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  1. They clearly see Hackenberg as their potential QB. I have no problem with this and I'll be patient through his development and growing pain.
  2. You guys are so hilarious with your hypocrisy. 2 years ago when Mac was spending money like money was going out of style, he was good. He spent money to appease you impatient fans after a rebuilding team from the year before had a bad record. What did you think was going to happen once all the late prime vets aged out? We probably would've been much further along had we continued to rebuild instead of doing quick fixes.
  3. Too early to tell. Wentz started off hot but then cooled off. Goff had one decent game against the Saints but otherwise looked below average. Revisit this question in 2020.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised, the Jets always do better when there's little to no expectations.
  5. I haven't been this disinterested in the release of the schedule in a long time.
  6. At New Orleans
  7. This post exemplifies the point I was making before. Good day sir.
  8. So instead saying that I need to play better and I deserved to lose my job due to my poor play. He goes into a tirade about people not believing in him? And this type of behavior is inductive to a healthy locker room environment?
  9. When the coaching staff doesn't believe in you and the ownership doesn't believe in you and the front office doesn't believe in you. Rather than owning up to the fact that his terrible play got him benched, he acted as if he got benched because they didn't believe in him.
  10. His own words are factual evidence. Deal with it.