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  1. Abusing the reputation system

    I lol everytime I see someone get a butt fumble reaction. Who's idea was that to have a butt fumble emoji?
  2. My argument is that some of the players he drafted showed promise and weren't flat out busts or terrible players like you're making them out to be.
  3. How was he a failure? 2 full years where he improved and showed promise? Before not seeing the field much in years 3 and 4?!
  4. I thought 4 years was an appropriate time.
  5. He's only had 3 drafts and it's too early to judge any of them.
  6. So you're saying Milliner never showed promise outside of 3 games? Smith never showed promise? As a rookie despite that season being bad didn't lead the league in game winning drives and 4th quarter come backs? Or in the last quarter of the season not have the second highest QB rating after Peyton? That's not showing promise? Or in year 2 the fact that he improved across the board higher completion percentage going from 55% to 59% and cutting down on the int's from 21 to 13 and having a perfect passer rating? We all know what happened afterwards and why he never saw the field after. But Geno was not a bad pick. Aboushi was a starting guard for the Texans and is starting for the Seahawks now. How is Pryor a bust? He didn't show some potential as a rookie? He didn't play well in year 2 and became a key component of our defense so much so that when he missed time his absence was felt? In his 3rd year you're talking about a coach that had players playing out of position which included Sheldon playing at OLB? Who's to say the schemes didn't affect Pryor last year? Amaro didn't show promise I literally said in the previous post that he led rookie TE's in yards and td's, he got hurt in year 2 then cut in year 3 for no reason, then realized they made a mistake and had to sign another guy off the street. No GM is going to hit on every pick. So he had a few ones that didn't workout it happens. It's disingenuous to discredit these players and acting as if they never showed anything and all the players he drafted were busts. That's before mentioning bringing in undrafted free agents like Rontez Miles, Marcus Williams, Brent Qvale who's been contributors here. Development players like Ijalana and Dozier who are still here. Not every draft pick is gonna be pro bowlers. Some will be pro bowlers or have pro bowl seasons (Sheldon 13/14, Pryor 15) some will show promise (Amaro 14, Enunwa 16) some will be role players (McDougle, Winters, Aboushi) and some will bust out (Saunders, Williams etc)
  7. Mac's drafts have been alright (still too early to fully judge them yet). Leonard Williams has been good, Mauldin has been a contributor so far, Petty was drafted as a project, and a potential backup and possible starter if developed right and Deon Simon has shown some promise. Not a world beater draft but not terrible. Too early to judge any of the '16 draftees. But I like that he found 3 young solid receivers in Peake, Anderson and Marshall and Brandon Shell seems promising.
  8. But then if the offense keeps wetting the bed after the defense keeps holding the other teams to no points eventually the defense will get tired and the opposing team will start to make plays. You're pretty much hoping for the defense to pull a 2011 Broncos, hold the opposing team long enough then hope the offense makes a game winning drive in the 4th quarter.
  9. Because there's only so much the defense can do. You want them to stop people and score points too consistently? I mean we'd all love for that to happen but we know it's not realistic expectations. And those Denver and Baltimore teams had a better surrounding cast than what we have today.
  10. But the 2000 Ravens had Jamal Lewis, who's our Jamal Lewis? Shannon Sharpe, Rocket Ismail, Priest Holmes, Brandon Stokley and a beast oline. So Trent Dilfer had something to work with. Oh and Dilfer>Hackenberg.
  11. What did I say that wasn't true? Did Milliner not show promise but couldn't stay healthy? Hasn't Sheldon Richardson been a good player for us? Did Smith not struggle but also showed some promise and potential? Hasn't Winters improved every year? Wasn't Aboushi showing promise and was cut for no reason? Wasn't Pryor showing potential as a rookie but struggled, didn't he not play well in '15? Didn't Amaro show some potential as a rookie (led rookie TE's in yards receiving and TD's) hasn't McDougle been a solid rotation player for us? Isn't Ijalana in a position to start for us this season? Hasn't Enunwa improved every year since he's been here?
  12. F. Last week I gave him a C.
  13. This would be the year where the defense had the right to earn excuses.
  14. That's not true he had Andre Holmes who was similar to Kerley, James Jones, Hback Marcel Reese, Moore, Streater and Rivera. That's not necessarily world beaters but it wasn't terrible either. But instead of settling with that group they upgraded massively by adding Cooper and Crabtree.
  15. There's not one specific reason there's a combination of issues. One of the issues is that the Jets wasted the last 3 out 5 years on a facade trying to be competitive. After the 2011 season they should've torn everything down and began the rebuild in 2012, use free agency and add a decent receiver (not Chaz Schillings etc) to go along with Holmes, Kerley and Keller, draft Jeffery instead of Hill and give Mark an opportunity to cement himself as the guy, while you get rid of older players and start developing some young players. Instead they bring in Tebow and tried to keep a window open that was closed in 2010. Then they start the rebuild in 2013 by getting rid of high priced vets and letting Revis walk while only bringing in low risk high reward players and other teams cast offs, they overachieve and go 8-8. They continue the same process in '14 low risk high reward players and cast offs while mainly focusing on developing young players. Somehow this led to billboards and airplanes. They fire the entire regime bring in Mac and Bowles who trade for older players and signs veterans thus ending the rebuild and instead looked for a quick fix retooling, we win some games and go 10-6 while missing the playoffs. Then they doubled down for '16 bringing in more veterans while allowing themselves to get bullied by the fans and media forcing them to resign the vet QB. Then of course predictably the bottom fell out, and now here we are.