a starter, if Beachum (whom he guaranteed $12m) and Shell (for whom he gets so much kudos here) is also starting? Or is Shell just a backup in your opinion, and therefore not worth the high 4th round pick he cost? Nobody is sure of who is starting, certainly not Shell. Ijalana could be a good backup and in the OL rotation and be fairly paid $5.5 million, IMO. And, of course, Shell could be a quality back up THIS SEASON and develop into a starter and be worth price Maccagnan paid for him. Leave it up to you to take a "feel good" story and sh!t on it.
  11. B.Williams Extravagant isn't the point at all, if you were able to comprehend it (and I'm sensing you can't). The point is he overpaid for a player over whom he had all the leverage a GM could want. He surrendered that leverage and the player then reversed it on him. I don't see it that way. I see it as he signed one of the OL the team developed to a fair contract. and you can't say "extravagant isn't the point at all.." and then in the next sentence say how the contract was an overpayment without being either insincere or mendacious.
  12. I don't have to deny it. You have to prove it.
  13. I cant' say that I understand what you mean by "155/5"
  14. BTW, since we're talking "gross negligence" I figured I check to see where the Jets rank in "dead money" and I came across this article about teams with significant salary cap issue. And, low and behold the Jets were not listed in the top 10: http://www.cheatsheet.com/sports/nfl-teams-facing-salary-cap-issues-2017.html/?a=viewall Probably damning with faint praise though.
  15. that's not football-related is it?