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  1. https://twitter.com/JCaporoso/status/922600821694631936 Deshaun Watson Bryce Petty Christian Hackenberg Geno Smith
  2. Now is the time to trade McCown

    Yeah they'll trade for McCown and then bench Bortles. How ridiculous does that sound?
  3. 3-4: happy or ANGRY and why?

    I'm indifferent
  4. You Take a Knee and go to OT

    There was 47 seconds left in the game.
  5. You Take a Knee and go to OT

    McCown making a terrible throw at the end of a game doesn't mean that it was the wrong decision to be aggressive.
  6. Classic same ol Jets type of game.
  7. You answered your own question
  8. jets viewership down the most

    The Jets are boring.
  9. You keep purposefully shifting the point. No one said that Petty is the answer. The general consensus is that since 2017 is a rebuilding year, its best to see what we have in Petty so we know how to move forward at the position. He either plays decently which buys the organization more time until he's the bridge to Hackenberg, or he stinks and we get confirmation, or he plays well enough that he ends up being our starter for 6-8 years. Either way we get some answers. Playing McCown in a rebuilding year is a waste of time and it's repeating the same mistake again.
  10. We shouldn't have to wait until McCown gets hurt or until week 15 though.
  11. Petty sucked last season but that was last season, let's see if he improved and I'm not counting preseason as evidence either because he lit it up during last years preseason only to suck in real games. And I'd love for Petty to show enough to where we can comfortably go forward with him next year. And most importantly we'd be in a position where we can move down and collect draft picks since QB wouldn't be a priority.
  12. Don't worry we're gonna have this same argument a year from now when Brian Hoyer is our starting quarterback.
  13. The season is going the way I want it to for the most part. We're actually competitive and playing hard.
  14. Neither is mutually exclusive. You can be evaluated and developed in practice AND in live games. Playing live games is invaluable experience for any young player especially a young quarterback. For the 2017 Jets one of the goals is to see what we have in Petty and to a lesser extent Hackenberg (Hackenberg has shown nothing at least Petty has shown a semblance of competency at times) so we know how to go about addressing the position next year. If Petty looks okayish/decent maybe you'll be comfortable enough to roll with him another year to see if he can build on it, while they buy time if they still believe in Hackenberg or they draft another guy and Petty can be the bridge to the next young quarterback. McCown playing is shortsighted. I really thought we learned our lesson from 2 years ago, but I guess not.