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  1. I'll reserve judgement until I see him in live games. Although the practice reports don't sound good, but still.
  2. If there is any time where fans and media should be patient it's now. We are not playoff or Super Bowl contenders, we're rebuilding so if Hackenberg struggles we shouldn't be rough on the guy, not saying we should coddle him either, just a happy medium. We have nothing to play for except trying to develop young talent. So let him make his mistakes, let him go through his growing pains, just as long as he's showing promise.
  3. So we should continue to retool and do the same thing we've been doing for 20 years?
  4. When Fitzpatrick had that bad stretch in mid November right before he got hot the switch should've been made then...
  5. 2 years later. This rebuild should've never been discontinued in 2015. We were on the right track in '13 and '14. Hopefully the owner allows this regime to see this through.
  6. If the team competes and plays hard despite losing and he should stay. If the team gets blown out in 13 of the 16 games then he should be gone. The team isn't very good so I don't expect positive results.
  7. Wishful thinking they're not cutting McCown, they brought him in to be a veteran insurance policy and provide a stable presence in the QB room.
  8. I thought they'd keep him around because he had a decent contract, plus he's a good veteran receiver that the young guys could use as a crutch.
  9. Tough news right here. I wish he could've retired a Jet. But it is what it is.
  10. Different circumstances. If they're even then the tie breaker goes to Petty or Hackenberg.
  11. If we're talking about a Fitzpatrick type year for McCown then that still wouldn't warrant keeping him out there for the whole season. One of the biggest mistakes of that year was keeping Fitzpatrick in the lineup. I think Bowles learnt his lesson from that whole experience. So if McCown has a hot start and tails off for a game or two, Bowles will make the switch.
  12. He's the presumed starter because he's playing the best out of the 3 of them.